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  1. Charlie, was the person the whole community knew. So much to say but, soon everybody will respond here. My deepest condolence to the family.
  2. Have you ever noticed these babies never make a sound. Drugged! So they can beg all day without dealing with a crying baby. Sad!
  3. It is simple it is only weather. There were hurricanes before people were on the earth or even evil Republicans. As recent as a 1/2 million years ago Florida was under water. I remember it well. If man can change the weather then let's find him and make it rain where there are droughts. Remember when they said President Bush steered Katrina into New Orleans. Ha! Get real people.
  4. I am happy with Bancomer BBVA. Two great apps BBVA and BBVA wallet. Get their credit card and accumulate points. Actually never use debit cards anywhere. They don't pay anything.
  5. https://www.aei.org/publication/50-years-of-failed-doomsday-eco-pocalyptic-predictions-the-so-called-experts-are-0-41/
  6. I downloaded the Telcel app. Pay from there also, from my Bancomer app gives me the option to pay lots of services.
  7. I have had that flight. I usually drive and stay at the Holliday Inn have good meal at Chili'smaybe a beer or 10. I park at Cheapopark or something like that. 99 pesos a day plus car wash the day you return plus fast trip to airport. . Copa is usually a little less strict on airport arrival. However I always use the VIP lounges. Usually good food and coffee and whatever you want comfortable chairs, connections for devices fast WiFi. If you go to Panama and have at least 3 hours or more the Copa lounge in Panama has everything including showers. Fly first class and the Copa lounge is free. I use Priority Pass for lounges. Use offer code for 10% off your first year. MGM16PIN
  8. Your name 2163 Lima Loop PMB 71-999 Laredo, Tx 78045 very important the 71-999 takes about a week and a half. I have never had a problem They charge 40 pesos. Ishop
  9. I believe in reincarnation so I made my will out to myself.
  10. I did not get PM. Just email vetteforron@yahoo.com
  11. A big yard, like a football field. 9 steps.
  12. I use my Bancomer app to pay most of my bills. For example CFE I use my Iphone to scan the bar code on the bill all digits appear on the app I double check touch comfirm and whala paid. I use my credit for the points. I also pay Sky, Telmex (when I used them) Telcel, transfer money to HSBC for rent and others. Bancomer has a great app it is in Spanish so you need basic skills. I remember the old days running all over to pay bills, today 15 minutes at my desk all done. So less trips to gringolandia.
  13. I am well over 60 and Bancomer gave me a card where I am collecting points.
  14. We will accept small pets. lakesidecare.com 331-406-5253 Ron
  15. I assume you are talking about Bob. I am sorry he had a problem. If you could have made it back here I would have helped. Tell Bob hi. Ron
  16. If this hideous exhibition offends so many people why, do it? I believe in the Red Cross. When my wife was young and wanted to be a Nurse the Red Cross helped. Have a bake sale!
  17. A year ago I had three telmex services. Now none. Since I live in rural areas I have to use the cell towers modems which serve my needs. I just wonder how much business telmex has lost?
  18. The Mexican GDP has been revised down. Mexico is officially in recession. Who to blame I dunna know. Follow my economic advice and do the opposite you will be rich.
  19. Good reason to have a Mexican bank account. You can always go to the cashier.
  20. Cutting support to hospitals....I guess like cutting off gas pipelines. Unintended consequences? When will they ever learn.
  21. If I recall well, some folks started one in Ajijic years ago and did not make it. Not enough patients to keep a home open with staff and costs.
  22. eazy smizy, I have AT&T simply dial 001- and works perfect. Also when I am in the U. S. I just dial the local number.
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