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  1. Yes, we will be getting a larger unit combined with a gas boiler because we want to soak in the tub every once in a while which takes a lot of hot water. Those tanks must have excellent insulation to maintain the heat !
  2. Planning on picking up a unit in GDL soon. Saw many different brands while shopping on Ninos Heroes recently. Not sure what to look for , or most importantly which brands to avoid if any ? Thanks
  3. I miss the Riberas golf course, anyone else ?. My mother would walk her dog along the shore line and feed the horses carrots,. Fantastic 360 view but marred by a huge scar in the mountains, the road carved into the steep mountain off the libramiento, for expensive homes with views ( a development which never took off ). How many more hideous scars like that will we see ?
  4. Hope you don't have size 35 waist like me, this is strictly verboten amongst 99% of clothing manufactures, why ? I don't have a clue.... Once size 34 gets too tight you are expected to bulge directly to 36, no stopping allowed at 35...mindboggling
  5. Another twist is that my car is a diesel. Where would I go to get a smog check for a diesel car ? Pretty sure the place in Chapala doesn't do diesels, but not sure
  6. Currently plumbing to have shower and laundry water diverted to a roof top storage tank. What kind of filtration and or treatment is recommended here before use on plants and grass ?
  7. Would like to buy used roof tiles with patina, any chance of finding some anywhere ? Thanks
  8. Ok, thanks My car is actually a 2016 which was held for a year before being sold new in 2017. Hopefully the clock starts from the date of purchase, not sure
  9. Mine is now 14 months old, just wondering if it's due for a smog check anytime soon
  10. looks great ! Going to try it out Thanks!
  11. Lots of great info, Thanks ! I need to find a system that I can setup without making a trip to the states. I only have a Chase bank account there and international transfers require being at a branch in person.
  12. Our dog is frightened by fireworks, do those jackets really make any difference ? He started scratching at the door pretty frantically when they were going off. thanks
  13. Hold everything. Increasing fuel efficiency kills more people : https://www.motor1.com/news/260862/fuel-economy-regulation-epa-proposal/?utm_source=msn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=msn-feed
  14. Maybe each vehicle should have a bar code. Pull up in a gas guzzler and the pump reads the bar code and adjusts the price per gallon. Seems doable, but probably harder than registering guns....oh well
  15. I agree and this should be applied to gasoline in the US I think. 50 cent per gallon tax would go a long way towards encouraging less fuel consumption and funding badly needed infrastructure rebuilding which resembles many third world countries. Right now there is yet another horsepower race going on with manufacturers. 800 horsepower Mustangs, personal use trucks which can tow 15000 pounds being driven around as status symbols etc. Let there at least be a commensurate price for these toys
  16. According to this the US has over twice the per capita pollution of China, but that difference will probably shrink as everyone wants cars and bigger houses and there are a lot more people in China without either https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_carbon_dioxide_emissions Yes, we can do something about China if we wanted to...stop buying products made in China when possible.
  17. Which county do you think has the highest per capita pollution ?
  18. Yes, we are making sure we are the pack leaders, he has dominant traits but responds well to commands. He has a very very strong musty smell, we think it is a skin fungus called "melazazia" but we will confirm on Monday. We shampooed him with some special soap. He has a lot of dandruff
  19. Our boy He doesn't have the drooping skin around his mouth and the nose is not as stubby. A Mexican said he was a Mexican boxer..
  20. Good challenge as the distance calculation for contact changes dramatically.
  21. Happy to report that our new dog seems completely comfortable with our cats. The kitten laid belly up on the floor and allowed him to smell her thoroughly. She gave a little bit of pawing but nothing at all from the dog in the way of preying or wanting to do anything harmful. Then he smelled our adult cat for a while it calmly walked away. No aggressive moves whatsoever and the cats are not reading anything dangerous either. We were close by to make sure nothing happened btw. Now we have to work on his dominant behavior towards other dogs.. We think he is mostly boxer now Getting neutered on Monday Thanks again
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