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  1. suegarn

    Day if the dead events??

    Thanks Harry. I have Hector's cellphone number.
  2. suegarn

    Day if the dead events??

    Do you know of anyone who can do Catrina makeup on me for a Halloween party being held on October 31st?
  3. suegarn

    City Market

    So how do you register for this trip? I went to the site, and saw a button for 'add to cart'. Is this how you book it, or is there a better way. I want to make sure I'm not paying for something and then have no seat on the bus.
  4. suegarn

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    I call the Bank of Nova Scotia quite often, using their direct Toronto phone number. I just dial 001-416-and the seven digit number. I've never been charged long-distance on my Telcel bill.
  5. suegarn

    How to call 1-800# with cell phone?

    If your Mastercard is through one of the Canadian banks, just go to the bank's website. They have direct numbers (usually their head office in Toronto). Just dial 001, the area code and number. Telcel has free calling to Mexico, U.S. and Canada.
  6. suegarn

    City Market

    Can you give me the name of the group that takes this trip?
  7. suegarn

    City Market

    Only easy to get to if you have a car. It would be a terribly LONG walk for me! 😁
  8. suegarn

    City Market

    Oh, that's too bad....☹️
  9. suegarn

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    I like the Chicken Pad Thai at Tepetate because instead of using peanut sauce, they use tamarind sauce. Delicious! And a huge serving. I can get three meals out of one order!
  10. suegarn

    City Market

    Who organizes this trip? I've never heard of it before.
  11. Hi Sue.  I'm still in the US ready to head to Mexico for the winter and have cranked up my new Amigo Sin Limite SL200 SIM with TelCel. I saw your comment that toll free numbers are free.  Yay. That's the first I heard of that... My question is... I'm able to call, send texts and get on data ... but I cannot receive texts or calls from anyone. (although I can't verify they're calling exactly the digits I ask them to)... I believe they (in the US, calling me in the US on my Mex line) should call +521 999 999 9999... Does that sound right to you or am I missing something.  

  12. Banning plastic is just a small part of what we need to do for the earth, but it's a good start. But what about products like Zip-Loc bags and plastic garbage bags? And disposable cups? The worst offender is all the plastic packaging on items. Will most of these companies start making their products out of biodegradable materials? I don't think they will. I remember someone saying that they got a paper straw, but it was wrapped in plastic. Big fail!
  13. suegarn

    La Gran Muralla China

    That certainly sounds like the same location. I wonder if it's the same owners and chef that operated Jasmine's?
  14. suegarn

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    I prefer the food at Tepatate Thai. Love their Chicken Pad Thai and their crispy vegetable rolls, especially!
  15. I really dislike Waldorf salad! That's why I prefer Gosha's. They have a roasted butternut squash soup to start, then the turkey with all the fixings, and pumpkin pie for dessert! Yum!