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  1. Because Ajijic wants to be a " Pueblo Magico " and we want to help. Its missing that magic "atmosphere"
  2. We are going to install a giant solar powered fan to blow it all towards Ajijic 😁 sh"t is going to hit the fan
  3. According to flyer left under the door, and I see the new homes going up. Not sure who is buying though
  4. Biking through Riberas I constantly see new homes starting construction on what used to be empty lots. Across and down from Mom's restaurant they claim "selling fast" and "Sold "
  5. My agent who sold me Qualitas said the US liability is only valid for a month or so ( if I rememeber correctly ) Is that pretty standard ?
  6. Does Segurogringo have an office somewhere ? Do they speak english ?
  7. Not at all, they give you green valve caps ( at costco anyway ) ! Which then get stolen lol
  8. I bought this fridge new at Tio Sam about a year ago for 10,000 pesos ( sorry I can't find the receipt but they probably have this model in stock ) Replaced with smaller fridge Measures 32.5" wide, 30" deep and 66" tall Doors can be changed to opposite hinge $4500 pesos.
  9. Hey, where is the "why shop at walmart " comment ? Somebody is slacking ( attempt at humor )
  10. Agree. I've purchased two sets of tires from ML. Had them installed at Goodyear on the libramiento
  11. Anyone selling a cargo trailer ? Please send me a private email, thanks
  12. It all depends on your emergency. In some cases you might better going to Guad. A hospital is only as good as the doctors on staff
  13. Telmex landline with internet for $300 ?
  14. Not bills plural, just this last one due to an unknown issue. I paid it because I have no choice and I thankfully can afford it, but what happens to the poor families when one of their pumps or something goes bad and they get his kind of bill. I think more than likely someone in the back will help them out, at least lets hope so.
  15. It may be four times now but they can change it anytime they want with no limits, so at what multiple does it become "unreasonable" ? Getting a $9400 bill is no fun especially when it's completely out of the normal range I've been paying for three years. I didn't intentionally waste resources, I had an accidental spike for some reason and CFE is cashing in big time.
  16. And what higher rate is "OK" with you ? How about 1000X higher ?
  17. After receiving a $9400 bill this month which is ten times higher than normal, I made a report with CFE and all they did was come the house while I was not there to check the meter. They say its working fine, pay the bill. I do remember replacing a pump which was running continuously a while back, but I think for no more than a day The penalty for one time high consumption is just crazy, but they have all the power and no mercy. My consumption per the meter was 4x times higher than normal but the bill was 10x higher Now I check the meter every week.
  18. Silicone spray is available locally
  19. How was 80 ? Never driven it but want to try it out next week. BTW, every time I drive the toll road to the coast to I see newly built very tall bridges off to the right in the mountains, anyone know what that road is ? They spent a LOT of money
  20. I was wondering about that. Wasn't sure if they covered mechanical breakdowns or just accidents. Will check with agent tomorrow. Great for flat tires and such but I will need a flatbed to tow a permanent awd truck in case of a mechanical breakdown. Also can these guy be reached by phone or do you just have to wait until one drives by ?
  21. I've been spoiled with AAA roadside assistance up north, what if anything is available here for coverage caused by breakdowns ?
  22. Yes, please share how you arranged this.
  23. Checked there yesterday. Only the Muebles section had some rugs at over 5000 pesos.
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