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  1. A couple of years ago when the narcos were pulling jovens off the street and killing them, I started offering rides whenever I saw females (NO males) waiting for the bus, ( never with my husband in the car ) I usually say "Yo voy a __________ (plaza, Walmarts, San Antonio, etc.), quiere vaya? I know my spanish is terrible but most of them seem to understand (except the ones who think I am asking for directions). Once one lovely girl offered me her busfare when I dropped her off. (I didn't take it of course). It saves them a bit of money and I get to practice my awful spanish. Once I offered a couple of women with a bunch of kids a ride and was astonished they could all fit into my car - it looked like a clown car when they all got off.
  2. My furbaby passed away recently and I presently cannot get another dog yet as we have upcoming surgery with IMSS but I really miss the walks and cuddling. I would love to take your dogs in my home and give them lots of loving care. I have lived in Villa Nova for about 10 years and can supply a bunch of good references. My name is Ellie and you can reach me at 766 4260.
  3. I know you don't mean Andreas any harm. And yes I didn't want to go into a long story either. But you made it sound like he never showed up for work. I don't blame you because he should have told you when he could have start the job. And yes he had told me the story about the money that he borrowed and the money for the day he worked. This is where the culture difference comes in to play. We gringos think the whole world revolves around us. And Mexicans think everything is family. A person that Andreas has worked for or is going to work for is sponsoring his children for school and wants to remain anonymous. So with his child being sick had then having to register for school and then taking this child to the hospital he was very busy for a few days. I know he would rather be working and making money . And his phone that was soaked by rain is probably still not working. Living here for 15 years I learned how this cultural works and will not change soon. This is where us gringos should step up and show a little bit of compassion and understanding. I look at this man who is trying to keep his family together. When he makes 500 pesos a day 300 goes food and 200 pesos for rent. He has absolutely nothing. (How come I was born so lucky.) Here's a man that willing to work and needs a break. sunnyvmx I wish you lots of luck in finding somebody that meets your standards.
  4. I talked to Andres tonight and told him what I read on this board. He was very upset. It had to do with taken his sick child to the hospital. When he finally got back to the job he was told he was needed. He had left his shirt and cell phone on the job and when it was returned to him it was soaked from the rain. So now he is without a cell phone. All I can say my experience with Andres has been nothing but positive. He is a good guy.
  5. He has a drivers license but I don't think he has a car. He knows Guadalajara well, speaks great English and I believe he would be a very safe driver - give him a call!
  6. Also, he and his wife are donating blood for my husband's upcoming operation! Really nice and trustworthy people!!!! By the way he knows his way around Guadalajara and can drive your car wherever you want to go and translate for you!
  7. I agree - he Is a VERY nice man and is desperate for work, he's having a difficult time trying to feed his family (wife and 3 children). Give him a try, you really won't be sorry!
  8. Thank's Luke for your suggestion. I am surprised that there was no replies to this post. Usually people will reply to anything on this form. So now I an asking for recommendation for an eye specialist.
  9. Have you had cataract surgery done by the IMSS. And were you please with their service. Appreciate your comments, thank you.
  10. CHOPO Laboratorio they are located in the little shopping center near the old casino Ajijic. You can get your water tested their. You have to give them 200 mm water, so I believe they test for bacteria and hardness of the water. Takes 10 days for you to get the results back and cost approximately 300 pesos. Nice people and a very efficient lab.
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