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  1. It is not normal at all to pay hourly in Mexico. It's become bit so locally because expats are doing that. In Mexico it's a a salary base. typically $200 - $250 pesos for a 4-6 hour day is normal for maids in the area if they are full time. Usually a bit more if they are part time since a it's worth taking a bit less daily for a stable full time job.
  2. I have to say that i never did understand the popularity of this place. Went once to their old location and that was more than enough for me. It's the kind of food you through together for a late night snack from whatever you may have around the house. Me personally. when I go out to eat it's for something that I either can't or is more elaborate than I feel like making at home.
  3. apparently clicking on a link to get the informatin is too much as well.
  4. Ror the love of god, you are clearly just trolling!!! Get a life. I feel so sorry for businesses here.
  5. from your posts I would imagine you group of 11 isn't their clientelle anway.
  6. 11:30 may not be the dinner hour for retired gringos but it sure is for Mexicans. The very act that they have a liscence to operate and have for years, along with other business, I would say makes it a mixed use neighborhood. Don't like it, take it up with Public Works. Not the people with legally operating business. My guess is that the people who are all upset about this, like yourself, arean't their clients anyway to your threats of a boycot are pretty grim. Not to mention this ACTUALY is a threat. I wonder why you moved to a Mexican village with cuetes, bands, barking dog
  7. Seams like kind of a moot point if they are closed and gone.
  8. I have been using Wells Fargo since before moving to Meixco 8 years ago. It's time to finally look into which American Bank really is best for me. I get charged international transaction fees for any purchase, ATM fees, etc. I was wondering from others' experience, which bank in the US do you recommend when living in Mexico? Are there banks with agreements with certain mexican banks to wave ATM fees, no International purchase transaction fees, etc.? Any advice would be great. I'm going to the US next month and would like to change banks while there.
  9. I've had terrible experiences paying and getting nothing using mercadolibre.
  10. Looking out at the wonderful resource we have here and how rarely I see it being used I can't help but want to get out on the lake. I've been thinking of looking for a couple of used Jet Skis. Any idea where to even begin looking?
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