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  1. OPEN TODAY !!!!!! sooo nice They were resurfacing the basketball court too. Park is very clean and lush.
  2. in addition : segundamano.com.mx seminuevos.com.mx automexico.com.mx
  3. Purchased new from Costco for 15,000 pesos , used only one month. Great machine, but can't use anymore because of medical condition. Asking $12,000 pesos. Located in Riberas.
  4. San Antonio malecon was without tape this morning, nice !
  5. There is a lawnmower/small gas powered tool repair shop across the road from Pancho's in Riberas as well
  6. While the bicyclist may have technically been crossing the road illegally , crossings are not a crime probably ever enforced or even discouraged here. He was definitely reckless in his crossing. I am surprised how quickly they let the taxi driver go and did they tow him away or let him drive away with a smashed windshield ? I heard it was an airport taxi. Somewhat curiously I also didn't see any skid marks from the taxi.
  7. Looks to have been a hit and run to me, no sign of any other car or truck at the scene. Happened in San Antonio near Oxxo
  8. We recently purchased the same bike from Costco but it's now $15,000 thanks to lower peso value. Great recumbent bike though.
  9. I found a TP-Link router also on ML, will there be any compatibility issues connecting to the Telmex router ?. Do I simply program in the Telmex password ?
  10. Browsing Mercadolibre I see some TP link "repetidores" which have a rj45 plug but also two cylindrical shaped plugs , what do those plug into ?
  11. Is a wifi repeater the same thing as an extender ?
  12. We've tried a wireless range extender with no luck , so I want to run a 30 meter ethernet cable to the remote area and then have a device which broadcasts wifi from there. What kind of device is available locally or Mercadolibre ? Thanks
  13. look for a seat belt sign leaning over 30 degrees. That didn't take long lol
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