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  1. You have many good references. I would keep looking past JJ. If you need details I can provide but you have a lot to chose from.

  2. JJ's is supposed to be good for color. On 16 de septiembre by cocinart
  3. Our tienda is using paper bags. Looks like we need to switch to paper bags for TP. Or bring your own. I do.
  4. They changed their name to Riberas Pet Store, next to Dr. Ladron.
  5. Henry, how about more area rugs? Then you wouldn't have to change the floor.
  6. When Ilox installed, they cut my telmex line. Ilox kept telling me to call and port my number. This went on for 2 months until Ilox finally came out, reconnected my telmex line so I could port. Once done, they left the telmex line cut again.
  7. Anitas Animals? Geoffrey Kayes Animal Shelter?
  8. If Ilox cut your telmex line, you need to have them come back, reconnect it and then have them port it. Happened to me.
  9. You can get a mammogram at the xray place across from Quality Care and Quality Care does the ultrasounds. Approx 1200 pesos for both.
  10. Galeana between the carretera and emiliano zapata has some large holes. Also going north on Javier Mina at Multiva, are some big holes.
  11. 3 to 6 months according to the article. https://www.lavozdelaribera.com.mx/reabriran-modulo-de-chapala-para-l
  12. Sign up for MiTelcel.com and control your account. Pay with a Mex debit card.
  13. We had our dog on Osteocart Plus, but only 10% is absorbed so we opted to got with an iv push of hyaleuronic acid. 3 treatments in 3 weeks, once a week. Our dog has a much better life. Ladron's offers it. Pm me if you want to know the price.
  14. The Chapala Drivers license place will be put back in place soon.
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