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  1. I thought I saw them at Su Casa at the Bugambillas Plaza Mall by El Torito
  2. For Plant ID, the Lake Chapala Garden Club has a page on their website with photos of local plants. They need to add that one too. http://lakechapalagardenclub.org/botanical.html
  3. I think the Ojo del Lago would prefer that they buy an ad in their publication so it can remain free.
  4. It's mistletoe, which is a tree parasite. Needs to be cut out. Jalisco is very aware of the problem and it kills trees. Here's a link to information. http://www.parasiticplants.siu.edu/Viscaceae/mistletoe.control.html
  5. I've never had a problem. Telcel switches over to whatever the carrier is, in that region. Usually AT&T. I believe I used the international calling code 001 before the number to call, just as if you were calling from here.
  6. Have you contacted Dr memo or Lucky Dog? They may be able to help find you one
  7. This weeks guadalajara reporter has a story on the things the traffic police are looking for. http://www.theguadalajarareporter.com/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/46383-lakeside-traffic-cops-crackdown-on-wayward-motorists
  8. Raquett club is building courts for pickle ball
  9. This is the only person who found our leak as he had a leak detector that smelled the gas from a distance. Steve Warwick General Manager Email: war_cons@yahoo.com.mx Visit our Web Page www.warwickconstructions.com
  10. Went to the opthomologist at Dermicka then ordered my glasses online at zennioptical.com. They shipped to my door in Ajijic for $9.95. Perfect vision. Use progressives.
  11. We got our new tires at GoodYear behind the Pemex in Ajijic. Less than Costco.
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    Yes the store next to Gossips has it and I think you don't have to pre-soak it.
  13. Much better to get your permits without dogs in the car. It's very hot, no shade and too long to leave them there. Mainecoon had the best idea.
  14. I was told Mexico isn't nationalizing cars right now anyway?
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      Hola, find out what's happening in Ajijic by checking the calendar on the AjijicNews.com site. Also feel free to submit articles about events/news and/or groups you are involved in. They should be posted within 24 hours.

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