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  1. vetteforron

    Telmex in West Ajijic

    I have been seeing their vehicles in Jocotepec. My AT&T is 10 megabits down most of the time.
  2. vetteforron

    "Thrill the World" rehearsals start TODAY!

    I agree with scharderone. Just donate the money to the Red Cross. If you feel compelled to do this silly thing then use an envento! Does it have to be in public? Probably not good for young kids.
  3. vetteforron

    RV parks?

    I like Roca Azul since I lived in a camper there for 3 years. However they only have 30 amp power. I must admit I don't know of any 50a power in Mexico or at least near here.
  4. vetteforron

    Chaplain Elevation

    The higher elevation the more red blood cells are needed to carry oxygen through the body. Your body will make up the difference in about two weeks. You should feel the same. Then when you visit the beach you will fell energized for a while. At least it does for me.
  5. You can also use services like Xoom and worldremit. Xoom charges 4.99 and worldremit charges .99 both make a little on the exchange rate. You can pick up at Electra or deposit it into your Mexican bank I use Bancomer.
  6. vetteforron

    The Age Question - 45-49, 50-54, 55=59

    I came 18 years ago at 48 no regrets.
  7. vetteforron

    Mexican Citizenship test

    Wow! attitudes have changed since I got my citizenship. I was treated kindly and had smiling faces. Sorry texican.
  8. vetteforron

    Mexican Citizenship test

    Unless there are changes you can get passport in same day but, make an early appointment to pick up your certificate.
  9. vetteforron

    Mexican Citizenship test

    I did mine myself but I did pay Spencer to translate birth cert. Apostle.
  10. vetteforron

    Mexican Citizenship test

    Ha! I got the same guy with the speech impediment. I just asked if he could speak a little louder that I had bad hearing. He slowed down and spoke louder. It turned out he was the most serious one in that department I dealt with.
  11. vetteforron

    Mexican Citizenship test

    Unless they have changed rules on written exam there is no test if over 60. They will challenge you on your verbal skills. They will NOT speak to you in English. I was a pleasure dealing with the department SRE. It has been over three years since my citizenship. So not recent information. They do have a hand out with all the requirements. Pick that up first follow directions exactly. Good luck.
  12. vetteforron

    Ilox Update

    So they have changed their mind on Roca Azul? I'm in.
  13. Xoom, and worldremit are a couple I use. Yhey make money on exchange rate but still fair rates. Xoom also charges 4.99 per transaction worldremit charges.99
  14. Duel citizenship. I use my U. S. passport only when I travel to the states.
  15. If a person can speak Spanish get a citizenship. I got my passport the same day. The voting ID card makes doing business so much easier and I feel a little more respect. Also I voted.