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  1. University of Guadalajara said rain will not be a lot this year.
  2. Contact Express VPN and they can tell you what the best location is. Used to be New Jersey 3
  3. I saw one a few years ago. It migrates thru here but doesn't stay full time.
  4. They are excellent and repaired our A/C too
  5. Make thai food. The leaves are the essence of Thai food.
  6. Wabi Sabi nursery on V. Carranza 7 upper Ajijic has them
  7. Yes, saw on facebook, they are open
  8. Thank you Nancy, that is a very nice obituary
  9. We went from filling our tank every 3 months to once a year. Cloudy days, may leave you cold so always have your back up water heater.
  10. I have heard them for a week in upper ajijic in the am and before dusk
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