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  1. Agreed. Since they seem to want to do the higher ticket surgeries, my guess is that they have cut their customer base in half. Not that many people with enough 'walking around' money to pay for cardiac surgery up front. And most of those that do will want to be in one of the five-star hospitals in Guad.
  2. I just saw a post on Facebook that they do not accept any Mexican insurance. Apparently Andre Bellon went over there to see what networks they were in and was told "No Mexican insurance, period".
  3. I think it's been discussed before, but I can't find it. I need someone to reupholster the front seats of a car. Prefer leather, but a good vinyl will do.
  4. I should have stated in the OP that this car is a model that was not produced for the US market and cannot be imported into the US. As such, I'm not really concerned about it being a 'chocolate'. The paperwork the seller has includes the original factura from a Mexico City VW dealer. We are having a third party go over the paperwork. Someone suggested that we just keep the plates that are on it. I wondered how in the world it's possible to stay legally current. You've answered that. Thanks. Still hope to hear from someone who has actually changed plates.
  5. We're looking for a second car as a run-about. Found one that seems to have what we want, but it has Mexico City plates. Any problems changing to Jalisco plates? Anything special needed? Problems to anticipate?
  6. but maybe hubby should have done what I'd suggested and jumped out of the car to wave his leg at them. LOL...he's a bit more level-headed than I am. A friend who has since moved back north stopped at Walmart on her way home from having a new leg prosthesis fitted in Guad. When she came out of the store the same thing happened and some :() saw fit to be the handicap police. Being a feisty creature, she reached into the backseat of her car, got her 'old' leg and threatened to crown him with it. I hope he learned something.
  7. What do you mean by "patina"? I have a lot of used roof tiles.....their color can best be described as "used".
  8. It depends on the collar. I have one that we used to train an eighty lb. AmStaff. It can be dialed back to just a tone to get the dogs attention when he's out of sight. They use these to train hunting dogs and other disciplines that require the dog to be away from the handler. Back to your problem.....I have 2 pitties and wouldn't trust either of them with a cat for 30 seconds. "Lily" might even get off the couch if a cat walked through. Prey drive is something that can't be trained out.
  9. "Things" come and go very quickly. During our remodel I sold several large heavy items using that site. The last one sold within 15 minutes of listing and two BIG guys and a truck came and picked it up the next day. Can't beat that!
  10. We just finished a garage conversion and want to have a computer / TV what-have-you in that new room. It's connected to the main house, two walls away from my office where all the wiring comes in. Is this something any electrician can do? Do I need an entertainment center specialist? It will be a very simple set-up (no cable) but I don't even know where to start.
  11. I know this has been beaten to death....but I STILL don't completely understand it. Hubby has the basic basic cell plan using a plain ol' flip phone. He's going to the US for a week. I know that once there, he can call within the US to either landlines or call phones just using the 001 and the 10 digit number. Right? If he wants to call me here in Mexico, can he call direct to my telcell phone? Can he call our landline using 011 52 1? Someone said you have to use "+" before the prefix. What's that about? H..E...L...P
  12. OK, consider this a public service announcement: If you do NOT have a current emissions sticker and are traveling the carretera between La Reserva and La Christina going west, bail off to the left onto the dirt road in front of Que Ganga! There are actually two parallel roads that run parallel to the carretera from Canacinta to El Bajio. You can get back on the carretera just past El Bajio, where the fruit stands are. Going east, drop down at the fruit stands and travel east to Canacinta. These two roads are about 20 feet from the carretera and the transitos know about them but apparently don't care because there will be a traffic jam down there of cars avoiding the traffic stop. Gotta love Mexico!!!
  13. We've been looking for freezer gel packs for weeks. Can only find the little bitty ones used for achy bodies. Where in Walmart and Superlake did you find them?
  14. Novacolor and Golden aren't available here, even in Guadalajara. I use Novacolor and have it shipped down by Hugh Roberts. Information is on the net under www.zippmypackages.com
  15. I use Novacolor paints which I buy from the distributor in the states. Hugh Roberts brings them down for me. He can be reached at zippmypackages.com. He pays all the duties at the border and you are obligated for that along with his fee. I try to wait to put in an order until I have a dozen or so jars. Gringal uses the same paints and we combine orders. Big stuff: No problem. Hugh brought down an 85 lb. easel for me last year.
  16. If I'm not mistaken, this project had a ground breaking (and a push for investors) on land up the road west of the Pemex a few years ago. Then another groundbreaking on land just east of Tres Canadas. Now it's moved to TC and we'll see what happens. Apparently Hernandez is backing it.
  17. I'd like to see somebody "kick" in a good steel security door. Maybe with a battering ram........ When we put ours in we were told that it would take heavy tools and a lot of time to get it open once locked. It was custom made for an outside entrance. What have we replaced it with? After deciding we had too many entrances, we have bricked up that hole and gained the interior space it took up when opened.
  18. The security door I just took out is still for sale. More information and pictures are on the Chapala.com classifieds listing.
  19. Benno's is not interested. Already asked.
  20. I don't know how it got this bad, but I now have cluttering up my space: 2 non-working printers, 1 sort-of working printer, 2 non-working Kindles, and a box of dead cameras. If I just put it out with the basura, will the guys sort through it and recycle? Is there a place to take stuff like this? Some time ago I remember seeing that some organization was taking dead electronics to use as teaching aids for kids to tear down and reassemble.
  21. We use the 3 1/2 gallon (approx.) size garfon because it's big enough to last but can still be lifted. Lately we've had major problems finding that size at our usual water sellers. We even stopped a water delivery truck and he didn't have any......just the 5 gallon size that we can't lift. Have they stopped making that size? Anyone else having a problem?
  22. We use the 3 1/2 gallon (approx.) size garfon because it's big enough to last but can still be lifted. Lately we've had major problems finding that size at our usual water sellers. We even stopped a water delivery truck and he didn't have any......just the 5 gallon size that we can't lift. Have they stopped making that size? Anyone else having a problem?
  23. Just got the show hung and it looks great! Come by for refreshments at Studio 18 (Colon - 2 doors down from Bancomer) from 5 - 7.
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