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  1. You are wrong there is a lot of contradiction about wearing or not wearing masks, many scientists disagree. Anyway I use it myself for short outings to a store but will not take a trip by air as long as masks are to be used for the whole trip, no thanks.
  2. Fully agree with your perception on the malecon's closure for such a long time. I know I am going off topic but since you touched on the subject, the Dry Law is really stupid and caused people to die buying unknowing tainted liquor. Its also a law easy to get around by using Amazon.mx and others to get what you want.
  3. Most of the world does not, we still have no official statement from China who originated the virus, which means all we are doing is based on hear say. Lots of contradiction by so called Scientists, best just do what everybody thinks is best for each individual. The Mexicans I know do take the virus serious and really have no problem to just stay within the close family circles. Yes testing is low thats why official numbers are low compared to the US where testing is high which explains the high official numbers of carriers.
  4. This has been going on since the beginning of restrictions. Never made sense to close the Malecon, outdoor walks are good for everybody as long as we follow the rules in place.
  5. After many year living her I forget about getting any Pharma or Vitamins from the US, all is available here and only few meds need a prescription, I love the freedom of doing it my way than being told by government what I must do.
  6. This pharmacy has moved closer to the new hospital, its now situated on the Carretera in front of the entrance of the Chula Vista Colonos Office. They continue to be the best for price and service.
  7. Immunotec mexico is having good vitamins, they push for Immunocal which I have been using with great success, you might want to check out their web site. Shipping is done via UPS and its all very reliable.
  8. Yes, problem is nobody observes it. Mexicans love loud music you better get used to especially on Saturday nights and Fiestas.
  9. Plus digital ID coming the lines will grow on every outlet including ATM's.
  10. Planting trees is a good idea as long as the right type of trees are planted at the right place.
  11. Bad idea you will pay higher insurance premiums with less coverage. Sell your car back home and buy one here lots of good second hand cars at good prices available but make sure its a car built in Mexico to get better insurance coverage and easy access to spare parts when needed. Importing is a hassle not as easy as it used to be, not worth the hassle. Depending your financial situation now you even can get rentals of new cars for a specified time period.
  12. It started off great, too bad it did not work out.
  13. I fully agree, the new president is doing exactly hat he promised, sounds good to me-
  14. Time that the government cleans up this racket, will save millions of pesos and maybe Pemex will end up being profitable.
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