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  1. After never having a bill over 1000 pesos, my most recent one is 9600 !. No idea why, nothing has really changed. I don't use electric heaters and have only recently used one small high efficiency AC at night. Having a local attorney contact CFE what if anything can be done. Watching my meter like a hawk now
  2. NICE ! I want some, they look they are worth more than 20 pesos. Can they be ordered ?
  3. Any lakeside locations to buy remnant carpet or bulk carpet or precut carpet ?
  4. Looking for current recommendations for people who house sit and or visit and feed pets. Thanks
  5. Totally caught of guard, scrambling to get things out of the rain, but love the smell !
  6. 8ft tall Volkswagen Crafter. I reached Morelia at about 7pm and decided to just keep going. I had no idea the next day was going to have the high winds, just got lucky, but Wednesday night was very windy here lakeside !
  7. I keep mixing up Colima and Morelia... It was Morelia I passed by, so oops never mind. Still tired from the trip
  8. I missed this event by a whisker On Wednesday I was driving back from Veracruz, and was scheduled to spend the night in Colima but I ended up driving on to Chapala. 1000 km in one day ! But if I had stayed in Colima and continued on Thursday I would have been hit with this high wind event and I was driving a high profile vehicle ! I did have a nice tail wind which maybe helped my decision to keep going. My angels were were working that day 🙂
  9. Anyone have any ? Can replace your supply in a month or buy outright
  10. Its actually a very easy installation, they come with all required fittings. Basically you install the pump at the farthest sink from your hot water supply. You do need an electrical outlet under the sink for it to work. They come with timers so that its not running all the time, but I just switch mine on when I want to take a shower, takes a couple of minutes to pump the hot water around. Then you have hot water at all faucets almost immediately. My solar hot water tank from GoSolar these days has enough hot water that I could leave the pump "on" 24/7 although it actually only runs until the hot water reaches the pump. This is the pump I bought: Although it was closer to $300 a year ago ( What inflation ?! ) AquaMotion Stainless Steel Hot Water Recirculation System with Check Valve for 250 ft. Pipe System and Under Sink Installation-AMH3K-7 - The Home Depot
  11. Good on you. A shower head which can be narrowed is needed for this to work, otherwise most will still go down the drain
  12. OMG WHAT A CLUSTERFUDGE THEY HAVE CREATED. West bound traffic is now backed up to Mirasol, add 15 minutes to get to Ajijic. East bound traffic is backed up so that you cannot even turn left from the libramiento. They installed a light where you exit the Walmart parking lot LOL. I think once the busses, taxis and anyone with influence starts reporting, they will do something..,
  13. One of the biggest water wastes is running the shower until hot water arrives. In our previous San Antonio rental this could be 3 or more minutes of water down the drain. The solution is to install a recirculation pump which I intalled in my house, now hot water is almost instant. Unfortunately these pumps run $300 or more and don't seem to be available in Mexico. ( I imported mine )
  14. 38" wide, 25" deep, 52" tall. Opening for TV is 32" wide. Front doors wrap around to the sides. $3500 pesos in Riberas, Can deliver
  15. Maybe the question should be "what has decreased in price over last couple of years" Not much
  16. They set up a metal gate which as long as you fit through it, there is no toll. I think the height is 8ft. Went though it about a month ago
  17. For a while I was binge watching videos of train jumpers or freight hoppers on youtube...covid time lol The video of the "train of death" in Mexico is a good one, really feels like you are riding along.
  18. So many times there are lanes for these electronic passes, what happens if you enter one of these lanes and it doesn't accept it ? Are those lanes also attended so you have a way to pay cash or something or are you forced to make the people behind you backup to let you out of the lane ?
  19. Since things are always changing, I thought I would ask again. I need to drive to Orizaba Veracruz next week. Can I prepay the tolls for this trip by buying a pass or "key" at Oxxo ? How does this pass work ? Is it based on balance or is it time based ? Thanks
  20. We do have multiple times the amount of dust than typical nob conditions, adjust service accordingly. I change my engine air filter at every oil change regardless of whether its due or not.
  21. I got estimates to repaint a car recently- In Guad $9500 In Chapala $12000 In Riberas &16000 ( Robertos ) In Riberas $18000 ( shop close the LTH batteries ) In Ajijic $35000 ( The Body Shop ) Quality may vary..... If your car isn't worth a lot I would recommend Robertos, if you want the best.. probably The Body Shop
  22. Whatever happened to the crocodile spotted a while back ?
  23. And the soonest appointment as of today is April 6.
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