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  1. Cheers ComputerGuy......Wow....I was getting that speed from Telmex in West Ajijic 10 years ago, get 40megs currently in Chapala(Telmex)
  2. Yes agree. I have Telmex currently as the reliable ISP + Wizz as back up......many thanks
  3. Yes thanks, I'm lucky to get 40megs with Telmex here in Chapala - paid top dollar for 10years even my neighbour only get 15
  4. Hi Rich, Brilliant! Many many thanks for your reply + great info! You can check your internet speed at speedtest.net then just click on ''GO'' What's the electricity like when big storms/rain? Many outages/power cuts? The house we're looking at is new (or has been completely renovated(not sure which)....it's also high very high up. I am an ex tennis professional so fast reliable internet for streaming the matches and similar is really important. I'm thinking ilox would be fibre optic cables no? If so they would be able to offer 100meg which is Guad speed and would be g
  5. Gents/Ladies, A moment of your time if I may........ I really like a house there(Chula Vista Country Club), but it's high up, surrounded by trees etc I require a fast(getting 40megs from here in Chapala currently, but obviously I don't expect that speed, although I'm hearing La Floresta may be getting or already have fibre optic cables-hmm the internet wasn't great when we lived there) and reliable internet -likely with Telmex & Wizz(used to be telecable). Appreciate any info from residents there or friends of, re internet. Many Thanks, JJ ......Lakeside
  6. How can I find tennis players to play with?

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