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  1. Thanks for the link. Says mine is schedule for the 17th.
  2. Here is another site John Hopkins. Click on the lower right corner and click on daily cases then pick your favorite country. I follow the global, U. S. Mexico, Colombia, Panama and others I have interest in. All the. ones I follow have spiked and are slowly coming down. Some people have been infected and are now immune, some people are just immune, million of doses of vaccines are being administered inoculated daily. We are getting close to herd immunity. I am feeling more positive than ever. This will end like or not. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd4029
  3. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/covid-cases-dropping-morning-brief-105958867.html?.tsrc=fin-notif
  4. I am in a South American country right now. Súper bowl party packed no masks. Bars are open till midnight. Masks are just a suggestion. Guess what numbers are dropping like a rock go figure.
  5. Or just transport a person from one place to another. We used ambulance's a lot.
  6. What a nice person you are. Is that. the best you can do? Name calling. Grow up!
  7. I visit the John Hopkins site daily. Check out Panama it has a draconian lockdown and the cases still go up. Just my opinion lockdown they go up no lockdown they go. Lockdowns hurt the little guy. Must remember it is still just a flu. I go Saturday for my PCR test to travel to another country. I take very little measures other than hand washing. I wear face diapers just get into stores. Did I mention I am 68 and feel great. Especially since I am loosing weight.
  8. There is the battery guy across from the Pemex in Jocotepec. If he does not have one he can get it. This guy is where I bought my batteries for my two carts and all my car batteries. Nice guy. Maybe I should have left a smart ... remark like some of the other children on this board. Good luck.
  9. I have skype, MJ, whatsappp. I guess I could have tried but, I needed the trip to Florida for other business reasons also. Good ideas through.
  10. Good points. I wrote the consulate before I left Mexico to change my address to my daughters home in Florida so I would not receive that mail in form every year like I had been doing. They said I had to be in the state to make the change. Oh well, good opportunity to visit my family. I called the local SS in my city and after 45 min. on hold I spoke to a person. Ten minute conversation and all done. So I receive my SS to a U. S. bank and use Xoom to send money. Then I left the states for parts unknown. I use my credit cards for almost everything. I just transfer from my U. S. banks to p
  11. I use Zelle also but, just between my U. S. banks. Easy transfer and no charge. I did search Zelle and not all banks participating.Plus only in the U. S.
  12. I have been using worldremit and Xoom for years from my U. S. accounts direct to my BBVA. I am in another country right now and Xoom works just fine. Now I have major commercial banks. I would think the transfer would work from any bank. $3.99 for each transaction plus they are upfront the make a little on exchange. Still good rates. I usually send a $1000.00 at a time. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  13. iMac one year old. Two keyboards one in Spanish wireless, one English USB connected. Wireless mouse. one terabyte HD. 15000 mxn OBO
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