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  1. Many people in town are making very beautiful ones.
  2. Hopefully they will close ... CRUCIAL MESSAGE: FROM THE SECRETARIA DE SALUD, MEXICO... A very important message. We just finished a meeting with scientist from the Universidad de Guadalajara. Through a predictive model, we decidedly agree that the upcoming five days, starting today (Friday) are the greatest possibility days of transmission for the contagious Coronavirus. So at this time, we are asking all of the citizens, EVERYONE - REGARDLESS if you have been to Europe, USA, etc. - to maintain isolation, especially for the next five days. We need everyone to realize this commitment of this very important decision in order to avoid much more drastic decisions being made in the future. The next 5 days are fundamental for the internal future in this health crisis. For this reason we ask the cooperation of everyone. Together - we will move through this. Next Tuesday, we will meet to reevaluate new cases which arise, and keep you informed of developing information, in every moment of the decisions we are making. Thank you for your help and always count on us.
  3. They don't need to come inside. We answered everything at the entrance gate.
  4. We had ours repaired at Eurofreeze near Gossips. They did an excellent job. We had a leak.
  5. Letty sometimes has to take patients to their other site, around the corner, and the phone is not covered.
  6. Just had Peking Duck last week. It was delicious.
  7. I am looking forward to the street lights planned. That will definitely help.
  8. The new name is Maria Isabel's on Morelos by the Ajijic pier.
  9. Just download the magic jack app to your phone
  10. Luis at WabiSabi make purses and wallets. His shop is Soly but the name is not on the building, V. Carranza 7, upper Ajijic. They each have a facebook page.
  11. Rosario and Lupe, who worked there for 18 years, have started their own Vivero, WabiSabi, in Ajijic on V. Carranza, upper Ajijic. Beautiful flowers, orchids, ha dcrafts and leather items. V. Carranza 7. Exotic is in a probate dispute.
  12. They have a facebook page. You can message them if you do not want to ask in person. They have chicken, beef and vegetable stock. It is very full of flavor.
  13. Get the powdered kind from El Granero, next to Gossips. Very good.
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