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  1. what was I thinking...moderator lock this thread
  2. If you haven't ever been there, you are missing out on a little gem of a spot. Gorgeous there now especially around sunset . I was going to post pictures, but better to be surprised no ?
  3. We are looking to share a Shaw account, please pm if you have availability. Thanks
  4. You can buy clamping connectors which will simplify installation as an option to having grommets pre-installed. for comparison a 2mx10m piece of privacy/shade cloth costs 800 pesos on Mercadolibre
  5. If you don't mind doing it yourself you can find bulk or precut shade cloth on Mercadolibre. Get 90% or higher
  6. I went through the process after losing my front plate. As mentioned, the first stop is at the Ministerio Publico in Chapala. They will hand you a form to complete and I think they require 2 or 3 copies be made, so plan for that extra step. Then you go to the License bureau to get a complete new set of plates with matching registration sticker for your car. I think it took most of the morning to get everything done.
  7. So I just purchased a water filtration system which consists of two 9x48 tanks, one for Zeolite and one for activated carbon. I also purchased a water softener which also includes a 9x48 tank. Unfortunately there aren't any instructions included with the system. The two filter tanks came with manual valves, and the water softener came with an automatic valve but I now see systems for sale with automatic valves for the filter tanks. I'm not sure whether I should invest in automatic valves for the filter tanks as well. How do the automatic valves work ? Do they measure the volume of water used, or are they simply time based ? How often should each tank be "backwashed" ? Is there an English speaking water expert in the area I can hire to explain things ? My Spanish is good but for complicated issues it would be a lot easier in English.
  8. "I am so pissed off with Apple that I can't see straight" This is probably helpful in avoiding having to see the prevalence of APPLE logo decals adorning so many cars here Anyone else notice them ? I'm betting many of these folks don't even own a single Apple product . I think its a status symbol of sorts.. Hey, I just received an email from "Apple News", my first ever.
  9. Once you get to the Mezcala hwy, it's an easy, beautiful drive. Getting through Chapala not so much. If they ever connected the Mezcala highway to the highway to GDL, development would probably explode. Now you have to drive over the mountains...( huge topes on the road through Chapala )
  10. Its pretty sad that a GP doctor in Mexico only makes enough to pay for rent, certainly not enough to buy a house. All the big money goes to the specialists and often times it's the GP that discovers a life threatening condition requiring the expensive surgeries and hospital care. Veterinarian is a much better profession here because they can sell so many other things ( food, toys etc )
  11. Hope for you its only 500. I think I had to pay 600 last time I was ticketed for seatbelt violation See page 26 : www.chapalalaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Driving2018.pdf
  12. By "Contractor" I guess I mean a person or company who has a crew for whom they are responsible for. Our friend cannot supervise the workers and tell them what to do etc. Also expertise on best way to build the fence since its very close to the water's edge.
  13. A friend of ours is having trouble finding reliable help for her projects in El Chante. Specifically she needs to have a fence relocated and shed built for her horses Any leads would be appreciated
  14. How do the banks besiege a person with offers ? Either phone or text would be very annoying... No way to keep your info private with the bank which you gave the credit card ?
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