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  1. 10 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    Same data. 

    Either you get the QR code here https://www.vuelaseguro.com/home or at airport (at ticket counter or in front of entry to security).

    You asked, " If you didn't have phone, I don't know what you would do."  I answered, print it and fill out at home.    https://www.aeromar.mx/files/Cuestionario_de_viajero.pdf



    Info must be submitted no sooner than 12 hours before flight to get QR code

  2. 8 hours ago, MtnMama said:

    When discussing the problems they have having at the consulate in an interview with the real Guad Reporter, the person mentioned use of an online notary as an option. There is an online notary who advertises in the Ojo. You might check with her.

    I reached out to Valerie's sister which was mentioned in another thread, but she said California is a "no go"



  3. Coming into Chapala 20 minutes ago across from Soriana a semi truck with a load of sand had just impaled into a house, the front cab was completely inside the house and if they remove the truck I'm sure the house will go down in the process. Ambulance was on the way, but it looks bad for anyone inside the house

    Wouldn't be surprised if they take days to pull the truck out. 

  4. 2 hours ago, CHILLIN said:

    Hound Dog is just pineing for you Senora B.!

    I have had a bad experience with Dra. Carla. Watch your wallet, she charges the same rates as a top specialist yet she is a GP. She will try to send him to a specialty private clinic in Guadalajara.

    I would recommend Dra Gabriela Flores at Quality Care. They charge specialist rates for a housecall, 1,000 pesos, but she is also an internal medicine specialist and an ER specialist. She was head of department for both these fields in a busy Guadalajara general hospital. She has seen, or treated 1,000,s of patients. She knows how to do stitches and quickly diagnose and treat medical problems. She is also very smart at drug interactions and keeps excellent digital records. She may be reluctant to do housecalls for new patients, if so, just drop my name Gary Waller, and she will be alright.

    Yet while Dra Gabriela was on vacation in Europe she entrusted her patients to Dra Carla. They both are are worth every peso they charge and both are excellent and the "trying to send him to a specialty private clinic" comment without context is out of line imo. No, better you don't give your version of the context, that would just make it worse since she doesn't have time to explain why she did whatever, but I'm confident it was for a good reason. She certainly would not gain anything for making such a recommendation other that trying to provide the best care for the patient. GP's are grossly underpaid here

  5. So I'm going to Texas in a week anyway...but not for three weeks. Which is why I'm pondering whether to get the first shot there easily but then I guess I'm forced to fly back for my second shot ?  ( Unless I could get it here ). Or I wait to get both shots here when I get back risking catching the virus...what to do. What are the odds of getting a shot here on short notice ?

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