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  1. Spectrum is also available at Super Lake--organic with the mother at almost half the price of Braggs
  2. I will pick up consignments as well. I walked out of there feeling rather uneasy but didn't think of doing it then. I'm glad to hear that the old volunteers will be starting a new place. I hope they have better parking in the new place!!
  3. I was there yesterday and again today and was quite surprised to see all new workers there. The lady behind the counter said that nothing has changed; they'd still be donating to the same charity, just new people running it, and she claimed to have no idea why she and the other new people were there and the old ones gone. Does anyone know if the old volunteers are starting another place?
  4. Regarding Rosario, I was there today, 14th, and she said my 4 prs of pants to be shortened ( and 2 to be taken in) will be ready Tuesday!!! That's soon! I don't know the cost yet. She is on O'Campo about a half block west of Diane Pearl, which is on the corner of OCampo and Colon.
  5. Beatriz Socorro is here year round, bilingual, honest, has references. Not only does she love animals, they love her! I an sending you a PM
  6. Where can you buy this? I've been to 2 hardware stores with no luck. Is it called something besides lana de acero or estropajo de acero?
  7. I've searched for a past email giving directions once you get to Petetan but can't find it and how long to get there from Walmart. Can anyone supply that? And will lots of pelicans still be there the week of Feb 18th?
  8. Home owners who rent out their homes are entitled to the annual official cost of living increase to be added to the amount they get for rent. (6.6% for 2017). Does this increase start with the new lease term or January 1. That is, if your lease does not renew until May, do you have to start paying the new amount as of Jan 1 or May 1?
  9. Beatriz Socorro lost her means of making a living when the hurricanes hit Florida last year. She had clients in the bullseye of South Florida for whom she meticulously translated medical records. She is fluent in Spanish and English, educated in Canada, is honest and reliable and loves animals. Hence, she's pursuing that love to try to keep body and soul together. If you or someone you know needs pet/house sitting, please contact Beatriz: beatrizsocorro2@gmail.com. She has references.
  10. RV Gringo, visiting your nearest ironworker or anywhere else in no longer easy. In one word--TRAFFIC! That's why I decided to first "let my fingers do the walking...and driving."
  11. I have a front door that might be a little wider than standard (if there is such a thing here), and I need an attractive front door with a steel screen. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on having a good one made? And recommendations for someone to make it? Thank you.
  12. I think Gabriel Garcia is wonderful. He is also does homeopathy and is an MD -- beside the bread/sandwich place near the casino in Laguna Centro. He came to my home.
  13. Price has increased from 28 to 35 pesos a dozen. That's a whopping 25% increase! And most of them are the size of pullet eggs.
  14. If you are signed up for Seguro Popular in Jocotepec, where do you go to renew your policy and what do you need to take with you? Thank you
  15. I'm looking at the Samsung J5 G, which I can get at the TelCel store for 4206 pesos. Price on Amazon is about the same ($204-219 USD). for an unlocked one. If I buy at Telcel, it won't be unlocked, right? But does that matter? If I live here and only visit in the US, that should not matter because my Telcel plan would let me use it for no additional charge in the US. Correct? The unlimited "plan 1500" on the Telcel info sheet was 239 pesos, which is a lot cheaper than any US plan, and says unlimited for Mex, US, and Canada. That Plan1500 had 2 prices: abierto for 239 pesos and controlado for 289pesos. What's the difference between open and controlled? Also, plans get more according to the Mbs. Planes 1500 Mb all the way up to 12,000Mb. Again, what do the Mbs signify? Is 1500Mb okay? Thank you for educating this first time, not-as-smart-as-a-smartphone buyer.
  16. Do any of you have internet service from the guy who has his own dish set up across the lake? If so, how much do you pay for what speed, and is it reliable? Thank you.
  17. Telmex can use your phone number to look up your service and tell you how much you can get. My neighbors get more than 5, but my house gets no more than 2 and usually only 1.5 or 1.7. They also told me that the newer lines do not get as good a speed as the older lines in my area and that there was nothing I could do about it. I also talked to Mexico City and got the same answer.
  18. Is there anywhere Lakeside to buy liquid Pure-Castile Soap? Does Costco carry it?
  19. Just remember "Fall Back." It's the fall, so set your clocks back one hour, and yes it is tonight.
  20. I've used a chin strap, but that isn't enough to keep my mouth closed apparently.
  21. I'm saying that wrong. I need to cover nose and mouth! I reread my entry and had to chuckle since last time I checked, the nose was a part of the face.
  22. I currently have the nose pillow, but breathe through my mouth so need to cover nose and face. I'm not looking forward to that. Are masks available locally?
  23. Is it possible to buy a face mask for a ResMed CPAP machine here? Follow up question: If so, and it's not the ResMed brand, will it work as long as it fits the tubing?
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