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  1. Saw this on Facebook. https://www.ine.mx/credencial/documentos-necesarios/
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=148014131044159&id=105784245267148 This explains the outage. Transformer in Jocotepec
  3. Have you changed your password with netflix? Maybe that will work?
  4. According to facebook, Banamex in Chapala has remained closed since Jan 17 due to too many of the staff out from covid. https://www.facebook.com/247303855299215/posts/5373440369352179/
  5. Dr. Gonzalez Gonzalez is a neurosurgeon, I believe.
  6. Report it to them. I know someone who lost internet and they cut them off for non payment, even though their credit card was on file. Might be worth checking into.
  7. Yes, Hospital Ajijic has the 4 variant, 800 pesos..
  8. This is listed in the calendar of AjijicNews.com San Andres Fiesta, the patron saint of Ajijic. To end no later than 12 am Mañanitas at 7am, mass at 8am, 12pm and 7pm Sanitary measures to be enforced and checked at each entrance to the plaza. Sponsors/Guilds for each day Nov 22. Musicians Nov 23. Village of Ajijic Nov 24. Missionaries Nov 25. Domestic workers, beauticians, teachers, professionals Nov 26. Carpenters Nov 27. Farmers and Ranchers Nov 28. Construction workers Nov 29. Gardeners, and Workers guild Nov 30. Absent children of Ajijic, working elsewhere
  9. Release it where you are. What if it has babies that need fed and mama is gone?
  10. We have used Taxes in Mexico for years. https://www.taxesinmexico.com/
  11. Couldn't find anything regarding Canada for Sinovac but it will be approved for the US https://dominicantoday.com/dr/local/2021/09/23/sinovac-vaccine-among-those-approved-for-entry-into-the-u-s/
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