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  1. You can also use some local resellers to consign it for you, no hassles.
  2. Tried using Transferwise aka Wise for a large amount last week. Huge fail. Money was held by their "Mexican partner bank" who needed to verify who I was, where I lived and where my 20k came from ( even though funds were wired from my account to Wise ). Even after providing and uploading asked for documents, they then wanted three months of my US bank records...no thanks. I cancelled transfer and am waiting for "WISE" to return my money. Fingers crossed.
  3. I tried to get some more tiles to match some ones I ordered from the Telavera store in San Antonio even giving them an existing tile to match , they weren't even close on the second batch. Always get more than you need for a project is the lesson I learned
  4. I recently opened a Multiva account because of problems with Bancomer only to find out that their debit card cannot be used for online purchases...if it isn't one thing its another. Will Intercam allow use of debit cards for online purchases ?
  5. Loving the temperatures now and loving not having a dust storm like we had over the weekend
  6. Any updates to this outdated route to be aware of ?
  7. With my permanente I probably would not stop at the border to let Mexico know I've left the country if I were driving in and out, but I might fly back and I'm afraid this might trigger a problem unless I stop at the border immigration office to let them know I'm leaving the country. I was told once by the local immigration office that I'm supposed to let immigration know of every exit and entry, but some here have mentioned that they don't bother when driving. I've only ever driven across at Nogales so I have no idea where the immigration office is near Nuevo Laredo. Anyone know ? Also, I once asked about bringing in a truck camper on my Mexican truck which I plan on doing in about 6 months. Since it is not a vehicle I don't think I'm in any violation with my Permanente, but I think I might be required to pay import taxes on it, I'm not sure. I'm tempted to just drive in with it and see what happens.
  8. Just paid my property taxes....yes I'm glad I live in Mexico
  9. I "ran" a yellow turning red light in Chapala recently and was pulled over by a motorcycle cop, also didn't have my seatbelt on, so I was ready for a hefty ticket no problem. Officer was extremely friendly and then he started talking about supplements...huh? He called a friend or relative to have them talk to me about the supplements. Ok, I thought, I'll play along and see what happens. After about 10 minutes I told the guy on the phone I think I understood about 80% percent of what he was talking about, and then the officer proceeds to write down his personal phone number on a piece of paper and told me to proceed with caution and have a nice day. I guess I "forgot" to call the officer to buy the supplements since then. lol
  10. Measures 102 cm across by 44 cm high. 3500 pesos, can deliver.
  11. A/C in the car for me because cars are solar hot houses that easily get into the 90's here even now with the strength of the "high altitude" sun we have here. I need to get my windows tinted
  12. I also received a debit card. It requires activation by giving your SS number, always somewhat risky
  13. I like it ! But we didn't have "cabanuelas" this year right ?
  14. No, never heard of "febreros locos"
  15. Very quickly the cold temps in the morning are gone and we are back into the 80's daytime. Kinda liked the cooler temps myself. Driving is now A/C on all the time.
  16. I'm considering getting a Sentri pass for driving to and back from the US. Any comments on usefulness of this pass ? Thanks
  17. I for one do not wish him a speedy recovery. This would certainly signal to many people that the pandemic is nothing to be concerned about and maybe even a hoax. Seen this scenario before ? Slow two week recovery with hints of "he might not make it !" would be better.
  18. A president of a country can only get covid due to a combination of ignorance, negligence and/or stupidity. Bad example for any locals if he survives which he most likely will thanks to every possible treatment available to a person in his position. No sympathy for him from me.
  19. If you're going to play pool on some of the local warped tables, it helps to use a matching warped pool cue, especially after some tequila shots. Have fun 😁
  20. Does he live lakeside ? Who cares, move this subject to Mexico general
  21. You're asking for guesses, I'm guessing 50k. I recommend Dr Gabriel at Quality Care.
  22. Finiquito is the payment owed to workers after they are terminated for good. What happens when the employer passes away while they are still employed ? Is the Finiquito payment owed by the estate or offspring or is it cancelled due to death of employer ?
  23. Walmart has gone completely lax even today. Self serve sanitizer and self serve temperature check. go for it
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