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  1. Where can I get a mullet cut lakeside ?
  2. I went the other day...line out to the street. I believe there is a 10% discount for early registration ? When does that end ?
  3. Confirmation today from a worker that the openings in the middle are for plants. I see stubs for lights every 40 ft or so. I agree that the path is too wide near Mulitiva, they are going to have to move the road centerline.
  4. Thanks for the referrals so far By "small" she is hoping for accordingly smaller rent. Her current house is 7000 per month, but the landlord is taking it back for their relative to live in. She needs to operate a business out of the house with visitors, so don't think a fractionamiento or gated community will be an option. Hoping to find something around 10,000 pesos. No garden needed or off street parking
  5. Posting for a friend who is looking for a small ground level house or apartment in Riberas, San Antonio, or La Floresta. Must have easy access to carretera and have easy street parking. Thanks
  6. Looks like a little mountain range with what looks to be a planter in the middle ? Hopefully they add badly needed street lights also, that section is pitch black at night
  7. We are looking for a driver ( we supply car ) for daily scheduled trips from Riberas to Chapala. Does not have to speak any English. Thanks for any recommendations
  8. I'd venture to say that San Antonio is probably the loudest of the local villages, there's almost always loud music somewhere and cohetes of course. As soon as the newly built eventos center gets going there will be another rental available here
  9. These look interesting : https://pv.craigslist.org/ctd/d/04-nissan-np/7043364512.html?lang=en&cc=us
  10. Thanks Do you know if the owner can leave the vehicle here while they travel back nob temporarily, or do they have to take it with them ?
  11. Are ten year permits still available for RV's ? If so, what is the definition of an RV ? Could a campervan qualify ? Thanks
  12. Gringo market rent can be in dollars or pesos. It's just what the market will allow
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