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  1. For an excellent massage, go to Lili who comes from Guadalajara to the Hotel Perico on the Libramiento on Fri-Sat-Sun. She is an orthopedic surgeon who got glaucoma so can no longer do surgery, but she gives an awesome massage. 400 pesos for an hour. You can get your first appointment by contacting the hotel office.
  2. About 6 weeks ago, someone left little notices on doors and gates with a phone number for Uber service. It was just printed on plain, white paper about the size of a business card. I need that phone number, and if anyone has used that person, what was your experience? Thank you.
  3. If you have used xoom (owned by Paypal) or xe or transfer wise or any other method of wire transfer other than going through your bank, what was your experience, and would you recommend it? Thank you.
  4. Volaris is still charging $21.99 for first checked bag. I just booked today. When asked why in light of the fine for doing so, the agent, "We have been taught to say...." The explanation was pretty much that the law says we can.
  5. 333-368-1915 is his cell phone number. July 1 he is supposed to be moving to Laguna Centro beside Peter's Panaderia or whatever that bread store/sandwich shop is called. I'm not completely sure that move has been finalized.
  6. Once you apply and get your policy, you have to make an appointment and see a doctor in order to actually be in the system. My question is, how often do you have to go see a doctor in order to remain in the system?
  7. I'm looking for (preferably) the big bottles of liquid Castile Soap. If not Lakeside, does Costco carry it? Is it available in bar form if not liquid?
  8. She charges 400 pesos for an hour, and I will agree that she is THE BEST!! She keeps my body in working order from head to foot, wards off migraines, has eliminated sciatic nerve pain, has eliminated leg cramps, eliminated shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, etc. I have been going to her for about 6 mos, but it didn't take that long to ease those problems. She's an MD and knows a lot, and doesn't miss any spots! She is at the Hotel Perico Fri-Sat-Sun (and maybe Thurs now, too).
  9. IMBurnen, are you recommending TOR? All I need to know about TOR is that funding the TOR (The Onion Router) project is the US Defense Department and the US State Department. Nuf said for me.
  10. Thank you, Zeb. And Pete, I don't know either what this means and that's why I quoted them. LOL
  11. I'm looking for a good location hider. I have tried the free ones and the $5/mo ones such as Hide my A$$, and they don't work. So I'm looking at Cryptohippie to hide my location . Their website says, "For Road Warrior accounts, most satellite connections will work given that they have a latency below 2 seconds (which is the case for Thurya and similar). Our CryptoRouters work much better with satellite, up to latencies of about 10 seconds and disconnects of up to 2 minutes. It is important that the connection allows full IP streams (many satellite connections are only allowing streams to their proxies)." Does a Telmex internet connection allow full IP streams???
  12. Which lawyer did you go to sm1 mex?
  13. I agree that there are fewer buses. I had not ridden for about 5 mos, and noticed that I was waiting longer, and the buses were more crowded. I've now taken to asking Mexicans at the various bus stops, and they always reply. "Si, pocos camiones." (Yes, fewer buses). I think perhaps it's a response to higher gas prices. Rather than raising bus fares and listening to all the protests, they just cut back on service. Taxis, on the other hand, seem to be plentiful in Ajijic and San Antonio and often looking for a fare, but the gouge-the-Gringo mindset usually turns me off.
  14. Is there a ready-to-use, standard agreement form to use with maids and gardeners. I will soon be hiring a maid and want to start off right. If there is no such form, what should I include: hours per week, hourly rate, bus fare, duties.....what else? I've been told to also have them sign when they receive their pay. Thanks for help and insights.
  15. How is internet service there? Reliability? Speed? Thank you.
  16. Rebecca Roth. She goes to the Friday Market in La Huerta (same place as the Tues Mkt), or phone her. I'll PM you her ph and email.
  17. I am posting for a friend who needs $500 USD. If you have dollars to sell, what exchange rate would you take? You can PM me for my friend's contact info. Thank you
  18. Has anyone out there had a problem with the door-opener fob not working consistently to lock the doors? Also the 5th door at the back of the vehicle will not latch at all. Battery has been replaced in the fob, and fob has been checked but does not need reprogramming. Does this sound like a problem for the dealer,or is there someone Lakeside who could take care of this? Has anyone had a similar problem, and, if so, how was it resolved? Car has about 50,000 KM and is 8 yrs old. Thank you.
  19. Earl

    Mercado Libre

    Before I ask my question, let me just say that I flunked tech school. I just ordered 2 items from Mercado Libre, and for the life of me, could not find a shopping cart. I had to enter payment info for my two items separately. IS there a shopping cart? If so, how do you access it? It was not one of the icons in the top right corner.
  20. Friend of mine wants to know if you can purchase one of these Lakeside or at Costco or someplace else in Guad.
  21. Have the frames, need new lenses for eyeglasses. Where should I go that will give you good lenses at a reasonable price.
  22. I would not ignore the statement about being west of town and the traffic. After a few months, you start dreading any trip that takes you through all those stoplights to get anywhere east. An errand becomes a major chore because of the traffic that we now have here year round which worsens with the snow birds. I stuck it out 10mos, and even used O'Campo/Constitucion often to avoid the Carretera, but the traffic was still a major distraction for me and not worth it.
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