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  1. If it rains one more time in the next 3 or 4 days, then June 7th will be considered the official start. The general consensus is that if it rains a measurable amount 3 times in one week, then the first date is the official one.
  2. In West Ajijic, power only went out for a very short time, came back on just after 11 pm. No problems since.
  3. I guess by the look of the tags that the OP put with the header, it's on Guadalupe Victoria #17A in Ajijic. It certainly would be much more helpful if people would post this kind of information in the text of their post, not as a tag to the title!
  4. I got this from another site........"Many of you use Alex to bring packages across the border, drive you to the airport, or drive you across the border. Because he is on the road so much it is often difficult to contact him. He advised me that the absolute best way to get in touch with him is to send him a TEXT at: 333-577-7765. He indicated that he always gets his texts even if he is in the US."
  5. Unfortunately, it still doesn't help Canadians who have to pay rent in U.S. dollars. In fact, my equivalent amount has gone up each month for rent! That really sucks!
  6. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. They were probably just looking for work, going door to door to see if anyone needed a dog walker.
  7. Spencer, do you know if they are having the same problems with Inapam cards as well? And what's the best way to get one?
  8. 35 pesos for a black coffee is totally ridiculous!
  9. If someone is calling that number from here in Lakeside, then she is correct in adding the 001. If you dial 1 and then her number from here, it won't go through. Dialing 001, then the area code and number is a free call if you're on the Telmex plans that have unlimited free calls to Mexico, U.S. and Canada, no matter which of those countries that you're in at the time with your Mexican cellphone!
  10. The LCS store in West Ajijic is called 'Que Ganga', and yes, it's in the same plaza as Ancla Restaurant!
  11. Probably the reason that no one that actually lives in Brisas or Haciendas is chiming in, is because they all have cars! They don't use the bus!
  12. When I was looking for a new place to rent in April, I viewed a couple of the units at the corner of Paseo del Lago and Paseo del Mirador. Before I met with the rental agent, I had a couple of other people that were renting there stop me and tell me about all the problems they were having with this agent. Plus, the homes themselves looked like they may need a lot of work. I found another home elsewhere to rent.
  13. Yes! I went again yesterday to have three teeth extracted (one was pretty difficult to get out), and they only charged me $780 pesos for all of them! And again, the most gentle dentist I've ever been to in my life! Definitely recommend them!
  14. I went to Dental Express the other day and had a thorough cleaning (even removing calcified plaque from bottom teeth) and polishing. It cost 190 pesos! Excellent work and very gentle!
  15. I ride the buses all the time, and find them to be very efficient. Most of the time, there's no problem getting a seat, except when the children are going to or coming home from school. Then it's usually SRO. There are three different types. There is the Directo bus which runs along the carreterra from Jocotopec to the Libramiento, where it turns up and heads into Guadalajara, and vice versa. The Directo bus runs once a hour, usually going through Ajijic Centro on the half-hour (10:30, 11:30, etc). Then there's the carreterra bus which runs from Joco to Chapala and back. Then there's the 'chicken bus', which is the smaller bus that runs along the carreterra, and dips down running through the village in Ajijic and San Antonio. The carreterra bus and the chicken bus go by about every 15 minutes. They're all very convenient, and it's a very inexpensive way to get around.
  16. I've ordered several pairs of shoes from online retailers in the States, including Amazon. Never had a problem getting them here!
  17. Can you give more information? How many hours per week? Are they needed at your business, or can they work remotely? What type of accounting system are you using (all done on computer, or the old-fashioned ledger books)?
  18. I definitely want to try this pizza place! Sounds very interesting! What days of the week are they open?
  19. These look like they might be the solution for me. Do you know if they ship to Mexico? I couldn't find the answer to that on the website.
  20. Do you find that most of the shows available on Netflix Mexico are in English, or are they in Spanish with English subtitles?
  21. I'm considering signing up for a subscription, but want honest opinions first (and please tell me if you have Netflix Mexico, U.S. or Canada in your review). And is it best to have a good VPN for better selection?Thanks!
  22. Some of us with hearing loss can't afford to buy hearing aids, so we just have to struggle as best we can. If you think that you're irritated by this, how do you think those of us with hearing loss feel? I'm sure that I'm even more irritated than you could possibly imagine.
  23. One factor that you didn't mention in your OP. Are you going to rent or buy? If you're planning on renting down here, most rentals come furnished, so you'd end up having to store your furniture until you purchase a home. When I moved down, the moving costs were going to be more than the value of the items that I wanted to bring. So I sold or donated everything, including my car, because it was in excellent condition and was worth selling at the time. Then, I booked my flight and moved down with only two large suitcases and one carry-on. I've been renting since the move, so I haven't had to buy much to replace what I didn't bring.
  24. Interesting, la esposa de Tomas! I went to the Monte Carlo hotel several times last year, including about two months ago, and it was only 50 pesos for a day pass. A one hundred percent increase in the price of a day pass in two months? I know it's not much money, but it's the percentage of increase in the rate in such a short time.
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