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  1. Looks like costco has it. https://www.costco.com.mx/Abarrotes-y-Bebidas/Cafe-y-Te/Infusiones-y-Tes/c/cos_7.4.3
  2. Read from social security somewhere, that those letters are delayed due to covid. Better to check their site.
  3. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Michael Eager. He says there were no other hotels. A very good interview. https://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/stories/mexico/my-life-in-mexico/my-life-in-chapala-ajijic-mexico/an-interview-with-michael-eager-about-the-unlikely-events-that-led-his-family-to-come-to-ajijic-in-the-first-place-and-then-to-b/ We ran it for 15 years and it was the local watering hole. There were no other restaurants, there were no other bars, and there were no other hotels, so if you wanted to know what was going on in the world you would go down to the old P
  4. I understood you can send checks under 10,000 usd by mail. If you have online banking, you can send it that way to your bank in the US.
  5. If you have a US checking account, you can electronically deposit it.
  6. I googled the Chapala post office and it had a different phone number. Chapala, Jal. agency type: Administraci├│n Postal location: Degollado No. 323 - Chapala Centro, Chapala phone: 01-376-765-6809
  7. Nurses use google translate, no need for interpreter or someone to stay with you. Country Hospital 2000 is great.
  8. We had a speaker at our garden club and she swears by this product. I have seen it at the viveros or mercado libre. http://lakechapalagardenclub.org/speaker.fungi.html
  9. If you call and the company dispatches their man over the radio, your call may get intercepted. Happened to someone I know because the company they called arrived after the bogus one. Better to call their cell phone directly.
  10. This notice was from lcs. I also read in one newspaper, that the shot will come out around mid october. Wednesday September 23,that there are 2 types of flu shots, a 3 strain and a 4 strain. The 3 strain is for government hospitals and IMSS etc. and is the shot soon to be made available. The 4 strain is the shot that LCS has given in the past and is individually packaged. It is in Mexico but is going through Cofepris before it can be relased, hopefully around the 3rd week of October. This is the vaccine used for the private sector. This is the shot LCS will use fo
  11. They will be back in a few days. Happens often.
  12. They are harmless, non biting midges. The larva is bright red and you may see them in your fountain. https://www.britannica.com/animal/midge
  13. I know I need to find one. They are awful this year.
  14. They are not opening until Sept 21
  15. Rosario from Wabi Sabi Vivero on Venustiano Carranzas 7, Ajijic. She worked at Vivero Exotica for over 15 years and has her own vivero now. She has a facebook page.
  16. No rx needed. I got mine at a farmacia. Don't remember which one.
  17. Go up the hill on Javier Mina (clinica ajijic and multiva are the landmarks). Drive 2 blocks and turn left of V. Carranza. They are on the left, #7, across from a carport painted with tortugas.
  18. I bought a California lemon tree from Vivero Azucena behind Clinca Ajijic. Very pleased. Nice big lemons after 3 years. WabiSabi Vivero on V. Carranza may be able to get you a Meyer Lemon.
  19. They have a facebook page, Reciclaje Ajijic.. Here is their latest post. "Saturday, August 15, 2020 Centro de Acopio (CdA) open for recycling drop-offs, Mondays through Saturdays, 8 to 10 am, Saturdays until 12 noon. Reciclaje Ajijic needs recyables ­čÖĆ: rinsed plastics, clean cardboard, tin + aluminum cans, glass bottles Gracias!"
  20. They are protected and is illegal to kill or move them. We had one trapped in our garbage can. We just turned the can on its side and it left, probably to find its mother.
  21. Dial the 376 area code in front of the number now for it to go thru.
  22. Always, always, get a contract and have them sign everytime they do work for you. They have a very strong union and I have seen many gringos lose. Azucena Bateman can maybe help.
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