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  1. Do let me know if you have anything for sale.
  2. sounds good. We aren't planning a trip to guad till later. Thanks, if it's wood, if you can, let me know the species and finish? Ken Mx cel: 331 888 9876
  3. Wanted to buy. Looking for a few, good to new condition, items this year. Can pick up. Baker's shelf. Smaller two shelf for bathroom. Office chair. Office desk or suitable table. Microwave and stand Thanks Ken PM, email - ken.zakreski@gmail.com or call Mx cel: 331 888 9876.
  4. Hello all, We just moved here, love it but our place has no garage. We have a minivan. I am looking for a single or double car garage for long term rent in the downtown Ajijic area. PM with details, expected rent, etc. Thanks Ken
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