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  1. I went to the page, but could not find the rental that you are talking about. Maybe the post was deleted?
  2. According to their website, the only days they close are Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We were there yesterday (Good Friday) and they were open.
  3. Lost electricity for three days over the weekend, so need to make a trip to Costco to replace a lot of frozen items. Will they be open this Sunday?
  4. If Mexican autoworkers get more money, will this mean that non-unionized workers, such as maids and gardeners, will get more as well? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/29/business/economy/usmca-deal.html
  5. Building a roadway out in the lake is probably the most practical solution for the traffic congestion in Lakeside. The lake is shallow enough that building a road (bridge-style with concrete piers) could work very well. It could carry traffic all the way from Chapala to Jocotopec. Like a highway, it should only have enter and exit ramps in about five or six places (Chapala, San Antonio, Ajijic Centro, San Juan Cosala, and Joco, for example).
  6. I have the list for the other ones, like 800 or 888, but I can't find the alternative for 855. TIA.
  7. tomgates, I find your comment to be insensitive and not helpful to timjwilson and others in his position. I'm sure if he could afford one, he would have considered that a long time ago. Not everyone can afford to have a vehicle, including me! Or maybe his disability prevents him from being able to drive.
  8. i know the Lisa Jorgensen Strikes Again discussion is closed, so if this belongs there, you can ignore it.  I am a gringo writing as a volunteer for the Seminario Laguna Spanish language newspaper based in Ajijic.  I am professional journalist with many awards including an Emmy, Addys, Independent Press Award, and a Nobel nomination, among others.  I currently write music reviews for an audience of 300K in the US and the UK.  My radio show, based in Ajijic reaches both Mexico and the US and is syndicated in the UK.  Two weeks ago the Lakeside Reporter reprinted a story I published in the Laguna without permission and without my name or a reference to the Laguna, from which she took it.  This is a copyright violation and theft. We intend to confront her on it.  Will keep you informed of the outcome.

  9. Arborio rice is available at Walmart and El Torito. Sorry, I've never bought duck fat, so I don't know where you would get that.
  10. I like Tepetate for their Chicken Pad Thai. It's made with tamarind sauce, instead of peanut sauce. I find peanut sauce overpowers the flavors of the the other ingredients in the dish.
  11. I would think the most likely place that would serve that would be Johanna's restaurant in La Floresta.
  12. There are many small Telcel offices around Ajijic. There's one beside Alex's Pasta Bar across from the Plaza Bugambillas. There's a couple across from the Ajijic Plaza. And I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind at this time.
  13. Take your hummingbird feeders in at night, otherwise the bats will suck them dry!
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