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  1. Our housekeeper needs to learn to drive and she wants ME to teach her. I'm not that brave. I've never heard of such a thing here, but is there anyone locally who gives driving lessons? Spanish required.
  2. Have you tried the tree guy across from the recycling place at El Bajio?
  3. ExpressVPN does have wonderful customer service. When I signed up for $99usd a year, the next day I was notified by my bank that over $1,000usd had been charged to my account (3 separate charges). I cancelled the card and called ExpressVPN. The customer service guy said he totally understood why I wanted to cancel the service and did so immediately. I was left wondering how many times this happens.
  4. A hundred years ago, when I worked in the apparel business, one of my jobs was getting rid of "dead" (last years) merchandise. One of my most reliable customers was a Mexican shrimper who would come to Galveston with a boat full of prime shrimp. He would offload the shrimp and fill the holds with apparel from dozens of manufacturers. He bought what I couldn't get rid of anywhere else and I always wondered what it smelled like when he got home.
  5. Agreed. Since they seem to want to do the higher ticket surgeries, my guess is that they have cut their customer base in half. Not that many people with enough 'walking around' money to pay for cardiac surgery up front. And most of those that do will want to be in one of the five-star hospitals in Guad.
  6. I just saw a post on Facebook that they do not accept any Mexican insurance. Apparently Andre Bellon went over there to see what networks they were in and was told "No Mexican insurance, period".
  7. I think it's been discussed before, but I can't find it. I need someone to reupholster the front seats of a car. Prefer leather, but a good vinyl will do.
  8. I should have stated in the OP that this car is a model that was not produced for the US market and cannot be imported into the US. As such, I'm not really concerned about it being a 'chocolate'. The paperwork the seller has includes the original factura from a Mexico City VW dealer. We are having a third party go over the paperwork. Someone suggested that we just keep the plates that are on it. I wondered how in the world it's possible to stay legally current. You've answered that. Thanks. Still hope to hear from someone who has actually changed plates.
  9. We're looking for a second car as a run-about. Found one that seems to have what we want, but it has Mexico City plates. Any problems changing to Jalisco plates? Anything special needed? Problems to anticipate?
  10. but maybe hubby should have done what I'd suggested and jumped out of the car to wave his leg at them. LOL...he's a bit more level-headed than I am. A friend who has since moved back north stopped at Walmart on her way home from having a new leg prosthesis fitted in Guad. When she came out of the store the same thing happened and some :() saw fit to be the handicap police. Being a feisty creature, she reached into the backseat of her car, got her 'old' leg and threatened to crown him with it. I hope he learned something.
  11. What do you mean by "patina"? I have a lot of used roof tiles.....their color can best be described as "used".
  12. It depends on the collar. I have one that we used to train an eighty lb. AmStaff. It can be dialed back to just a tone to get the dogs attention when he's out of sight. They use these to train hunting dogs and other disciplines that require the dog to be away from the handler. Back to your problem.....I have 2 pitties and wouldn't trust either of them with a cat for 30 seconds. "Lily" might even get off the couch if a cat walked through. Prey drive is something that can't be trained out.
  13. "Things" come and go very quickly. During our remodel I sold several large heavy items using that site. The last one sold within 15 minutes of listing and two BIG guys and a truck came and picked it up the next day. Can't beat that!
  14. We just finished a garage conversion and want to have a computer / TV what-have-you in that new room. It's connected to the main house, two walls away from my office where all the wiring comes in. Is this something any electrician can do? Do I need an entertainment center specialist? It will be a very simple set-up (no cable) but I don't even know where to start.
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