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  1. Dial the 376 area code in front of the number now for it to go thru.
  2. Always, always, get a contract and have them sign everytime they do work for you. They have a very strong union and I have seen many gringos lose. Azucena Bateman can maybe help.
  3. A lighting store? Ajijic or Riberas
  4. Probably just catching the updraft
  5. Independencia festivities are canceled with maybe the Grito online. Looks like the San Andres fiesta will be canceled too.
  6. Pasadena just canceled the Rose Bowl Parade first time since the 1800's. Things happen and it takes so long to plan and prepare, they canceled. Maybe a nice video of past San Andres fiesta may be necessary.
  7. Had a friend here that said Dr. Gonzales Jr, orthopod, is very good at this.
  8. I had to change my medications when here. Changed to Eutriox for thyroid. Bloodtests in the US for my script in the US was changed every few months. Eutroix has been spot on for many years, no change in dose in Mex.
  9. The atm at bancomer accepts just the account number, maybe oxxo does too?
  10. University of Guadalajara said rain will not be a lot this year.
  11. Contact Express VPN and they can tell you what the best location is. Used to be New Jersey 3
  12. I saw one a few years ago. It migrates thru here but doesn't stay full time.
  13. They are excellent and repaired our A/C too
  14. Make thai food. The leaves are the essence of Thai food.
  15. Wabi Sabi nursery on V. Carranza 7 upper Ajijic has them
  16. Yes, saw on facebook, they are open
  17. Thank you Nancy, that is a very nice obituary
  18. We went from filling our tank every 3 months to once a year. Cloudy days, may leave you cold so always have your back up water heater.
  19. I have heard them for a week in upper ajijic in the am and before dusk
  20. Maybe a tiendita, aborrotes, the local neighborhood stores.
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