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  1. Other weather sites that I've looked at all predict high temperatures between 30 to 33 degrees celsius. Don't think we'll see 40 + temps.
  2. That's a wonderful good news story! You said you didn't want to mention the man's name in case he would get in trouble with his company, but then you mentioned the company name. If they were to read this, they would know exactly who you're talking about anyway. They know who was on duty to service those machines on this particular day.
  3. Our Easter lily plant (growing outdoors in the ground) has been blooming for a few weeks now.
  4. Thank you for posting the La Vie en Rose menu, Angus. But the Oui Oui menu is not shown, and it is the dinner menu, which is totally different from this. Do you have a screen shot of that menu?
  5. Mine was down for about 10 minutes. It's back up now, but the LOS light isn't on
  6. And maybe the kids like it covered in what some of you call 'graffiti'. To them, it may be a beautiful piece of art. If it keeps the kids off the street corners causing trouble and possibly doing drugs, then I say, let them paint it any way they like. It doesn't bother me at all!
  7. When you click on their website, it comes up with the old name, but the new logo. Here's the menu page link. At the top of the page are all the link buttons. The one I gave you lists the breakfast/brunch menu. For the dinner menu, click on 'Oui, oui'. https://www.leclub4.com/menus
  8. bontepar, since you don't want to help this family, why do you continue to post comments? People that actually want to help don't need your input.
  9. I agree with you, oregontochapala. The only reason I put that title on the post was to give a heads up to all the snowbirds that are leaving this month.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/wait-times-at-us-mexico-border-soar-as-officers-are-reassigned-to-deal-with-migrants/2019/04/10/2d1d30f4-5bae-11e9-842d-7d3ed7eb3957_story.html
  11. Maybe you should be patient and wait for an answer to your question? You weren't the OP, so most people are answering that question first.
  12. I have friends who travel, sometimes for a few months at a time. They have hired a property manager to check on their place occasionally in case any problems arise, like a leak in the pipes or other damage. Also, their maid has a key.
  13. I've had Ilox hooked up for about a week now. I've run several speed tests each day using Fast.com, Speedtest.net and Speedof.me. It's pretty consistent. I'm getting 38.5 Mbps download, and 8.75 Mbps upload. Much better than my old Telmex connection! I'm very happy with Ilox so far.
  14. The government does the same thing in Canada. They create 'make-work' projects in order for people to get enough weeks of work to qualify for employment insurance for the winter months!
  15. We were hooked up to Ilox yesterday. Signed up for the TV/internet package, no phone. Very pleased with the internet speed. Went from getting about 10 Mbps with Telmex to 38 Mbps with Ilox! The problem we're having is they told us there were 8 English channels in the package. Have gone through every channel on the TV, and the only English channels are Fox News and one other Fox channel. Very disappointed! Has anyone else that's been hooked up so far had this problem?
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