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  1. I know there is a government agency that specifically handles consumer complaints, especially those against banks. Of course the banks don't tell you this. I cannot remember the name of the agency, but have direct knowledge that a friend who filed with the agency some 90 days after trying with her banks to get the some 40/50,000 pesos stolen from her pick pocketed credit and debit cards, got all her money back. On her Bancomer credit card the Sam Clubs charges were credited back to her, then 30 days later were charged back to her account. I learned through my Bancomer rep at the time that Sam's Club is a big client, so go guess why the charge-back. They said it was her signature on the charge slip, but they refused to give her a copy. The pick pockets were a professional gang that hit a big mall in Mexico City during one weekend and started using her accounts within less than an hour. As this agency is of the Mexican Federal Government, they will likely have an office in Guadalajara. Do not take the word of the bank that the reporting was not soon enough. Not sure what my credit card contract states, but is it not that case that throughout the world banks who use Visa and Mastercard are required to adhere to their standards, not what the Bank states? My cards from Canada give me more time to report they were lost or stolen. Plus I know from experience they monitor transactions closely and will stop the use if they see too many transactions all within a short time frame. Not the case here, that is for sure.
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