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  1. Release it where you are. What if it has babies that need fed and mama is gone?
  2. We have used Taxes in Mexico for years. https://www.taxesinmexico.com/
  3. Couldn't find anything regarding Canada for Sinovac but it will be approved for the US https://dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2021/09/23/sinovac-vaccine-among-those-approved-for-entry-into-the-u-s/
  4. I thought Dr Rios operated and removed cataracts at Hospital San Antionio.
  5. Those are water hyacinths, not water lilies
  6. The LnB was bad. Hadn't been changed in 8 years. Now everything in perfecto!
  7. Michael Merrimans crew from Ajijic Electronics got all ours back. Needed a new LnB and a realignment. Works great now.
  8. If you have unwanted bees or want honey, email Carlos Sanchez carlos_sanchez66@hotmail.com Carlos also works with the bomberos and trains them, from what I was told.
  9. Here is an explanation about daa de la santa cruz http://www.ajijicnews.com/pages/ajijic_summer_fiesta
  10. Gosha closed Sunday. Originally posted incorrectly.
  11. We were in the group that had to return today and got priority. We were there when the military arrived and already seated under the tent.
  12. This is not true, the vacs arrived between 8:30 and 9 on March 17 in Ajijic, and we had our jabs around 9:15, home an hour later.
  13. Cedros, ours is the same. Shows we have the show, not greyed out. When tuned to that channel we get a block box that says VOD or PVR, nothing about signal lost.
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