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  1. That's exactly what I used to do with my Swiffer even when I lived up north! Why pay for refills, when a microfiber cloth works just as well, and can be re-used over and over again!
  2. http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/fuel-price-increase-postponed-2-weeks/
  3. Well that's very strange. My partner has been in the hospital all week, and we are covered by Seguro Popular. But yesterday, they gave me a list of medications needed before his surgery, and I had to pick them up from Farmacia Guadalajara and pay for them myself!
  4. It is a Seguro Popular hospital....check out this story. http://www.theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/48224-jocotepec-hospital-noted-for-outstanding-service
  5. The only thing I know that is sometimes used to deter other birds from flying too close is a mechanical replica of an owl call. They used those at many of the waterfront restaurants up where I used to live in Canada to prevent the crows and other birds from trying to steal food off of customer's plates outdoors!
  6. The hospital in Jocotopec doesn't have a pharmacy onsite. You have to go down the street to the Farmacia Guadalajara, which is about 1 km east of the hospital.
  7. suegarn


    I hope it's not because Jason is spreading himself too thin, between Adelita's and the Brew House!
  8. My partner and I signed up for Seguro Popular last spring. We had a single sheet of paper with both our names on it. A few days ago, he was taken into the Jocotopec hospital for surgery. All he had to show was the sheet of paper, and his resident visa. They made copies of everything there. He's still there now, so I'm not sure if we'll get a type of 'passport' book that will show dates and what treatments we've had. I haven't had to use it yet (fingers crossed). But, I must tell you that in the Seguro Popular hospitals, you either need to stay with the patient yourself, or hire a caregiver. That is the rule at least for sure at the Jocotopec hospital, and I believe any of the others as well. This includes staying overnight if necessary, because if the doctors need particular medications for the patient, they'll send the spouse or caregiver to the pharmacy to pick them up. At the Jocotopec hospital, I needed to show my resident visa as well, just to be able to get in to visit my partner. They have very good security there.
  9. My partner is in the Jocotopec hospital at this time, and is waiting for surgery. He's been there since Tuesday morning, and they're hoping to do his surgery on Thursday or Friday. The care has been excellent. The spouse or significant other doesn't have to spend any time at the hospital if they don't want to. All you have to do is arrange for caregivers to be with the patient. These women are responsible, caring people, and they charge very little for working 8 hour shifts, either during the day or overnight also. I think that hospital has excellent staff and service. We are registered with Seguro Popular.
  10. Interesting, la esposa de Tomas! I went to the Monte Carlo hotel several times last year, including about two months ago, and it was only 50 pesos for a day pass. A one hundred percent increase in the price of a day pass in two months? I know it's not much money, but it's the percentage of increase in the rate in such a short time.
  11. Do you have a website or contact info for American Ship? I tried doing an advanced Google search for that name, but couldn't find anything like that.
  12. Check out TripAdvisor. Usually the best way to find exactly what you're looking for.
  13. barbara habacht is correct. The bike path goes all the way from just west of Chapala to Jocotopec, except through the downtown section of Ajijic (obviously no room for a bike path through there), and through San Juan Cosala.
  14. I find that the worst traffic jam on the carreterra is coming in from the west due to the lights at Juarez and Colon. I've seen eastbound traffic sometimes backed up west of Casa del Waffle! From there, it's just stop and go until they get past Colon, then it eases up somewhat.
  15. Unfortunately, it's not a minor irritation for pedestrians trying to legally cross the carreterra at any of these lights, especially if you're trying to catch a bus. The lights will stay green on the carreterra way too long, and cars back up on side streets, and the bus drivers just look at you, smile and shrug their shoulders while they drive away!
  16. You think that cutting short, curly hair is bad? Try short, straight as a board, fine hair. If the hairdressers makes a mistake on that, there is absolutely no way to hide it. At least with curls, it can hide the uneven ends! I've found that Christine (in the Centro Laguna mall) has understood my hair perfectly. She told me that the best way to cut straight, fine hair is a dry cut. That way, the hairdresser can see exactly where everything wants to naturally fall. I recommend her completely! http://www.christines.mx/index.html
  17. I'm not American (no American CC), and don't have access to pay online because the phone bill comes in the owner's name. All I needed to know was if I could pay it at OXXO, which Sparks confirmed for me on January 4. Thank you all for taking the time, but I don't need any more answers, thanks!
  18. When was the last time you dealt with CPM? Their new property management director, Liz Verar, is extremely helpful and polite. She's actually gone above and beyond with anything I've asked of her.
  19. There are many property management firms who handle rentals. Here are just some of them....http://www.chapalapmc.com/site/ http://ajijichomes4rent.com/ http://www.hernandezrgrentals.com/ http://ajijicrentalsandmanagement.com/rentals/ http://www.accesslakechapala.com/, etc. I have been using Chapala Property Management for almost three years as a renter of different homes on their list, and I am very pleased with their service. Just my opinion, of course.
  20. As others have said, I think that most insurance policies, including IMSS will not insure you for andy heart-related issues, due to your pre-existing condition. Also, you cannot have IMSS and Seguro Popular insurance at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.
  21. I can't check the bill online, because it doesn't come in my name. I am the renter of the home.
  22. Can Telmex bills be paid at Oxxo? And if not, where can they be paid?
  23. Interesting, because I always have good service and food at Los Telares. I go there at least once or twice a week, and the waiters know me and bring my drink before I even have to ask for it. And all the menu items that I've tried have been very good. Never been disappointed there. Been there as a solo diner, and with a larger group....same great service!
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