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  1. Prob with Walmart is most buy early, late November & lights that don't work & get taken back, unfortunately find their way back on to the shelves. Never buy if it looks like box has been re sellotaped etc as most likely to be returns. Chapala shops have loads at cheap prices.
  2. How can I find tennis players to play with?

  3. http://lakechapalacrime.com/index.php
  4. Easy. Got mine off ebay 4 years ago, brand new similar price and shipped it to Mex for next to nothing within a few days, all good
  5. @Tadpole lol thanks for your message. Absolutely....... Usually in bed by 9pm haha~ activity>daytime Mexican family gatherings with many young children would be a more appropriate phrase.
  6. @gringal soo agree, I was like a kid at Christmas & the revenge for all the blood loss/itching over the years when zapping is unprecedented!
  7. My wife just got me one from a tienda in Chapala plaza - tennis raquet style and plugs in mains to charge, 98pesos, seriously the best gift I've been given in Mexico~absolutely love it! Instant kill
  8. @Ajiji_Hiker For sure getting to know area. Actually Seis esquinas is one of safest places, contrary to belief, most house terraced style, look nothing from outside(tbf fair a lot aren't inside either), always a million families in the streets etc/neighbours close by, not solo_ virtually no unoccupied houses and if there are still any bad kind in the hood, don't [mod cut - language] on their own doorstep
  9. @bwhite Ok will do, many thanks. Surrounding houses have similar roll barbed wire so hopefully will be Ok, as looking to have the same.
  10. Hi Ladies/Gents, We are a 40 year old couple. I have lived in the 'hood' for the past 4 years((seis esquinas)) but am now very close to sealing the deal on a house in Lower La Floresta (block or 2 West of Walmart & block down from the Carretera). Security is paramount for my family, but we have just fallen in love with this house. It's on a prominent corner, not hidden away and is quite large, which hopefully helps and not too far from a school. I would be looking to install latest barbed wire/security cameras/alarms etc and do have a dog. Not sure again if it makes a big difference, but my wife has a very large Mexican family who would visit us on a regular basis, so there would be lots of activity and cars coming and going. Would hiring a security guard personally or if a few neighbours agreed be viable option? I believe there are 2 security cars that patroll the estate 24/7? Anyone confirm? Any input, experience or advice from past/current residents or those long standing residents would be appreciated. Safety safety, but can't live in fear Keep smiling
  11. @Chris Gruenwald @Bourbonman Many thanks both for your input-thinking it does come down to liking/preference for either street,eat,gossip,families, activity v quiet, more private, relaxed, solo, peaceful, surburban. @Chris - presume you suggest to check out desired houses in the day/evening/week-ends etc for noise/neighbours to get a better feel of how it may be living there. Cheers all
  12. Cheers @World's best climate @HookeEmHorns ''yeah kinda true and know what you mean-although here in seis esquinas we know nearly everyone and always lots of people/families with their kinds in the village in the evenings, so quite safe for the Mrs to walk." @Intrepid-many thanks for your reply. Currently in very Mexican style terrace house, in busy street-so was thinking houses where you are more detached/spaced out?
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