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  1. Good to know! Thanks for your reply
  2. Ok do you know how long approximately takes to get the next notification? Thanks a lot for answering my question have a great day!
  3. Hi everyone! I wonder if there's someone that could give me some advice about the process of getting a visa to work in Guadalajara. My boyfriend turned in all the papers at INM and apparently everything was alright. We have been getting the following status when we check the piece number: Fecha Estatus Trámite Ubicación 26/02/2013 El trámite ha sido registrado Delegación Federal en Jalisco 26/02/2013 El tramite ha sido asignado Delegación Federal en Jalisco 27/02/2013 El trámite ha sido clasificado Delegación Federal en Jalisco 01/03/2013 Presentarse en una oficina del INM Delegación Federal en Jalisco 07/03/2013 Notificado en ventanilla Delegación Federal en Jalisco 21/03/2013 Registro de alcance Delegación Federal en Jalisco Does anyone know what does registro de alcance means? How long does it take to change from registro de alcance to the next step and what is it supposed to say after? Any advice or similar experience you can share will be much appreciated!!! Kind regards
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