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  1. Hi need recommendation. I would like to take a trip for three or four days around May 16th to Manzanillo. Looking for resort, bungalow or condominium with pool and access to the beach. And all so some sort of night life close by. If you have been to such place I appreciate your input. Thank you.
  2. Hi, having a problem with car registration. Paid My registration in January 2022, did not received my sticker at that time was told to come back. Have return twice and still no sticker and no explanation. Any body knows what up.
  3. For Sale Wrought Iron marble top coffee table, end table, and lamps. 1 MARBLE COFFEE TABLE 36"W X 51"L X 18"H TOP 3/4" THICK. 2 MARBLE END TABLES 23" x 23" SQUARE 22"H TOPS 3/4" THICK. 2 LAMPS 16"H X 11" DIAMETER (NO LAMP SHADES). ALL FIVE ITEMS FOR $12,500.00 MM. Call Richard at 33 2264 8972.
  4. Have you checked out expat legalwills.com. For creating minor wills for US citizens living abroad. Seems to cover all the bases for minor wills, at a reasonable price. Check it out.
  5. Good morning; Need some recommendation for a person to check out my water system. And also a company who could add screens doors to my pocket doors. Appreciate your help and thank you.
  6. Need help A computer hacker is slowly but surely make its way into my computer. Right now he's changed my phone number and some passwords. Is there anybody in the area with knowledge to fix this problem. Thank you I appreciate your recommendations.
  7. I believe her father has been sick and has now passed away.
  8. Just like the rest of you I have not received my stimulus check. And yes every year I fill my income tax. And also reported to Social Security off my status. Finally I got this reply from one of my inquiries. The Primary SSN has been locked because Social Security Administration records indicate the number belongs to a deceased individual. So now I am trying to get through to the SS and IRS by phone and secure email. But it looks like the government is close down everything. Even notify the Consulate in Guadalajara I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Maybe if I can get the government to notify my private life insurance company that I am dead, and they pay me off at least I could enjoy my Death Benefits.
  9. Hi is anybody in the area selling wasp spray.Thank you.
  10. I went to the IMSS hospital in Tlajomulco today for test. The doctor told me I should not wait for my results, she would save then and I could pick them up at my next appointment. So I went to the front desk to check on some other appointments. They told me all appointments after today have been canceled and only emergency will be handel at the hospital. They said this will last through May and maybe June. Now I have to go back to my local IMSS office to reschedule. If you have an appointment I would give it a second thoughts about going. And also the police roadblock were turning people away from Lakeside.
  11. Just got this from Costco today. Good afternoon Mrs Ellie: I would like to share with you this excellent new! Finally we have KS salted Butter in MX buildings! It will be my pleasure to see you again at our Costco in Av Vallarta to say Hi and give you one unit as a courtesy for your great suggestion. Please let me know when you could visit us to be ready to attend you in person! Best Regards, Manuel
  12. Where locally or in Guadalajara can I get a plastic doll restrung. Thank you for your replies.
  13. I need a recommendation for a TV repair man that makes house calls. Thank you for your help.
  14. I so ILOX wiring Villa Nova today.
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