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  1. Good reason to have a Mexican bank account. You can always go to the cashier.
  2. Cutting support to hospitals....I guess like cutting off gas pipelines. Unintended consequences? When will they ever learn.
  3. If I recall well, some folks started one in Ajijic years ago and did not make it. Not enough patients to keep a home open with staff and costs.
  4. eazy smizy, I have AT&T simply dial 001- and works perfect. Also when I am in the U. S. I just dial the local number.
  5. I have used this store for stuff. Good luck. http://www.medimarcas.com/
  6. OK I had to change password but I like it I paid my three EFE and sky accounts from my I phone. So convenient.
  7. If you see the guy with a patch on one eye and missing three fingers, people say he sells the best.
  8. Protection civil. They will investigate.
  9. Another good reason to go all the way. I only use my U. S. passport when I travel to the U. S. Coming back and everywhere else I use my Mexican Passport. Plus because of my age my passport half price.
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