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  1. Just download the magic jack app to your phone
  2. Luis at WabiSabi make purses and wallets. His shop is Soly but the name is not on the building, V. Carranza 7, upper Ajijic. They each have a facebook page.
  3. Rosario and Lupe, who worked there for 18 years, have started their own Vivero, WabiSabi, in Ajijic on V. Carranza, upper Ajijic. Beautiful flowers, orchids, ha dcrafts and leather items. V. Carranza 7. Exotic is in a probate dispute.
  4. They have a facebook page. You can message them if you do not want to ask in person. They have chicken, beef and vegetable stock. It is very full of flavor.
  5. Get the powdered kind from El Granero, next to Gossips. Very good.
  6. Black fungus is a normal phenomena a warm climate. I had that in the southern US too. Nothing to worry about. Just monitor your drains, also the remedy's keep them clear. Clorox may burn a hole in your plastic pipe. The others are better.
  7. Fungus gnats. Periodically pour vinegar or hydrogen peroxide down the drain to kill the black fungus that attracts them.
  8. Yes, the do. https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=Berkey&__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  9. Sorry, but godaddy has one of the worst customer services, in my experience. You call them and they say call back and hang up.
  10. Tried their slider hamburger the other day, delivered by Traitte! Excellent burger, delivered to our home.
  11. Meditation Center on Guadalupe Victoria with Karen,Thurs 9am and Yoga with Doug on the Carretera T Juarez Ajijc Lakeside Mon 10:30. Both listed in the http://ajijicnews.com calendar
  12. We love their chicken tenders. The Best!
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