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  1. My son and grandson are coming to visit and want to go fishing. Does anyone have experience or advice there? I have been to Barra many times and have been solicited by the boat owners but never used them. Muchas thankyous in advance.
  2. ceros is right. Jocotepec is an agricultural economy there are many supply stores. Even the sprayers equipment and advice. I live here and shop them often. What is worse finding a worm in your mango? Finding half a worm. Ha! Old joke.
  3. I think my nursing home is near you Jaltepec. I have two AT&T plus the Telcel modem. I get 10 mb down most of the time with Telcel. However toward the end of the month about time to pay speed slows down.
  4. Look for the local convenience store they know everything. I raise my own rent every two years. This year I raised 500 pesos to a whooping 4500 pesos.
  5. I found this. Says Santiago. Lake Chapala Geography Image credit: Jesuschurion57 | Fotolia Sitting at an elevation of 5,000 ft., Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest natural freshwater lake, extending 50 miles from east to west and about 11 miles north to south. A shallow lake, its average depth is about 15 feet and it borders the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. The lake was formed 12 million years ago and was significantly larger than it is now, covering the area where Guadalajara is now located. The lake also provides 55 percent of Guadalajara’s drinking water. Lake Chapala is fed at its eastern end by the Lerma River and by the Rio Santiago at its northeastern corner. Lake Chapala is also home to three islands: Isla de los Alacranes, Isla Mezcala and La Isla Menor. The region’s tropical latitude, elevation and moderating influence from the lake provides it with one of the best climates in the world. Located about 30 miles south of Guadalajara, the lake’s northwestern shore is laced with a string of small towns and villages that are home to an estimated more than 30,000 expats: Chapala, Riberas del Pilar, Chula Vista, San Antonio Tlayacapan, La Floresta, Ajijic, San Juan Cosala and Jocotepec. The Sierra de San Juan Cosala Mountain forms a towering backdrop on Chapala’s northern shore and separates the lake communities from Guadalajara. About 8,000 ft. above sea level, the mountain range provides not only a lush green forest, but lots of recreational activities with its hiking trails, caves and waterfalls. Lake Chapala’s towns and villages are in the Central Standard Time zone and observe daylight saving time beginning the first Sunday in April and ending the last Sunday in October.
  6. Curiously We have been getting more interest in our nursing home from Mexican/Americans from California. People are fleeing.
  7. I have been buying from Azteca for years. I started in 2015. Azteca has a buy back program 50 pesos than sell price. I buy in stacks of ten. if sold today money made.
  8. Geeze! I live Roca Azul. 3/2 2 car carport 900 meter yard many fruit trees. I am isolated but love it. Rent 4500 pesos a month. I raise my own rent. However I pay all bills even the Frac dues, 3000 mxn a year. Very quiet.
  9. I have learned to always use credit cards. Most have some rewards program. Airline miles or cash back. Plus better protection if a bad charge. Why leave money on the table!
  10. I have both color and laser black only. Things I print in color, pics, example my Nursing certificate for Wall and keep my original in safe place. My guests at my facility like color for their documents. Black only laser documents. Many copies if each too many to count. Buying original ink OMG!
  11. I new this was coming and switched to IMSS a few months ago, I am lucky my step daughter in now a Doctor. {I am so proud!} She will see to it her papi is getting good treatment. . She has made many friends in the medical field.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mexico-central-bank-prepared-act-153512199.html
  13. I had the same problem. I put a C-clamp on the control. Worked for me. I love fossil fuels! My life is a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.
  14. Living in Jocotepec is wonderful. Prices going up here also. I probably have about as many Mexican friends as expats. I know most of the small business owners. Always greeted well with smiles and helpfulness. My stepdaughter is now a Doctor. I remember her first day in school then going to all the school plays the other parents treated me no different than any other parent. Negatives, driving to Ajijic and Chapala.
  15. Usually no more than a few centavos different. I agree with all above. I am particular which station I use.
  16. I was looking for an excuse to get a iMac, plus my old HP I was tired of changing spark plugs and vacuum tubes.
  17. Some banks and sites I am getting notices their site will soon not accept IE. So I bought a iMac last month. Love it!
  18. We had a patient who had hip surgery at 94 and lived to 103. Go figure?
  19. Thanks, in the past year I have visited Bogata, Medillin, and three times Panama. I am buried deep in my business here it would be difficult to move but, always on my mind.
  20. Eric, a fair question and good information. I also saw the story and was thinking just let them try to hold me.
  21. I had that house rented just before you for $450.00 good landlord though. I can't believe how rents and the price of homes here are going up. Amazing. I also remember the book how to live in Mexico for $600.00 a month anybody remember? I rent a 3/2, 2 car carport home A beautiful porch almost around the entire home. 900 meter lot, lots of fruit trees private for 4500 pesos a month in Roca Azul. Now for me $2000.00 a month might pay for my wine. I like Colombia. If I had to move I would consider Medellin. You can live there well on 2 grand. You will need to know Spanish or at least a little. The accent there is beautiful.
  22. There is a new office in the Plazas Outlet mall on Lopez Mateos on the way into Guadalajara. Plenty of parking shorter lines. Renew before 2020 you can do that, not only there will be a price increase but I have heard everybody has to take the tests again. Take the usual ,copies on CFE bill plus the original, ID,Curp. There is no place in the mall to make copies. The office is near the Copel store.
  23. You can take me out of content, attack me all you want I can take it but, still none of you will let tope people sleep on your floor.
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