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  1. iMac one year old. Two keyboards one in Spanish wireless, one English USB connected. Wireless mouse. one terabyte HD. 15000 mxn OBO
  2. Well, my wife used to work at Pemex in Jocotepec and when she worked there about 5 years ago 180 pesos was the pay plus IMSS. I tip 15 to 20 if they laugh at my jokes. Just kidding I always tip.
  3. One year and one month old. Two keyboards one wireless in Spanish never used the other Macally English connected by usb. 17500 mxn or I will accept U. S. dollars. Priced reduced 15000 mxn. Available next week. OBO
  4. I bought my iMac in Andares Plaza in Guadalajara in the Mac store. It came with a wireless Spanish key board. So I ordered an English from Amazon for IMacs. So my computer was one year old in October works like new. It is for sale next week If interested contact me at vetteforron@yahoo.com. I will send stats.
  5. If you need these type of services here is my daughter's number. She speaks English.
  6. So true. There is a certain bacteria that builds up in your mouth that can affect your heart. Remember what your mother always said brush your teeth before you go to bed.
  7. In Jocotepec, I go inside and in 5 minutes at the window I have a new card. Then go to the ATM to activate.
  8. Does anyone remember that posted on the original mexconnect that I think left the area because he thought the lake would be dried up by now. Has anyone been in the yacht club by Real de Chapala and looked at the very old map in a hallway that shows the lake level since the early 1900 hundreds. Very informational shows drastic changes in the level of Lake Chapala over a century.
  9. Seriously I get a lot of hits on my website from the Russian Federation. I bet they are not looking for nursing homes. Probably bots just phishing for something.
  10. I hear the airport in Panama offers at airport but, to be verified.
  11. Walmart in Guadalajara uses bags. No baggers though.
  12. I also used Rich and I am satisfied with reprogramming mine.
  13. NO! https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 There was one day a few days ago cases shot up then dropped back to normal. Plus hospital cases was about 19% last time Bisbee posted. So I would I would say things are showings signs of improvement.
  14. About 15 years ago when we opened our nursing home Sara made the rule if a caregiver or nurse or anyone including us if we felt sick do not come to work. Even the good old fashion flu is deadly to our demographic. During the height of the pandemic we took no chances. In the back ground is a table where everything is put to be disinfected before entering our home.
  15. What if all Mexican businesses quit wearing masks. Would expats just starve or leave? Just asking. In Jocotepec maybe about half of people wear masks. In San Juan just guessing maybe a third. Just my personal observation.
  16. FYI. https://www.yahoo.com/news/venezuela-says-receives-shipment-russian-165249822.html
  17. I have an AT&T plan and when I am in the states or Panama I have to turn on roaming. Roaming does use a lot of time. I have the app AT&T so I just add time. I only use roaming when I need to use data. Calling between the states and Mexico remember 011 52 .......When I am in Panama I have to use Skype or magic jack, or WhatsApp.
  18. I have 6. Two basic 500 pesos, two with front wheels 750, two with wheels and seats 1500. I live in Roca Azul. cell 331-406-5253. 5 left.
  19. I have never smoked in my life and can't stand the smell but, government issuing more rules I don't like.
  20. There is also Vantagescore which my Chase bank uses. I seem to score lower on their system. Also if you want a high score watch your credit utilization. Thy to keep below 10%.
  21. VPN! Works for me. Plus I do as Bisbee Gal does also plus I use Credit karma. Long story short I use all.
  22. I have a question. Can it be apostlelized? (sp)
  23. Newjeersey expat, you are so right. I could ramble on about the different types.i.e. not sleeping for 30 hours at a time, aggressive, difficult eating etc. Anyone with dementia should be cared for by professionals. There are schools in Guadalajara to become a geriatric specialist. It is a year and a half course and challenging.
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