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  1. Water is now almost half way into Cristiania park in Chapala complete with lirio
  2. I gather from this that a shock collar is either cruel or causes permanent psychological damage to the dog ? I've never used one. I thought it was just a mild shock... good idea to try it on oneself to get a true feeling of what they do.
  3. At least VW's are built here in Mexico , there are plenty of dealerships and parts are available. . I don't think there is anyone lakeside qualified to work on a relatively recent German car. I would be scared to own one myself. I think the dealership is probably the only place to properly service one.
  4. We don't leave them alone together. This morning he went right up to the kitten and they touched noses, nothing more. The kitten did hiss but wasn't overly alarmed. After further review we think he may more boxer than Pitbull. His head is wider than most breeds but not as wide as a Pitbull's and he has the tan with a little white coloration. Hopefully once the cat grows up he will ignore it like he does with our adult cat who gives the dog a wide berth. He does have a problem with other dominant male dogs though. There is purebred Pitbull close by behind a fence and they probably would have gotten into a fight if they we loose together How is Ajijic dog school for socializing him and will neutering help with this situation ?
  5. "how democracies die" and how dictators take over...hmmm sounds like reality. We don't need no stinky CIA, FBI or justice departments right ?
  6. Checked the national deficit lately ? Why are there tax breaks to have children ? Yes, everybody has freedom to drive gas guzzlers but it's wasteful to drive such a heavy duty vehicle for simple passenger commuting which is largely the case in the US at least and there millions of them doing just that. I can tow almost as much with my VW Golf as your F150 and I get 50 mpg vs 14 for an old F150 probably.
  7. We recently bought a pair of badminton racquet's and have played on the malecon ( lot of looks and recently on the beach where we hit the birds into the wind, lots of fun but with the small heads on the racquets, not as easy as one might think.
  8. I'm not saying the herd should be thinned, but there are so many more influences encouraging and promoting having many more children than there are the opposite. Tax breaks, shows celebrating "19 kids and counting" etc. It's not sustainable.
  9. December gets very busy on the coast. Snowbirds are back and Mexicans go there on droves as well.
  10. Drove to the San Antonio malecon today and smelled sewage everywhere. Seems that the system just can't handle the rain, maybe septic systems aren't so bad after all.
  11. What about all this FAKE rain today huh ? … Am I the only one who wants to throw up when I hear this propaganda term thrown around so readily ? Sure there are some contradicting opinions to almost anything ( the validity can be argued ), but the overwhelming evidence is that mankind is pushing this planet towards rapid warming and when the buried methane starts venting..look out. Mankind is greedy and there is nothing that will change that. GM stopped building fuel efficient cars because they don't sell, because gasoline is practically being given away in the US so there is nothing discouraging consumers from buying SUV's. How many F150's are there driving around with just one person getting 17 mpg at best ? The only solution to slowing the influence of mankind is to reduce population and good luck with that.
  12. last week we adopted a neglected but not abused 35 kilo 2 year old pit bull mix dog. He is very friendly with people and has shown zero sign of aggression when being washed or picked up to get into the car ( he now jumps into the car without hesitation ) He comes when called is very submissive to commands. We also have a four month old kitten which has no fear and will try to play with the dogs tail !. So far the dog has not made any aggressive actions towards the kitten however he does seem to want to follow her, but he ignores our adult cat. We feel 99 % sure he won't hurt the kitten but the 1% chance has us on edge. The dog seems to fixate on the kitten which is very energetic of course and plays with anything. What tips do you all have to ensure a safe environment for the kitten. We always snap him out of the fixation, but this gets tiresome. Should we get a shock collar and allow him to get close and then give him a shock he will associate with moving towards the kitten ? How about a muzzle and see what he does without any risk ? When walking him he also want to run up to other dogs and the few times he was loose nothing really happened. One time while on leash two small dogs came up behind him and tried to bite him. His response was surprise but no retaliation. We have an appointment on Monday to have him neutered. Thanks for any advice
  13. We called Multiva late today and I think you are correct that the exchange rate is when the check finally clears in three weeks or so, or when they feel like it based on valuation around that time. , Doesn't sound good to me ( trusting a bank to give me a good exhange rate )
  14. I was stopped today on the carretera from GDL. 1) I lost my front plate last week while at the beach 2) I didn't have my seatbelt on Also, I just purchased a new wallet and missed moving my registration card over to my new wallet. The officer was very professional and friendly but because I didn't have the required papers in the car with me he said he needed to impound the car which I agreed was allowed by law. Then I asked him if my wife could bring the registration papers to us, he said no but If I could get a photo of the card sent over the phone, that would suffice. Fortunately she was able to do just that and he let me go with just a ticket for the seat belt. At no time did I feel like he was looking for a bribe and I never offered. A very pleasant police experience overall
  15. So which banks accept large US checks for deposit ? It appears that Bancomer has just changed its policy permanently , now only accepting $1000 maximum.
  16. So I went to the Ajijic Bancomer today to deposit a large USA check into my existing account. The process used to be that I would take the check to one of the managers, they would call to get a special exchange rate which was good for about ten minutes. Then recently they had me take the check directly to the cashier and they would take the check to a backroom to get a better exchange rate. First the good: They've finally implemented a ticket system to wait your turn replacing the physical lines, one of which was for "preferente" and handicap clients. This line was often used as a way to cheat ahead of others, not good The bad: When I went to the cashier today, he came back saying that there was a problem with the system and that I should either come back or wait. hmmmm I decided to get a cup of coffee in the plaza and return in about a half hour. This time I selected a ticker for the manager and I asked if the problem had been fixed. An hour later listening to hear her make about 6 calls to various people she told me that "due to internal politics" they are only accepting deposits up to one thousand dollars ! whhaaatt ? She is going to send emails and find out what on earth is going on. While I was waiting at her desk, two other large deposits had to be denied. Obviously if this persists, we will be looking for another bank. Manager was very helpful, but this is something coming from the top apparently. She knows they will lose clients left and right
  17. Yes, the office right next to Oxxo in San Antonio.
  18. We finally found the septic tank in our 60 year old house. After digging multiple holes trying to guess where clay pipes were headed, we hired a guy with a camera. We have a 6ft diameter round concrete floor tank with a separation wall. The pipe enters the first chamber, then overflows into the second half which then has a pipe to a much larger dirt floor "tank" which should only be liquids by this stage. The "solids" tank was completely sealed, no way to pump it clean, but we are adding an access shaft with lid for the future if needed BTW, the municipal water office has a septic cleaning service, they charged $1600 pesos
  19. Aha So if we want to warn of a bad experience with a business, we have to start a thread something like " beware of "can't say the name" business , pm me for info" ? Seems whacky, but oh well
  20. One person's violation of "civil and personal" conduct should not lock a thread, rather that person should be warned/banned...seems to me
  21. Simple question. What rules applied here to lock it ?
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