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  1. This notice was from lcs. I also read in one newspaper, that the shot will come out around mid october.

    Wednesday September 23,that there are 2 types of flu shots, a 3 strain and a 4 strain.
    The 3 strain is for government hospitals and IMSS etc. and is the shot soon to be made available.
    The 4 strain is the shot that LCS has given in the past and is individually packaged.
    It is in Mexico but is going through Cofepris before it can be relased, hopefully around the 3rd week of October.  This is the vaccine used for the private sector. This is the shot LCS will use for the health day(s) in 2020.
    People need to know there is a difference in flu shots, the 3 strain being less preventative then the 4 strain. It is a person's decision as to which they prefer to get.
    LCS will schedule  the health days as soon as the 4 strain is released and made available.
  2. 2 hours ago, conejorapido said:

    Can't find WabiSabi on google maps. Can you give an idea where it is. Thanks.

    Go up the hill on Javier Mina (clinica ajijic and multiva are the landmarks). Drive 2 blocks and turn left of V. Carranza. They are on the left, #7, across from a carport painted with tortugas.

  3. They have a facebook page, Reciclaje Ajijic.. Here is their latest post. "Saturday, August 15,  2020
    Centro de Acopio (CdA) open for recycling drop-offs, Mondays through Saturdays, 8 to 10 am, Saturdays until 12 noon. Reciclaje Ajijic needs recyables 🙏:
     rinsed plastics, clean cardboard, tin + aluminum cans, glass bottles Gracias!"

  4. 55 minutes ago, sm1mex said:

    Why do they circle around Over the lake every day. There’s no food for them in the water unless they go for fish but I never see them go for anything. Just flying around. There are many of them 20 or more. 

    Probably just catching the updraft

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