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  1. Has anyone had this eye surgery through IMSS? I have some questions regarding their procedure.
  2. We have a dog recently diagnosed with Cushings disease and need medication (trilostane) for him that is unavailable in Mexico If there is anyone out there with a dog with this problem and uses this medication - how do you get it??? Thank you!!
  3. Thank's Luke for your suggestion. I am surprised that there was no replies to this post. Usually people will reply to anything on this form. So now I an asking for recommendation for an eye specialist.
  4. Have you had cataract surgery done by the IMSS. And were you please with their service. Appreciate your comments, thank you.
  5. CHOPO Laboratorio they are located in the little shopping center near the old casino Ajijic. You can get your water tested their. You have to give them 200 mm water, so I believe they test for bacteria and hardness of the water. Takes 10 days for you to get the results back and cost approximately 300 pesos. Nice people and a very efficient lab.
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