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  1. I've never had any problems with this, either. I always greet the cashier and the bagger in Spanish, ask them how they are, and tip the bagger.
  2. Tried to PM you, but it says that you can't receive PMs. Please send me the listing information about the condo. Thank you.
  3. The Joco condo you describe sounds too good to be true at that price......why is it not rented already?
  4. Sorry, I wasn't trying to shame tomgates. I was just making a factual observation.
  5. Unfortunately tomgates, you appear to be in the minority on this thread.
  6. There are obviously some who are not happy with the system and municipal government here in Lakeside. All I know is that if you're not happy, speak to the powers that be to effect change, not moan and groan constantly on a gringo webboard. That doesn't solve anything! And if you have spoken to the right people, please let the rest of us know how your meeting went and what progress was made. (this post will probably be deleted, and I may be banned for speaking up, but I have a copy of it to use on TOB if necessary)
  7. When I signed up, I used a facilitator. I went to the clinic in Chapala. But they didn't give me a booklet, just a piece of paper. And they never told me or the translator that I had to make an appointment right away to see a doctor. I signed up about a year ago, and still haven't needed to see a doctor?
  8. The LCS store in West Ajijic is called 'Que Ganga', and yes, it's in the same plaza as Ancla Restaurant!
  9. I definitely want to try this pizza place! Sounds very interesting! What days of the week are they open?
  10. These look like they might be the solution for me. Do you know if they ship to Mexico? I couldn't find the answer to that on the website.
  11. Do you find that most of the shows available on Netflix Mexico are in English, or are they in Spanish with English subtitles?
  12. I'm considering signing up for a subscription, but want honest opinions first (and please tell me if you have Netflix Mexico, U.S. or Canada in your review). And is it best to have a good VPN for better selection?Thanks!
  13. Some of us with hearing loss can't afford to buy hearing aids, so we just have to struggle as best we can. If you think that you're irritated by this, how do you think those of us with hearing loss feel? I'm sure that I'm even more irritated than you could possibly imagine.
  14. When was the last time you dealt with CPM? Their new property management director, Liz Verar, is extremely helpful and polite. She's actually gone above and beyond with anything I've asked of her.
  15. There are many property management firms who handle rentals. Here are just some of them....http://www.chapalapmc.com/site/ http://ajijichomes4rent.com/ http://www.hernandezrgrentals.com/ http://ajijicrentalsandmanagement.com/rentals/ http://www.accesslakechapala.com/, etc. I have been using Chapala Property Management for almost three years as a renter of different homes on their list, and I am very pleased with their service. Just my opinion, of course.
  16. Interesting, because I always have good service and food at Los Telares. I go there at least once or twice a week, and the waiters know me and bring my drink before I even have to ask for it. And all the menu items that I've tried have been very good. Never been disappointed there. Been there as a solo diner, and with a larger group....same great service!
  17. I'm Canadian, and have never had any desire to try poutine. 'Heart disease on a plate' should be its name. Just inject the globs of cheese, fat from the gravy, and grease from the fries right into your arteries. No thanks!
  18. This is getting to be a big problem on this webboard. People ask questions, and others presume they know best. It's like the old joke...."I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV!"
  19. Too many "I believe" and "in my experience" answers here, many of which are conflicting. The best thing for anyone wanting the 'correct' information is to contact the provincial and federal government departments themselves. As Natasha posted, you certainly don't want be receiving benefits incorrectly, then have to pay them back later!
  20. I'd be interested in sharing your mailbox.  I probably would only receive 5 or 6 pieces of mail per year!  How much would the cost be for sharing?  My email is suegarn@gmail.com.  Thank you!

  21. Actually ComputerGuy, there is a $199 plan... Telcel Max Unlimited 1000 Unlimitedminutes included UnlimitedSMS included 1000 MBInternet 1000 MBWhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter $ 199.00 / month
  22. We went to Opa for lunch one day, and it was delicious! They do need a larger location, though......people were being turned away because there were no empty tables!
  23. Well Hud, if following the laws of the land is a 'value', then yes, his values should be the same as my values! I don't agree with anyone doing something that they know is illegal, and others egging them on to do it! If you think that is 'wiseguy advice', that is your opinion. Someday, the Mexican government's computers will probably red-flag him, and refuse him entry back into Mexico. I was just wondering why he would want to take chances like that!
  24. So you worked....good for you....so did the rest of us! Most of us that chose to live in Mexico as residents are doing it legally. Why can't you, modeeper? (and if that means that you think I am a moral leader, then yes, I guess I am!)
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