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  1. Unfortunately, I think we need all those topes out in West Ajijic. When the the young tapatios come on the weekends, they drive like maniacs out in that area, because they have a clear line of sight and a straight road.
  2. Yes, I only go for lunch. I didn't know that they had a menu at dinnertime.
  3. I have to admit, it's been several weeks since I've been there, but they never had a menu before, except for on the board. They must have changed that.
  4. I used to buy spaghetti made with quinoa at El Torito. The brand name was Hodgson Mill. But, the manufacturer seemed to change over to spaghetti made with flax instead. It's not nearly as tasty. The thing I liked about the quinoa spaghetti was that it would cook in about half the time of regular spaghetti, and it definitely had much more flavor! Has anyone seen this particular product in any of the other stores?
  5. Teocintle doesn't have a 'regular' menu. They only use the board to show what is available each day.
  6. There is an optical store on Hidalgo, two doors west of Colon in Ajijic.
  7. Another option is the Hotel Casa Blanca on 16 de Septiembre. It's right across the street from the Lake Chapala Society and walkable to everything in the village. My partner and I stayed there for our first scouting visit to Ajijic.
  8. It's a one-sided commentary if you only want to hear from people who say they had their lines cut, and are unhappy with Ilox. A two-sided commentary is where you hear from people with good experiences and bad ones.
  9. You want this forum post to become a one-sided commentary? We all have the right to state our opinion on this subject, whether it's good or bad. I myself, had Ilox installed, and they certainly didn't cut the Telmex line! Both lines are operational.
  10. I just called 376-766-1870 and it worked fine for me!
  11. Other than the general outtage yesterday, I have had no problems with my Ilox internet. I'm getting the speed that the package I signed up for promises. I'm much happier than I was with Telmex. Some people seem to forget how many times Telmex would go out, even in good weather!
  12. Dr. Nogeira at the Quality Care Clinic is an excellent ENT. I've been going to him for over four years now.
  13. Thanks, cricket. I'll definitely check with her to confirm.
  14. The reason that I'm asking about the June date is because the woman whose garden is on the tour in La Cristina told me it was on June 3rd. I hope she has the date correct.
  15. I was told two different things. One person told me they were visiting a garden out in La Cristina on June 3. Another person told me they usually meet on the third Wednesday of each month. Can someone confirm the exact date in June, please?
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