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  1. The old floor had elevation differences of approx. 2-3 inches, but I agree that getting anything perfectly straight here is more of an accident. Hopefully we can pour a slab with less than 1/2 inch deviation.
  2. One of the biggest projects is replacing the 60 year old clay pipes ( what a nightmare ) with new heavy duty plastic pipes. At what elevation should pipes enter the tank ? I know the pipes themselves should slope 1/4 per foot or so, but the mystery we have is that we cannot see any pipes entering the tank after filming the inside. The current ground water level does not let us see the bottom half of the tank, so maybe the pipe is entering very low, is this normal ? The lower half of the tank is much lower than the elevation at which the pipe would end up if just sloping 1/4 per foot from the house. Also, we are going to build a system which can eventually be hooked up to a municipal sewer system ( when and if it ever comes to Riberas ). I hope it comes.
  3. I'm not dead set on a wood floor but have had it in my last few homes and loved it. All input is appreciated. To me the difference between walking barefoot on tile vs wood is huge. I'm always putting on socks for tile and slipping
  4. Yes, we definitely will be laying plastic down before the pour. We removed the existing tiles in a matter of hours, nothing underneath but sand with a thin mortar layer ( which explains the unevenness of the floor ). The dirt underneath is bone dry, at least to the eye. Thanks for the tips
  5. Thanks for that tip, I will do that for sure
  6. Thanks for the replies I think I found the tubing I'm going to use at a Fereteria hidden in Chapala behind Soriana. They have thick wall plastic tubing for water which is somewhat flexible. Comes in four different varieties, cold, hot, super and super hot ( all blue color) and they also have a rust colored one which has threading. The blue ones need to be melted to connections They also have the heavy duty black water/ septic pipes which nobody else seems to carry.( rust colored ABS)
  7. I'm aware of termites, but we will be pouring a new slab and sealing around the perimeter. Also the wood doors and frames in this house are untouched after decades. Humidity here is no worse than many places around the US where they use wood floors. Need to leave room for expansion of course. Yes there are tiles which look like wood but they are cold and hard like all tiles.
  8. I'm going to replace all the rusty galvanized pipes during a remodel, what should I replace them with ? ABS plastic tubing. copper, or is PEX flexible tubing an option here now, ? Thanks for any input.
  9. Currently remodeling an older Mexican house which had ugly tile on top of a thin layer of mortar over dirt. I love the look and feel of wood floors and prefer it over tile. Anyone here install a wood floor, either real or laminated ? I also like the warmer and softer feel of a wood floor over a foam underlayment.. For those who have installed a wood floor, can you share your experience so far ? What flooring ? where purchased ? etc. Thanks
  10. Rather not have workers relieving themselves in other places... Thanks
  11. Thanks ! Yes, we also gave her worm and other parasite medicine, what a difference it made in two days
  12. This week a cashier at walmart short changed me 200 pesos. I will be double checking my change more diligently from now on.
  13. We found a 2 month old kitten crying in the street . She is multi colored with beautiful eyes. Unfortunately we cannot take her in. She is just too cute, very playful, very affectionate, we call her "Perdita" We've treated her for flees and boy is she a happy girl now We will gladly pay for her food for the next 6 months and her neutering if that makes any difference. Please call 333 461 5442 Thanks!
  14. Dra. Carla Cueva Flores 331 000 7777 Has office in San Antonio and also makes house calls from San Juan Cosala to Vista del Lago.
  15. Very few of the small Mexican towns will have a place to drop your trailer safely. Best way to RV through Mexico is probably in a B size self contained van/rv which can be parked on a street in a conventional parking space. Here is a great link for destinations around here www.ranchopint.com We explored Tamara canyon last weekend, but it required driving 8 miles on a pothole filled muddy dirt road which turned into a steep rocky road. No conventional RV would have made it
  16. I know, but it was refreshing to see someone else ask that question recently. I'm not on it either, one of the holdouts
  17. Probably the bar above the restaurant in the Ajijic plaza, forgot the name though I watched the McGreggor fight there, also pay per view When is it ?, I might go too
  18. "what is this "FB" you are referring to ?" loved seeing that question, forgot where I saw it, not too long ago though
  19. In the FRAT thread Ricardo Ramirez 33 12 65 69 56
  20. Interesting, didn't know this. So it s a good idea to build a shed or something to avoid it being raw land ? Permit required or good idea ? CFE hookup ?
  21. I actually stepped on a snake like the one you mentioned, all grey and about three feet long. I was hiking in the hills of Ajijic when I saw it on the trail in front of me. It slithered into the brush as I approached and then suddenly and too fast for me to react it came back onto the trail. As I stepped on it, it raised up as if it wanted to bite me ! I jumped out of my shoes and managed to avoid being bitten. I hope the snake wasn't hurt.
  22. The problem is that these empty lots at Mexican prices almost certainly have serious location drawbacks and as someone mentioned, location is almost everything here. It only takes one bad neighbor or neighborhood to ruin your life. So finding a "nice" lot without major drawbacks at Mexican prices...well good luck with that. Why a Mexican would sell a lot below market value except to a family member or good friend is hard to fathom. Maybe if the seller is a builder and will make his money that way..
  23. doesn't this belong in the classified section as a wanted ad ?
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