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  1. My maid cost went way up. I married her. BTW Angus this is relevant to Mexico. I remember the book on how to live in Mexico on $600.00 then $800.00. Then and then,,,My problem listening to the video when the wife spoke I had ringing in my ears for hours.
  2. I plan on another dose Sunday then for 3 days. when I get back. I have given my guardian angel my password to report back.
  3. This is from the Henry Ford clinic. Just one of many studies. 70 year old CDC approved drug. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/07/02/michigan-henry-ford-health-study-finds-hydroxychloroquine-lowers-covid-19-death-rate/5365090002/
  4. I will take another dose Sunday. I return Tuesday. BTW thanks for a reasonable response. I do take Redoxon with zinc daily. I like the taste.
  5. I am going to Chicago Monday to escort a new resident down but, I have been taking HCQ as a preventive. BTW I feel great and my sciatica is better. I bet this starts a fire storm.
  6. New resurface on roads east of Jocotepec, have not finish job and already new pot holes.
  7. I am also a cc aficionado I have two Chase, IHG for free hotels stays choise of about 12 different hotels now over 200,000 points. Chase Untited, Apple Titanium cash back, no international fees. BoA three different ones. One is a travel card with no international fees. Also Bancomer cc. Why leave money on the table. When I need pesos I use Bancomer. I can't wait when I can travel again.
  8. I have a Bancomer account and send myself money through Xoom or Worldremit. I pay most bills using their App. or my debit card when I need pesos.
  9. Ditto, I go to Sam's an Costco every week both work when I am in the States.
  10. Hi Pete, keep an eye on your blood O2 saturation. The oximeters are not expensive ..
  11. Check out an area called Necoya area I think that's how it is spelled. If you want to live to be over a hundred.
  12. Use VPN. It works for me.
  13. I have many credit cards. Depends which ones I use is where I am. I,e. I have cards which gives double airline miles another 2x at restaurants. I have one which gives me 4x for every dollar to be used at certain hotels. My Bancomer payed me points which as mention above gives points which I use like money. So when the airlines are up and flying I can travel and stay at hotels free just for buying stuff I would normally buy. Last year just at Costco I spent over $25000.00 dollars. That is a lot of miles. Why leave money on the table by paying with debit or cash.
  14. As stated you have to be 65 if Indian or 68 non-indian. Must have voting card. My landloard which collects U. S. SS plus my rent and probably more. receives 2550 pesos every two months. I am eligible in October. I am not saying I will apply.
  15. My sentiments exactly. Last I heard no vaccine this year if ever. So do we live the rest of our lives in our homes. I choose not to. I will wear face mask when necessary also the gel which say anti-bacteria kills bacteria cool if you are worried about bacteria. I have a spray which I bought at a medical supply store in Guadalajara which says kills bacteria, fungus and has the word virus 99.9999%.
  16. Thanks for posting Rony. I have coffeed and dine there many over the past 20 years. I pray they will pull through.
  17. This virus was like a bomb going off. Nobody was prepared for a pandemic. Many mistakes were made and unfortunately many lives were lost unnecessarily. I also think the government over reacted. Shutting down countries caused people to die from not getting the medical care they needed. I have a friend which lives here and needs surgery for cancer in April which was pushed back till late this month. I hope he will be ok. Also I have seen reports that people put on ventilators just because the government pays more. All is sad. I am also glad this nurse had the guts to speak up.. I hope when this passes there should be an investigation like Warren or 9/11 type. Mainecoons how lucky loud free music again. Ha!
  18. Even the Doctors are wrong. Remember 2 1/2 million deaths, then ventilators. Turns out the ventilators caused more harm than good.. Facusi said second wave another lock down now he says not another lock down. Take precautions but, enjoy what life you have left. I know I am. We let the government steal 3 or 4 months of our lives.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mwZVuFC2Yo&t=32s
  20. My money is deposited into one of my U. S. banks. I then send to myself to my Bancomer account using world remit as of now 21.46 exchange plus 2.99 charge. Of course no charge to withdraw from Bancomer.
  21. My corvette had each tire showing the different pressures.
  22. For my Ford mini-van I bought a magnet designed to fit over the tire stem then I follow some instructions to activate. I would be glad to loan the magnet or sale it.
  23. This video was publish BEFORE the actual negative report came out that I posted. I also know the President and like him. In this video he was probably given incorrect information.
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