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  1. I'm guessing the odds of you getting stopped or checked are about the same as getting eaten by the lake crocodile
  2. Trailer Home 2013 Coachmen Pop Up Motorhome Casa Rodante - $ 179,000 en Mercado Libre
  3. The volume of water I see cannot be attributed to house water filtration systems. Some locations have permanent running water in the streets. I'm convinced the source is from underground springs, Perfect example is the corner of San Luis and the Pemex station. There was a crew out there about a month ago working on the street to fix the water situation, but water continues to seep up into the street. Unfortunately locations near this underground water make it practically impossible for septic systems to leach into the ground. I have a soft water system at my house and it "washes" itself for about an hour once per week, very low volume of water is released during the process. I love Riberas but wish it had a sewer system
  4. The undertaking required to replumb older homes from septic to sewer is enormous. When I redid my underground pipes I made an allowance for future septic which would still require opening up my floor, but only about a 4 square foot section and I have a pipe going to the street already in place. I bike around Riberas and soo many streets have water on the surface even now, I just wonder how the septic systems manage in those locations. I think ( and can smell ) that a lot of the water is actually septic overflow which is nasty. I saw a new house being built right on top of an underground spring, the water flow was very high and they had to wait a long time before they could continue with building. The builder doesn't care, he'll be gone with the money by the time it becomes a problem
  5. What rate are you getting compared to www.XE.com ? Transferwise is usually at or higher
  6. Actually I have used them a dozen times or more and sometimes even recently they will send a message that it is taking longer for them to receive the funds from my bank ( no reason given ) and then the recent $980 limit, not sure what is going on.
  7. Me too, except last week they limited the amount to 980 dollars and had a message that they are working to resolve the limit.
  8. Mattresses are 90% marketing and 10% content. They invent names on a yearly basis to make it impossible to cross shop. Good Luck !
  9. The answer is always "yes we can do that " and " yes I know how to get to where you want to go, just take two right turn then straight and then two left turns"
  10. More than likely this is for long term parking which is accessed by the farthest left ticket gates. Last time i tried to enter it was full, denied entry.
  11. I've been happy with BBVA and don't really blame them for their policy ( which I was not aware of ) and my post was to inform those who may also not know, hence the FYI I was relying on the capital gains waver every three years (discussed above) when deciding not to save receipts. I will continue to use BBVA until my balance runs out. Debit card and credit cards still work.
  12. Bancomer has locked my account from being able to receive any more deposits because I withdrew over one million pesos in a year and I don't have receipts to prove I didn't funnel the money to a cartel or something. I was remodeling a house that year and didn't bother so save whatever receipts I did have, and a lot of it was cash payments for labor. So now I have to close that bank account and open another one.... fyi
  13. Amazon nob might be your best/easiest option
  14. Which vaccine ? I'm sure there are important differences. I'm willing to be towards the end of the line...so late 2021 -2022 ish probably with a vaccine I'm comfortable with
  15. Any restaurants serving traditional thanksgiving meals tomorrow ?
  16. Crude oil has surged 20% (supporting the peso ) for some reason and why the dow is at an all time high while covid is at an all time high is beyond me.
  17. My US driver's license has expired and I will be driving into the US with my Mexican plated car and valid Mexican drivers license. Will I need anything else to travel throughout all US states such as an International drivers permit ? Also I will try to purchase additional liability coverage to cover any higher limits set by certain states. If I were to be pulled over for something and they need to issue a ticket what kind of problem can be expected without a US address ?
  18. You may be charged importation taxes or duties. Try to make them as dirty as worthless as possible if traveling by car
  19. 20k pesos (900 bucks) per month for those skills and responsibilities and speaks perfect english to work 60 hours per week in Baja....good luck
  20. What's the shortest time required for driving to Puerto Vallarta now ? Total toll fees ?
  21. Why did the OP not verify the cost of services before having twelve sessions ?? Everybody gets ripped of once, but going back for more ?
  22. I was bicycling through Riberas when a round of those sky bombs went off, it was around 5-6pm- Maybe the loudest I've heard lakeside.
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