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  1. Where is the place that everyone likes to eat at on the way back from the airport? What is the name of it?
  2. My son is coming for an extended visit this coming Tuesday. I'm sure he'd love having a mountain bike or any kind of good bicycle to get around. Is there anyplace lakeside that sells bicycles?
  3. For a surfer driving here from the southern end of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica this month or next, which areas, towns, and roadways should be avoided? I told him that the Acapulco area was dangerous and the inland town of Chilpancingo. Is that correct, and what other town or routes should he avoid? I told him no traveling at night and don't sleep in his van. I imagine that he will want to hug the coast searching for good surf breaks. Getting here by the fastest route will not be his intent. Also what areas of Central American should be avoided? Thank you for all replies.
  4. I do not want or intend to get a discussion of politics going but simply want to comment on what happened to me and a friend today at a government office in Chapala and to find out if others have experienced anything similar from officials or locals. The person at the desk filled out the necessary paperwork for my friend but said in Spanish that there would be no English spoken. My friend does not speak Spanish, so the official told me that when she called back with the needed information that it would not be in English, so I offered my phone number for her to call, which she wrote down; then she went into a rant (voice raised, rapid speech, hands gesturing) that Mexicans go to the US and work so hard, and YOUR President doesn't want us (friend had to produce passport, so she knew our nationality), so there would be no English spoken for us. She emphatically added, "And Pena Nieto will NOT be going to the US to meet with Trump." S I tend to be positive thinking, but I feel that this is only the beginning and that backlash against US citizens here could come from officials and locals in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I was hoping this would not happen, but after experiencing this today, I'm now having different thoughts. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  5. I'm chuckling at my topic: "wanted" instead of "want" ad makes is sound as though I'm looking for a criminal.
  6. A friend urgently needs to buy a single axle 6x12 trailer. I have already posted in the classified section. Where else can I post for them besides Beg, Barter, Buy, Sell and Inside Lakeside?
  7. The other watch guy is nicer and is honest.
  8. I have a friend with small, benign brain tumor in the US who wants names and contact info for neurologists you'd recommend. She'd like to fax her reports for their r ecommendations. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you so much. If you know any that use the gamma knife for removal, that would be great.I
  9. Earl

    I am looking for a medical professional who could prepare pureed food that would drip from a bag directly into a stomach port.  Food must be nutritionally balanced and each 750 ml feeding needs at least 800 calories. 

    Call Cheryl at 766-1865 or email itaut29@yahoo.com

  10. Why are you installing a cattle fence charger and disconnecting the one you have? I am in the process of getting estimates for security wiring and need to know if there are better or cheaper options.  It's going to cost 12,000 pesos for the security wires at my house. I'm moving there on the 23rd so need to do something quickly.  Thanks for your help

  11. Person needing help with Kindle Fire is Cheryl at 766-4151.  She has also forgotten the PIN so can't even unlock it.

  12. I've looked for old discussions but can't find anything more recent than 2011-12. I recall someone saying that they could provide info on which streets had the worst water problems as far as dirt and sand and supply interruptions. I think the sewer problems were also a part of that discussion and also wells and which wells serviced which streets. If anyone could shed light on which streets have the worst water problems, that would be great, and thank you. You can also PM me, and I will provide a phone number if calling me is easier.
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