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  1. Like congodog said, there are no guarantees that you won't have someone move close by AFTER you've moved in that have a dog or dogs that bark too much. We had a situation like that in the last home we rented. When we first moved in, there was only one dog on our street, and when he did bark, his owners stopped him very quickly. Well-trained dog! Within a few months, we suddenly had 10 dogs on our street! The worst offender was a woman who lived directly beside us with three very yappy Pomeranians. She would let them bark incessantly, and if she went out, she left them outside in their fenced yard, which was about 20 feet from our patio and bedroom windows! It became absolutely intolerable!
  2. My all-time favourite resort chain is Excellence Resorts. They have adult-only all-inclusive resorts under the brand 'Excellence' in Playa Mujeres and in Playa del Carmen, and also 'The Beloved Hotel' in Playa Mujeres. And they have a family resort called 'The Finest' in Playa Mujeres as well. They recently opened two more Excellence Resorts in the Dominican Republic. www.excellenceresorts.com
  3. Okay, so I guess that even asking the question three different times on this thread, I'm not going to get an answer!
  4. Well, that doesn't help. I'm asking a serious question. There's El Barco, the sushi place and now a wings place, is that correct? And are they all located in El Barco?
  5. So, is the sushi place still there, and is this just another 'restaurant within a restaurant'?
  6. Is this replacing the sushi restaurant? Or is it another 'restaurant within a restaurant'?
  7. Sorry, but I can't remember how much it was. You should call Spencer and he'll be more than happy to give you any information you need.
  8. I second Alex's Pasta Bar! Excellent food, great wine! Alex has been a chef for over 60 years, and he's trained his staff well. The pasta is made fresh every day. He imported his pasta-making machines right from Italy!
  9. No, you can't have IMSS and Seguro Popular at the same time. You have to have one or the other. Many people that have pre-existing conditions will be rejected by IMSS, so they sign up with Seguro Popular. If you're healthy, you may find that private insurance would work for you as well.
  10. Well said, gringal! Art auctions can devalue what the art is worth. But, on the other hand, it does create exposure for the artist, especially if they are new in the area. So it's kind of a double-edged sword for the artist.
  11. This is the place to come for 'opinions' on food and service, not definitive answers. Every restaurant can have good and bad days, as can the stomachs and moods of the customers. I still think that the OP should try it at least once himself, before giving up on it totally.
  12. I always feel that you need to give the person (or business) the opportunity to show what they can do, or at least explain themselves. By not doing that, and only relying on other's opinions without trying it yourself, it makes it seem like a village lynch mob. Please give them the benefit of the doubt, before giving up on them based on this webboard.
  13. I went Permanente after only one year of Temporal. When I originally applied in Canada, they said I had to go Temporal. When I arrived here, I hired Spencer McMullen. He told me that when I came back for my renewal the next year, he would change it to Permanante. Spencer said that even if you only show one dollar's worth of pension income, as long as your total monthly income is over the amount required, you can qualify for Permanente!
  14. I agree with bmw1150rt on the choice of restaurant for lunch in Tlaquepaque. The food and ambiance is fabulous at Casa Luna! But definitely check out the female Mariachi band at El Patio after lunch.
  15. Most likely another accident. Here in West Ajijic, it's extremely common to hear them coming in bunches, either ambulances heading to Joco hospital, or the policia possibly finding small pockets of drug activity out west.
  16. Tough age to find entertainment here for them, except for movies or going to the bars for dancing and drinks. If they're into hiking or skateboarding, then physical activity might be the answer.
  17. Joco, this is the part of your quote that I was responding to...... On 2/5/2017 at 2:22 PM, Joco said: The Jocotepec Community hospital accepts SP insurance but it was not built by SP nor managed by SP. I wasn't responding to the part about the pharmacy
  18. Well Cedros, I guess I'll just have to keep using 'the old wive's tale', because it definitely works in my garden. End of!
  19. I went there for the first time for breakfast this morning. Had their special omelette stuffed with spinach and mushroom and it had a creamy garlic sauce over top. Along with the omelette, you get homemade toasted bread, sliced banana and strawberry. I also got a side order of their delicious hash browns. It was probably one of the tastiest breakfasts that I've had in years! I ate half of it there, then took the rest home and had it for dinner! Definitely going back!
  20. Well now, Joco, I think you're nitpicking here. Most people don't care who it was built or managed by, only by what insurance coverage is accepted at any particular hospital. I was correcting someone regarding the difference between IMSS and Seguro Popular covered hospitals! Jocotopec Hospital doesn't accept IMSS for coverage according to this article, those people would have to pay......http://www.theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/48224-jocotepec-hospital-noted-for-outstanding-service
  21. Sorry Cedros, but as you can see by my posts and others, many people have found that it works.
  22. No it isn't a fable. I've tried it, and several people that I know have tried it. And the plants that they've already chewed up will come back!
  23. I'm not sure either, but it doesn't have to be distilled. Bottled water would probably be fine as well. I think the only reason they recommend distilled water is to prevent scale buildup on the steam vent holes, just like an iron.
  24. Plain uncooked white rice (not any fancy ones, like basmati or jasmine). Spread it around plants, the ants will eat it and it'll puff up inside them and kill them. I was told this by several gardeners down here, and it works!
  25. Has anyone noticed if they sell steam mops down here? I used to have one of those up north as well, and it was fantastic on my tile floors! It came with a thick microfiber cloth that would attach with Velcro to the bottom of the unit. Then you just filled it with distilled water, plug it in until it was steaming, then mop away! Way better than using chemical cleaning products all the time. That steam killed any grime and bacteria that would be on your floors!
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