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  1. It is not normal at all to pay hourly in Mexico. It's become bit so locally because expats are doing that. In Mexico it's a a salary base. typically $200 - $250 pesos for a 4-6 hour day is normal for maids in the area if they are full time. Usually a bit more if they are part time since a it's worth taking a bit less daily for a stable full time job.
  2. I have to say that i never did understand the popularity of this place. Went once to their old location and that was more than enough for me. It's the kind of food you through together for a late night snack from whatever you may have around the house. Me personally. when I go out to eat it's for something that I either can't or is more elaborate than I feel like making at home.
  3. I've had terrible experiences paying and getting nothing using mercadolibre.
  4. Looking out at the wonderful resource we have here and how rarely I see it being used I can't help but want to get out on the lake. I've been thinking of looking for a couple of used Jet Skis. Any idea where to even begin looking?
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