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  1. Time for a new coffee maker and I LOVE flavored coffees. I'm not interested in the one they have at WalMart because you have to use THEIR pods. I want a Keurig because (if I understand correctly) if you run out of pods, you CAN use generic coffee. Now the problem is where to find one. Someone said there's a store in Guadalajara on Avenida La Paz that carries all things coffee. Has anyone been there? Do you know approximately WHERE on La Paz it is? Or......any other ideas of where to find a Keurig?
  2. Alarms are little to no help. We had to deal with one on a house we were watching for friends. The alarm went off every time a leaf moved. The alarm company was no help. Just last week, as I was coming home, one of my neighbors was pacing in the street in front of a house with an alarm going off. He'd called the company but they said they couldn't come out. The police didn't answer. The alarm finally ran down. Re dogs: I have a 90 lb American Staffordshire who puts fear into the hearts of anybody on the other side of the fence. He's a total wuss but he gets the message across by just being there. A poodle doesn't have the same effect.
  3. I bought it once at the papeleria across from the Coke plant.
  4. My 30 year-old leather living room set is starting to look it's age. (OK, a series of puppies didn't help.) I want to replace it with just two large leather fireside chairs with high backs. The kind you see in old libraries. The guys in San Antonio will make me some, but my husband doesn't want to commit to a chair he's never sat in. Thinking about a research trip to Guadalajara but it seems like most of the stores there carry only contemporary styles. Does anyone know of a more traditional store? I want quality (don't do this very often) and don't mind waiting for the right thing. Yes, I've combed all the consignment stores here.....nada.
  5. I had mine done by Hilda, who is now at Chapala Medical Center. I was afraid of getting eyebrows that were black, or dark brown which would look strange with my "platinum" hair. Hilda mixed up several taupe colors and I picked the one I thought would look the best. The result was perfect. I'm ready for a touch-up now and will definitely go back to her.
  6. Before our move 10 years ago, we asked in Guadalajara for a Lexus dealer. The people at Toyota said they could do routine maintenance but would have to order any parts needed. We went home and sold both cars and bought a Toyota pickup. Apparently nothing has changed.
  7. When we came down 8 years ago, we thought we were 'cutting back' by only having one car. Surprise! Living where we do (what was then "out in the country") it became impossible for both of us to have our various activities with only one car. So we're back to two. I go one direction, hubby goes the other direction and we get together for drinks on the patio in the afternoon.
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