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  1. That's true! In the newspaper business the old saying is, "If it bleeds, it leads!"
  2. Wow! Pretty expensive for the Pillsbury crescent rolls......$5.50 USD?
  3. Too many "I believe" and "in my experience" answers here, many of which are conflicting. The best thing for anyone wanting the 'correct' information is to contact the provincial and federal government departments themselves. As Natasha posted, you certainly don't want be receiving benefits incorrectly, then have to pay them back later!
  4. There is a store at the corner of Constitution and Donato Guerra
  5. I've had a perforated eardrum for over 60 years, had skin graft surgery twice, wasn't successful. Had too many infections to count as a child, and each time it was right after a doctor flushed out my ears with a syringe. Have been to numerous specialists in Canada and Mexico, and they've all said the same thing...."Never let anyone use water and a syringe in your ears". I also have irregularly-shaped ear canals, so wax gets trapped and cannot come out on its own.
  6. Sorry bezerk, but some people, like myself, definitely need to see a specialist for this. I have a perforated eardrum, and I've even had some quack specialists try to flush out the earwax with a syringe full of water. Absolutely the WORST thing you can do in my case. All that does is create a severe ear infection, and potentially making the perforation in my eardrum even larger. Not a minor procedure! Luckily, I've found a specialist who listens to me, and understands my situation.
  7. Brad, please ignore the snarky comments. We're not all like that down here, some of us want to help if we can. I'd suggest that Justin send you a letter of employment that you can take with you to your local consulate. They should be able to help you get the correct paperwork that you'll need to legally work down here, or at least give you accurate information regarding this matter. Hope it all goes smoothly for you!
  8. This is the specialist that I go to at the Quality Care clinic in the Plaza Interlago. I require special care with earwax removal, because I have a perforated eardrum. Dr. Nogueira is very good, and understands the special care needed. He speaks very good English. http://www.qcdoctors.org/dr-luis-garcia-nogueira/
  9. To the moderators.......this is supposed to be a thread about the Food Lake Container restaurant. Some people have turned it into a discussion about trash in other parts of town, nowhere close to this restaurant. Can we please get these off-topic posts removed, or moved somewhere else?
  10. Chillin', I'm not sure where you got the idea that any of us were talking about gourmet food. We are all in agreement that the main focus for any restaurant is to cook food well, whether it's filet mignon or a simple fish taco! If they can't cook, then it doesn't matter if it's the friendliest, nicest looking place around......it won't be in business for very long!
  11. These are all positive things about the people who run it, but ultimately, a restaurant is supposed to be mainly about the food. If the food isn't getting good reviews, then nothing else matters.
  12. I was there a couple of days ago, and had their Pollo Parmezana special, which came with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The chicken was so flattened out, that all the moisture had gone out of it. The sauce was a sweet tomato sauce and unfortunately, the parmesan cheese was the dried kind that you get in the shaker, sprinkled on top. Very disappointed! I'll try a different dish next time, but if I have a similar experience, I won't be back. It seems like most of their menu is the same as it was at Lake Taco, but Lake Taco has a nicer location.....better breeze, and not as much traffic noise!
  13. Well, if they start their business as 'pet friendly', then there will be many people who will not even try it once. Shame that they want to turn away paying customers so that a dog, who doesn't pay, and may end up leaving a 'tip' that no one wants, can feel welcome!
  14. Can't the federal or state government do something to prohibit this? Don't these protesters realize that by inconveniencing people at an international airport, they are harming everyone's economy (including their own) by pissing off tourists and business visitors? Everyone loses in the end...
  15. Quit putting the poor restaurant owners on the spot. It's illegal for dogs to be in restaurants. Leave it at that, and quit trying to harm a business by asking them to do something illegal!
  16. At the price you quoted in your original post, I'd say they were quoting for an Uber Black ride.
  17. Unless you really need a luxury limousine style, as for Uber X from now on.
  18. Oh yum.......these descriptions make me want to order the bass.....NOT! And yes, the price of the steak sounds too high, especially if the sides are mediocre, As far as ribs go, I think that any restaurant in town will have a hard time beating the quality and price of Adelita's ribs!
  19. I'd be interested in sharing your mailbox.  I probably would only receive 5 or 6 pieces of mail per year!  How much would the cost be for sharing?  My email is suegarn@gmail.com.  Thank you!

  20. Actually ComputerGuy, there is a $199 plan... Telcel Max Unlimited 1000 Unlimitedminutes included UnlimitedSMS included 1000 MBInternet 1000 MBWhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter $ 199.00 / month
  21. tomgates, how much more specific could the OP be? He gave you the exact street address and corner!
  22. The name of the place is Pasteleria Francesca Isabelle....here is a TripAdvisor link........https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g499405-d7323359-Reviews-Pasteleria_Francesa_Isabelle_et_Frederic-Ajijic.html
  23. I agree with ajijiccharlie and gringal. I know that in Canada, they charge GST, which is 'goods AND services tax'. Cynthia is providing a 'service', therefore it is taxed! Not sure where the confusion lies for some of the posters in the way she does this.
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