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  1. Get there 20 minutes before if you take a private jet. Try Jet smart. There are many others. BTW be prepared to pay about 25,000 dollars. https://www.jetsuite.com/
  2. About 11ish or so I woke to a down pour in Roca. Wahoo!
  3. I live in Roca and my AT&T works perfect. At my nursing home I have both AT&T works well and my Telcel worked well for a month and now has been out the few days.
  4. I have had a bad time this year more than others. I use Off on my legs. When I visited Colombia coffee farm they had a spray made from coffee. It worked!
  5. I found a wonderful professional lady on Mexicancupid. I also just got back from Colombia and there is Colombiancupid also others. You will be overwhelmed with contacts. This is a real site not prepagos. Do be careful bad people everywhere. Also you will need to speak Spanish.
  6. I know why I am having problems...everybody is on line.
  7. I hope this does not mean garbage bags. Our trash is...well adult diapers. I can just see the dogs scattering these all over the area. Not a good way to save the planet.
  8. The poster is conserved 100% blind from that wonderful war in Viet Nam with barely enough vision and needs all help he can get while what little is left goes away.
  9. I also went to the little hospital outside of Jocotepec. I chose endoscopic. No xrays because I had a buldge the size of an orange all Doctors agreed it was a hernia. The Doctor was from Guadalajara brought his team and equipment. Costs for this and the mesh was about $500.00. I walked out in less than 24 hours. That was three years ago and am happy with results.
  10. I bought a 38 special S&W took it to the military base on Ave Vallarta. There is a papelera close to the base which will help you with paper work. Very small charge. Need passport and usual docs. The gun is for home defense only. Which means someone has to be in your home. I paid a wopping 40 pesos for permit. I did have to wait an hour or so. As a member of a gun club I think you can have up to 10 weapons. Long guns and shot guns etc. I buy ammo here in Joco.
  11. At my place for a few days no charge. Now an extended amount of time we can work out something cause they use a lot of electric but, nothing like mentioned above.
  12. I have used Volaris a few times. I always pay for the up graded seats because of my size. They fee you to death, their website is very difficult. Not my favorite but, sometimes necessary for me.
  13. I am sort of a newbe compared to many on this board. I have been living here perk near 19 years business owner dual nationality and have not changed my lifestyle the least ioda.
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