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  1. I've seen two sides of this. A dear friend died at home and the neighbors called the police. Fortunately my husband and I got there first and I knew where the valuables were. When the police came they opened every drawer. We didn't object, but one of us quietly followed them around and we refused to leave. After about an hour of this, they decided it wasn't profitable and left. It took 5 hours for the funeral home in Guadalajara to come for the body. Last year when my husband had a fatal heart attack while in his car the police were the first to arrive. I wasn't found and notified until 3 hours later. By the time I got to the scene the car and his body had been taken away but the police were still waiting for me. One of them handed me my husband's hat containing his cell phone, wallet, credit cards, $3,000 pesos in cash and the Tag Hauer watch he always wore. It seems to be the luck of the draw.
  2. I've changed addresses twice using the site and opted for paperless correspondence. No VPN. No problems.
  3. My housekeeper has several grandchildren starting prepa. I've been looking for used tablets for them and will grab the Lenovo if it's still available.
  4. Finally gave up on Telmex......"Why do you want to cancel our service? Because there ISN'T any!!!". We're a little off the beaten track, so other providers didn't want to run a line. TotalPlay said 'No problem'. We've had it 4 months now....NO outages. I took the basic package and it's fine for streaming movies. Don't use Firestick....don't know about that. Only one TV in the house and it's in the housekeeper's casita.....so all Spanish is Ok. I understand you can get the English services if you buy the higher end package. Kept the landline phone because cell service sometimes is iffy. They said I could port my number (which I've had for 16 years) over but that didn't work. Getting used to the new number took a while because I don't use it much. Landline is always clear. Recommend? Yes!
  5. We had Totalplay installed today. The installers were actually EARLY! One spoke perfect English. They didn't blink when they saw how long our driveway is.....just got right to work. (Wizz said "No way!") We got the internet/TV/phone package and everything seems to work fine. Except that now their overly attentive customer service is bugging me on WhatsApp to let them help me port my phone # from Telmex to Totalplay. I don't want to do that yet. It doesn't take much to be better than Telmex, but if you add in the EXCELLENT English speaking customer service, Totalplay is a total winner.
  6. EQCOVET in Guadalajara (Zapopan). You can message them from their Facebook page. They have specialists in all areas and will come here for a trip fee. Not cheap, but for a serious problem, they're the best.
  7. It's been a game changer for me. Highly recommmend.
  8. 1. With 6 dogs and 3 cats, I don't have rats at my house....even though I have a hay room, a feed room and a tack room....places rats tend to love. 2. One little drive by??? Dear girl, I wasn't driving AND I have been riding up that trail for over 10 years. I've seen the many changes that area has gone through. You are just the latest.
  9. OK.....I took a ride over there yesterday to see what all the commotion was about. That's a huge piece of property and for some reason they've put the dogs right up next to the front gate. The back of the property is apparently still being used for green refuse disposal. Why not suggest to the city that they move the dogs to the back and buffer with the mountains of accumulated yard waste. The more stuff they dump in there, the quieter it will be. The green waste is not nearly as offensive as what they were dumping several years ago. Very little odor and I only saw one rat.
  10. The dog pound wasn't there, but the city dump was. I remember lots of complaints about the rats. The city can't really be expected to turn its property (in the boonies) into a park every time urban sprawl catches up with it. I can think of a lot of public uses for that property that would make a dog shelter seem benign.
  11. For years that land was the city dump (before that it was the cemetery overflow). The smell was very unpleasant when the wind was right. There were rats the size of housecats roaming around. It's city property and if it's not used for a dog shelter, it will probably revert back to being a dump. Trying to live right next to a large chunk of city land is always going to be problematic.
  12. I've bought several fruit trees there and have been very happy. I also pass by his place on horseback several times a week. He's always there when I go past in the morning AND when I come back by after lunch. Never fails to ask if "todo bien' with me.
  13. Do you have the registration from the previous owner?
  14. I have a large desk that would be perfect for you. It was briefly on the BBS Facebook group but I took it down to wait until people are in the mood to shop again. Protective glass on the top. $4,500 pesos.
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