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  1. Just got this from Costco today.

    Good afternoon Mrs Ellie: 
    I would like to share with you this excellent new!
    Finally we have KS salted Butter in MX buildings!
    It will be my pleasure to see you again at our Costco in Av Vallarta to say Hi and give you 
    one unit as a courtesy for your great suggestion.
    Please let me know when you could visit us to be ready to attend you in person!
    Best Regards,
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  2. Yes there are new rules concerning the IMSS renewal. No longer do you have the have your papers filled out in Chapala. You must go to Guadalajara with your paid papers from latest year. Also needed is your CURP number Passport or INM status and a utility bill for proof of address. All Must be original plus copies. You must present them in person and your picture will be taking at the desk. You can pick up your number on entering the building and they are located on the second floor when applying. My cost for this process was 7,700 pesos I am over 80 years old.

    Also new rulings in Chapala I was told I can no longer get a date for my next appointment at the desk. I will have to make a telephone call to schedule my next appointment. I hope there won't be mass confusion.

  3. I am looking for an inexpensive endoscopy.  I was diagnosed with probable peptic ulcer.  I checked with the 

    Ajijic Clinic and was told it would cost $15,000  but a friend who had one done there less than a year ago only cost her $5,000.

    Does anyone know where I can get this procedure at a reasonable price?

  4. I was told a couple of weeks ago by the young lady sitting in front of the secretary general office at city hall. To take all my paperwork, copies and original and my receipt of payment for the license, and come back Wednesday to the secretary general office. So today I want to Chapala to the office were you paid for your auto plates every year. Their i  paid for my drivers license renewal and they gave me my receipt. I decided to go to City Hall just to check on things. There she was checking people's paperwork and given then numbers. When she checked my paperwork, she told me on Wednesday go to Christine Park and not the Auditorium for my license. Being I live in Ajijic I will check out the Auditorium first and if there is no action there I will continue on to Christine Park.

  5. Two weeks ago I went to See the young lady in front of the General Secretary's office and asked 
    about renewing my drivers license. She told me to bring all my 
    paperwork in on June 7th. But she could not tell me where or when to finish the rest of the process. I tried looking on their website but nothing was posted
    Does anybody have any updated information about this subject. Thank you.

  6. Also, for those tiny ants that invade your kitchen, sugar disolved with watar and boric acid works GREAT!  The boric acid is taken back to the nest and kills the colony.

    Google this because I don't remember the amount of sugar and boric acid, but I mostly guess and it works every time - again, free and non toxic to animals.










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