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  1. Sorry, but godaddy has one of the worst customer services, in my experience. You call them and they say call back and hang up.
  2. Tried their slider hamburger the other day, delivered by Traitte! Excellent burger, delivered to our home.
  3. Meditation Center on Guadalupe Victoria with Karen,Thurs 9am and Yoga with Doug on the Carretera T Juarez Ajijc Lakeside Mon 10:30. Both listed in the http://ajijicnews.com calendar
  4. We love their chicken tenders. The Best!
  5. So sorry to hear. He was a wonderful, giving, man
  6. This is the email I contact for ilox problems. Someone in english answers. Remember be polite. noc@mail.ilox.mx
  7. http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/october_2018 virgin of Rosario
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