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  1. The doctor at the IMSS said a diplomat was in town.
  2. you can easily make wonderful butter yourself just with Lycott crema para batir (whipping cream). it only takes about 15 minutes and if you like salted butter, no problem just add it after whipping.. you can google making butter or pm me and I can talk you through it.
  3. Also, for those tiny ants that invade your kitchen, sugar disolved with watar and boric acid works GREAT! The boric acid is taken back to the nest and kills the colony. Google this because I don't remember the amount of sugar and boric acid, but I mostly guess and it works every time - again, free and non toxic to animals. 1
  4. if you sprinkle ant dirt (look for the mounds of dirt not close to your house) on the stuff they are eating, they think it's another colony so they leave it alone. it works for me and it's free and non toxic. Give it a try.
  5. A couple of years ago I drove up to the states on New Year's day. Made the drive in 10 1/2 hours - the roads were deserted (everyone hungover I guess).
  6. I have one dog who might work out for you. I live in Villa Nova but have a very small yard and with the dog poison all over, we don't go to the beach any more so she really doesn't get enough exercise. Call me if you are interested 766 4260. Thanks, Ellie
  7. I am trying to to return a package to Amazon. I followed all the return instructions. I downloaded the three return labels (two international customers return and one return senders address) I took the package to DHL. He said he needs a fourth label that looks exactly like the WPX that came on the box when delivered. I can't figure out what he needs. He said I should be able to download it from Amazon. They know nothing about a fourth label. Anybody else have this problem with DHL.
  8. I think DHL has a great delivery service. I placed an order with Amazon USA on the 22nd of November. And it has been confirmed by DHL for delivery on the 29th hear in Mexico that is good service. I receive it on the 27th.
  9. Thanks! Found it at the gourmet store across from Walmarts!
  10. Thank you all, I'll go looking today
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy this? I've looked a little bit around but can't find any.
  12. Computer Guy: If you put a wooden spoon across your pot, it keeps the contents from boiling over. Give it a try, it works for me!
  13. Does anyone know where I should go to to get an estimate for fencing?
  14. Go to immigration at the airport get your FMM form filled out. Go to the check-in counter and they will return part of the form for your return trip (and fill it out at your convenience). On your return flight they will issue you an FMM form. But you should have your form already full out. They will also issue you a Mexican questionnaire to be filled out. And It is in Spanish. Remember to write either permanent resident (PR) or temporary residence (TR) one top of both portions of your FMM.
  15. Thank you the Walkers, I went to the dollar store and picked up a pair. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!!!
  16. Thank you rvgringo, I will try to see her. I guess you don't remember the cost?
  17. does anyone know where I can buy a pair of clip on sunglasses in lakeside?
  18. Does anyone have the number? I have a few things to give them.
  19. I have a few items to donate to this worthy charity. Can anyone tell me where to go or who to call to arrange either pick-up or delivery of items?
  20. I am thinking about joining this health insurance plan. Has anyone have any comments, good or bad about this policy?
  21. There is an English speaking man here who works on Apple, Mac computers. He helped me out! I had a problem with my I-Pad and he came to my home to help me. His name is Carlos Martinez, his number is 333 100 9690. He also teaches you how to use your computer and be more comfortable using your devices.
  22. elrich


    For the past few years I have been trying to get Costco to bring down Kirkland salted butter. The store manager on Lopez Mateo (I think that's the street), Manual Miel is behind my effort, he agrees it is needed here with the large amount of ex pats looking for it. Listed below is the e-mail of the buyer for Costco. I suggest those of you who really want salted butter e-mail Paty with your request and maybe ask to speak with Manual the next time you're shopping there and let him know, maybe some pressure will convince them to stock it here in Mexico. The response I received from Paty (quit
  23. A couple of years ago when the narcos were pulling jovens off the street and killing them, I started offering rides whenever I saw females (NO males) waiting for the bus, ( never with my husband in the car ) I usually say "Yo voy a __________ (plaza, Walmarts, San Antonio, etc.), quiere vaya? I know my spanish is terrible but most of them seem to understand (except the ones who think I am asking for directions). Once one lovely girl offered me her busfare when I dropped her off. (I didn't take it of course). It saves them a bit of money and I get to practice my awful spanish. Once I offered
  24. Thank's Luke for your suggestion. I am surprised that there was no replies to this post. Usually people will reply to anything on this form. So now I an asking for recommendation for an eye specialist.
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