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  1. I think I would not drink anything that wasn't filtered at the sink. So either a reverse osmosis system with UV or bottled water for drinking. Water from lake Chapala? no thanks, except for watering plants maybe. Are water softeners common here ? My interest in one would be for laundry, showers, dishwasher, and car washing and to keep toilet bowls from deteriorating
  2. Ordered an insinkerator from Amazon usa and it was delivered in 3 days, I was shocked how fast and easy it was and much cheaper than Mexico Amazon or Mercadolibre. Driver called when he arrived.
  3. Either spelling gets you the same results, but correct spelling noted
  4. 4pm today.. BP on the Libra...5 minutes waiting behind four cars !
  5. search "espego Nissan sentra" on www.mercadolibre.com.mx
  6. Looking for an experienced crew to pour about 150 sq meters of concrete over a sand base. Thanks
  7. oh, that explains what I saw, or didn't see. Sorry !
  8. We brought a leather motorcycle jacket to him for repair but he had to source the heavy duty zipper from gdl and it took a while
  9. I need to pick up a load of floor tiles in GDL, anyone know of a cargo trailer for rent ( 5x8 size approx ) ? There was a trailer parked on the carretera in ajijic for a while but I haven't seen it lately.
  10. Just in case anyone is still looking, the Pemex in Riberas has gas and almost no lines
  11. Ah yes, La Pipa. I've never purchased "house" water before, this house in new to me. Must be nice to able to drink from well water ! I did notice my neighbor getting water delivered one day and it smelled bad, just trying to avoid that. Not going to drinking it so I guess I shouldn't have called it potable water in the first place
  12. Just had my aljibe cleaned and sealed and added a second one. Which water delivery companies have you used and which one has the cleanest ( smelling and otherwise ) water ?. How much for say 10000 liters ? No street water where we live. Thanks
  13. Yes, but I wish I had mentioned that they are illegal and maybe gotten a break like other have mentioned.. Never received a notice in the mail either. On a separate note, I had to pay 600 for a seat belt infraction, seem pretty high !
  14. When I had to get new plates a month a ago they said I had a photo infraction which I also had to pay, at least they showed me a photo...this was at the Chapala office btw
  15. I just purchased diesel and gasoline at the main Chapala Pemex.
  16. 5:30 pm today a tanker truck was unloading fuel. Line stretches to 7-11 though. Get in line and have a pizza delivered to your car ?
  17. California has avocados too and supply and demand will simply raise prices of avocados in California and superbowlers can easily afford the price increase
  18. None of the snake systems work if the plumbing is the original clay pipe with junction BOXES. These boxes stop the path of any video snake. Been there, done that
  19. Just returned from GDL. Busy as usual which surprised me because gas lines were as long as one kilometer ! definitely going to park the family cars inside for a while.
  20. Surreal experience today... Even though I still have a 70% tank, I decided to see if I could fill up today since I plan to go to GDL tomorrow and have to drive someone to the airport on Sunday. Riberas Pemex looked like hell so I drove to the BP on the libra. Pulled right up to the pump and there was a hand written note saying "solo diesel" , well that's what my car runs on so I yelled at the distant attendant "diesel". He reluctantly came over and realized that I indeed was looking for diesel. As soon as he put the hose in my car, several other cars started lining up behind me only to discover that there was only diesel. If this continues we might start hearing about gas theft from cars at night or worse. I fully expect to see somewhat of a ghost town tomorrow in gdl.
  21. How is the availability of diesel compared to gasoline ? Added 300 pesos to my tank yesterday, so now I shouldn't need more for another 400 km luckily. Drove to GDL today and passed one station that had about 100 cars waiting, backed up on the highway causing major slowdowns
  22. These tanks seem very expensive for what they are. I've been seeing new pumps which have built in pressure control which I don't think require any pressure tank and these pumps are like 4-5000 pesos. Anyone have one of these pumps without a tank ?
  23. If the car has major damage as you described don't have the repairs done lakeside, there just aren't any shops with the proper equipment to put the car back together the way it should be done. Unless the car has serious sentimental value, better to have it totaled and collect enough $ to buy another car. I see so many vehicles here that were repaired poorly, some look like they are driving down the road sideways. Frame repair machines are expensive and rare here unfortunately.
  24. "no service" in San Antonio right now.....3pm Sunday.
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