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  1. It all comes down to what the other party accepts, and~or if someone challenges the notarization in the future. Formally, there are some US States that have officially legally recognized 'reciprocity' with the notaries in other states - when the cooperating States have effectively the same Notarizing rules. .. Still... some other states REQUIRE only Notaries licensed in the their State. Caveat emptor ... What's worked for some people may not work for you. That's where using a professional Notarization service, that follows all of your State's rules, can make all the differenc
  2. There are several drivers that may cause the MXN peso to get even stronger over the coming year. That also means .... with a new NAFTA agreement just approved by the US Senate ... and the Phase 1 of the US-China trade agreement just signed ... it's possible that the US economy should finally do better. As the US economy does better, it buys more from Mexico ... and sends more goods to be manufactured in Mexico ... and the 45% US-content in Mexican exports back to the USA ... then BENEFITS BOTH USA & Mexico ... !!!
  3. MXN Peso Strengthens by 4% today. $18.66 => Strongest in 18 months!
  4. Other reports say they were Mexicans, (traveling from the USA) ... visiting their families in Mexico ... including family in SLP. **Edited to improve factual clarity.
  5. " No public official has the right to change federal law to suit themselves. " Notice that this is your idea. .... I never wrote anything even close to your imagined proposal. I only note that the local Delegados have discretion in how they determine whether an applicant has an adequate knowledge of the Spanish language, and knowledge of Mexican culture. The local SRE Delgados' discretion to add local requirements clearly has never required your proposed "changing federal law" ... Notice that this discretion of Delegados of SRE to set special local rules, also applies at ALL
  6. Mostly Lost, What was your experience going through the Naturalized Citizenship process here in Mexico? As the SRE Delegado pointed out to me: (as I noted above) There can MORE to the test & requirements than the simple enumerated items in the Ley de Secretaria Exterior ... " When we read the "Ley de Secretaria Exterior", it's clear that the local delegados have broad discretion to set their own requirements, especially in cases like requiring applicants to prove sufficient appropriate knowledge of ~ Mexico, ~of Mexican governance, ~ of Mexican culture, & ~ of
  7. Thanks for that important correction .... Fortunately, spelling naturalización was not part of SRE's test. The knowledge of Spanish & Mexican culture test? ... Giving a 20 minute narrative (all in Spanish) describing all key big events, dates, and full names of Mexican history from Prehispanic times through the expropiación de petroleo was part of passing the SRE test. ... Fortunately, our Delegado did not split hairs ... nor expect perfect Spanish. ... He said he was looking for functional Spanish. More Liana ... What was your experience like when you went th
  8. Need to get a document officially legally Notarized ... and don't have time to wait 2 - 4 weeks for a US Consulate appointment ... or who don't want the $50 per page Consulated expense ... or the expense & hassles of getting to a US Consulate: Consider this (fully legal) option: https://yucalandia.com/2019/12/06/need-to-notarize-a-document-when-abroad/
  9. Yes. There are some SRE offices where the Delegado REQUIRES ... "la nacionalidad mexicana por naturalización" ** applicants "... to recite (from memory) the Chorus, verses 1 & 2, and sometimes verse 10 of the Himno ~ regardless of age. When we read the "Ley de Secretaria Exterior", it's clear that the local delegados have broad discretion to set their own requirements, especially in cases like requiring applicants to prove sufficient appropriate knowledge of ~ Mexico, ~of Mexican governance, ~ of Mexican culture, & ~ of Spanish. As a successful applicant for Me
  10. Yet more for Mexico to proud of ... !! USA National team falls to Mexico ... in a very dramatic way ... Mexico beats the USA in extra innings … to advance … as just 1 of 6 teams … into the 2020 OLYMPICS !! It was a SUPER-EXCITING GAME ... with a very special ending!!! Check out details here ... with some fun video links. https://yucalandia.com/2019/11/17/mexicos-national-baseball-team-into-the-olympics/
  11. Mexico ... Mercado Libre I don't know of good local sources. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/abate-mosquito#D[A:abate mosquito]
  12. Indoor spraying ... DONE PROPERLY ... can be very effective. and ... Indoor spraying is super-important if someone in the house gets Dengue or Chikungunya ... because that infected (febrile) person ~infects~ yet more Aedes ae. female mosquitoes - making a reservoir of Dengue-infected or Chikungunya-infected mosquitoes that bite & infect other people, for up to another 30 days.   "Spraying Properly" = 1. Close all windows & doors to trap the mosquito spray-vapors. 2. Carefully & throroughly spray under a
  13. ***Ooooops... I didn't explain the details on treating standing water that can't be drained ... Unused pools, fountains, tires etc. are BEST treated with either pellets or pucks of "Abate" ... a proven mosquito larvicide that lasts for at least 3 months per treatment. Note: If your swimming pool has sufficient chlorine levels, the free-chlorine disinfectant kills the mosquito eggs & their larvae. => Maintain good chlorine level in pools & fountains ... or use Abate ... or Copper.
  14. .. As both the numbers of Aedes aegypti "Dengue" mosquito populations are increasing ... It's time to take some fun preventative actions to protect ourselves, families & friends from Dengue & Chikungunya risks. How to best control mosquitoes?? The last 120 years of mosquito control efforts show one proven method, that works both short-term and long term: ... Eliminate Aedes ae. mosquito breeding sites. Since Aedes ae. "Dengue" mosquitoes LOVE just a tablespoon of fresh rain water, we must eliminate (or treat**) or cover all
  15. . Very cool ... Superb advice for foreign made "Panama Hats" from Ecuador. ... Close ... but missing the information on our nice "Panama Hats" made in Mexico. . bmh is correct ... Mexican made very high quality "Panama Hats" come from the Yucatan town of Becal ... a town where many many houses have damp caves in their back yards - where the local Maya people diligently weave genuine "Panama Hats" every day ... in the humidity of their caves .... Becal is about 60 miles south of Merida - just inside the Campeche border. ... The high humidity is necessary to create
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