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  1. Really??? What have you been smoking, bennie2?
  2. Totally agree with you mudgirl! I certainly wouldn't choose to live in the U.S!
  3. The reason that the rest of the world doesn't seem to care about how many are killed in Mexico, as opposed to the amount in the U.S., is because it is infinitestimal compared to the amount of killings in the U.S!
  4. Tell me HookEmHorns, were you given a background check, checked for vaccinations and / or free of disease before you came to Mexico? I'll bet that you weren't. And what about the money that expats earn down here, and the free health benefits (if they choose)
  5. I didn't say anything wrong. I was correcting him. If you want to see the proof, check these out. http://www.hoteles.udg.mx/montecarlo/ http://www.realdechapala.com/ I wanted to make sure that the OP had the correct information, ComputerGuy.
  6. bdmowers, please try to give people the correct information. If you're not completely sure, double check before posting. The other posters are correct in saying that it is the Hotel Monte Carlo which is beside Farmacia Guadalajara, just as you come over the hill coming into Chapala from the west.
  7. You think that cutting short, curly hair is bad? Try short, straight as a board, fine hair. If the hairdressers makes a mistake on that, there is absolutely no way to hide it. At least with curls, it can hide the uneven ends! I've found that Christine (in the Centro Laguna mall) has understood my hair perfectly. She told me that the best way to cut straight, fine hair is a dry cut. That way, the hairdresser can see exactly where everything wants to naturally fall. I recommend her completely! http://www.christines.mx/index.html
  8. I'm not American (no American CC), and don't have access to pay online because the phone bill comes in the owner's name. All I needed to know was if I could pay it at OXXO, which Sparks confirmed for me on January 4. Thank you all for taking the time, but I don't need any more answers, thanks!
  9. When was the last time you dealt with CPM? Their new property management director, Liz Verar, is extremely helpful and polite. She's actually gone above and beyond with anything I've asked of her.
  10. There are many property management firms who handle rentals. Here are just some of them....http://www.chapalapmc.com/site/ http://ajijichomes4rent.com/ http://www.hernandezrgrentals.com/ http://ajijicrentalsandmanagement.com/rentals/ http://www.accesslakechapala.com/, etc. I have been using Chapala Property Management for almost three years as a renter of different homes on their list, and I am very pleased with their service. Just my opinion, of course.
  11. As others have said, I think that most insurance policies, including IMSS will not insure you for andy heart-related issues, due to your pre-existing condition. Also, you cannot have IMSS and Seguro Popular insurance at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.
  12. I can't check the bill online, because it doesn't come in my name. I am the renter of the home.
  13. Can Telmex bills be paid at Oxxo? And if not, where can they be paid?
  14. Interesting, because I always have good service and food at Los Telares. I go there at least once or twice a week, and the waiters know me and bring my drink before I even have to ask for it. And all the menu items that I've tried have been very good. Never been disappointed there. Been there as a solo diner, and with a larger group....same great service!
  15. I'm Canadian, and have never had any desire to try poutine. 'Heart disease on a plate' should be its name. Just inject the globs of cheese, fat from the gravy, and grease from the fries right into your arteries. No thanks!
  16. This is getting to be a big problem on this webboard. People ask questions, and others presume they know best. It's like the old joke...."I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV!"
  17. Too many "I believe" and "in my experience" answers here, many of which are conflicting. The best thing for anyone wanting the 'correct' information is to contact the provincial and federal government departments themselves. As Natasha posted, you certainly don't want be receiving benefits incorrectly, then have to pay them back later!
  18. Brad, please ignore the snarky comments. We're not all like that down here, some of us want to help if we can. I'd suggest that Justin send you a letter of employment that you can take with you to your local consulate. They should be able to help you get the correct paperwork that you'll need to legally work down here, or at least give you accurate information regarding this matter. Hope it all goes smoothly for you!
  19. At the price you quoted in your original post, I'd say they were quoting for an Uber Black ride.
  20. Unless you really need a luxury limousine style, as for Uber X from now on.
  21. I'd be interested in sharing your mailbox.  I probably would only receive 5 or 6 pieces of mail per year!  How much would the cost be for sharing?  My email is suegarn@gmail.com.  Thank you!

  22. Actually ComputerGuy, there is a $199 plan... Telcel Max Unlimited 1000 Unlimitedminutes included UnlimitedSMS included 1000 MBInternet 1000 MBWhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter $ 199.00 / month
  23. The name of the place is Pasteleria Francesca Isabelle....here is a TripAdvisor link........https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g499405-d7323359-Reviews-Pasteleria_Francesa_Isabelle_et_Frederic-Ajijic.html
  24. I agree with ajijiccharlie and gringal. I know that in Canada, they charge GST, which is 'goods AND services tax'. Cynthia is providing a 'service', therefore it is taxed! Not sure where the confusion lies for some of the posters in the way she does this.
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