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  1. Wabi Sabi nursery on V. Carranza 7 upper Ajijic has them
  2. Yes, saw on facebook, they are open
  3. Thank you Nancy, that is a very nice obituary
  4. We went from filling our tank every 3 months to once a year. Cloudy days, may leave you cold so always have your back up water heater.
  5. I have heard them for a week in upper ajijic in the am and before dusk
  6. Maybe a tiendita, aborrotes, the local neighborhood stores.
  7. harina de trigo available everywhere
  8. On facebook, facebook is the go to place right now. Someone asked what announcements are being said from the police driving thru town. Spencer McMullen (Chapala Lawyer) has given us the answer. Gracias Spencer. "(Three tones) The Chapala Municipal Government invites you to stay home to avoid the rapid spreading of the coronavirus, with your help we can avoid massive infections of this illness. If it is not necessary to go out, stay at home. Remember if you take care of yourself you are taking care of everybody. (Three tones) two tones two times Attention! We are in a national public health emergency and Jalisco needs us We are calling on you to stay at home until April 30th Stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary, this measure is essential to avoid infection and save lives With fewer people in the streets there will be fewer people in hospitals Stay at home, if you take care of yourself we all take care of each other"
  9. This is from American Citizens Abroad Many overseas Americans have encountered problems using the “Get My Payment” online tool the IRS has implemented for individuals who want to track their CARES Act recovery rebate payments and provide the IRS with their bank account information for direct deposit. As reported in the Washington Post and other media outlets, the IRS online tool launched on April 15th has encountered some technical glitches and many individuals are receiving error messages or messages indicating that their eligibility cannot be verified. ACA is working with our contacts at the IRS to understand what the IRS is doing to correct these technical errors and how Americans overseas should proceed in providing the IRS with their direct deposit information. Additionally, there is some confusion with language on the “Get My Payment” eligibility statement*. The text reads that you must be a US resident in order to receive the recovery rebates. This does not mean that Americans overseas are not eligible for the rebates. US citizens living overseas are eligible for the CARES Act recovery rebates as indicated on the IRS website “Economic Impact Payment Information Center”- see Question 31 here: A31. Yes, U.S. citizens living outside the country are eligible for the Payment. Anyone eligible to file Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR is an eligible person if they have a valid SSN and can’t be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer. Nonresident aliens who file or would file Form 1040-NR or Form 1040-NR-EZ are not eligible for the Payment. ACA will update the community on information as it becomes available. Remember, if you are eligible for the recovery rebates you will need a US based bank account to receive these payments. ACA can help members with this through its offer of the ACA-Member/SDFCU account. This is a US-based bank account that can be opened online and without need of a US based residential address for verification purposes. Visit ACA's website to learn more about the ACA-Member/SDFCU account. *When dealing with coronavirus recovery rebates, which is inherently a tax subject and may entail issues of tax compliance, readers should carefully consider their obligation to be tax compliant. There may be situations where they should consult a tax professional. The ACA Expat Tax Services Directory is an important resource for information.
  10. Palm Sunday begins tomorrow. People are used to going to the beach, Ajijic, etc, for the holiday. They need to stay home Quedate en casa
  11. A clorotab put where you don't want one works.
  12. Tom, from Barbaras Bazaar, had one listed on their facebook page
  13. Ours was out but now working. Had loose hdmi connection
  14. https://www.notisistema.com/noticias/llama-amlo-a-todos-los-mexicanos-a-mantenerse-en-casa
  15. He is the best, speaking from experience http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/mctransport
  16. Many people in town are making very beautiful ones.
  17. Hopefully they will close ... CRUCIAL MESSAGE: FROM THE SECRETARIA DE SALUD, MEXICO... A very important message. We just finished a meeting with scientist from the Universidad de Guadalajara. Through a predictive model, we decidedly agree that the upcoming five days, starting today (Friday) are the greatest possibility days of transmission for the contagious Coronavirus. So at this time, we are asking all of the citizens, EVERYONE - REGARDLESS if you have been to Europe, USA, etc. - to maintain isolation, especially for the next five days. We need everyone to realize this commitment of this very important decision in order to avoid much more drastic decisions being made in the future. The next 5 days are fundamental for the internal future in this health crisis. For this reason we ask the cooperation of everyone. Together - we will move through this. Next Tuesday, we will meet to reevaluate new cases which arise, and keep you informed of developing information, in every moment of the decisions we are making. Thank you for your help and always count on us.
  18. They don't need to come inside. We answered everything at the entrance gate.
  19. We had ours repaired at Eurofreeze near Gossips. They did an excellent job. We had a leak.
  20. Letty sometimes has to take patients to their other site, around the corner, and the phone is not covered.
  21. Just had Peking Duck last week. It was delicious.
  22. I am looking forward to the street lights planned. That will definitely help.
  23. The new name is Maria Isabel's on Morelos by the Ajijic pier.
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