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  1. There is a house of the lake side of the carretera in La Floresta that always seems to have one parked in front for sale
  2. She's the best ! True therapeutic massage with medical knowledge and training.
  3. Given how much the Mexican economy depends on the US, I think the peso will follow the dollar, no? Maybe a tanking US economy will increase immigration to here since cost of living in the US will become more of a burden
  4. Search "air conditioning service guy" Two guys were offered in the thread, but I haven't used either one yet...
  5. Wondering what you all think will happen lakeside in the next year.... 1) More people moving here than leaving 2) no change overall 3) more people leaving than coming.. Also if 1), what type of demographic changes do you predict if any...( more renters than buyers for example ?)
  6. Well after further review I now know what happened ...somewhat embarrassing. 1) searching "CBD" does not yield any results as I found out, not enough letters I guess 2) I'm actually not familiar with the word "Cannabidiol" and when I read it in the thread , my mind subconsciously autocorrected it to Cannabidoil which even now seems logical and correct to me, CBD oil after all . Then even when Ferret pointed out the spelling error, I still missed it. There must be a word for this autocorrect habit of the brain....I was locked into my autocorrected spelling and glossed over what I thought was incorrect spelling 3) I thought for sure I copied and pasted Cannabidiol, don't know what happened sorry for the confusion, the search function work fine as long as there are more that three letters I slipped in the iol...
  7. Yes, I see it now ( oops) , but even the correct spelling yields nothing (except this thread)....in "everywhere" or "this forum" I actually made sure to copy and paste the word first when I did the search...nothing, then typed it in and still nothing....made sure the capitalize the first letter etc My spelling error actually was after the fact...but thanks for pointing it out
  8. Like I mentioned above, it doesn't work for me unless I specifically select "topics" , nothing in "everywhere" or "this forum" So I think a general rule for searching this forum is to not just hit enter when searching, select "topics" first and if this is true, then there should probably be a sticky ( read this before searching )
  9. Thanks love " boodiddleysquat" !
  10. Well I just searched " Cannabidoil ".....nothing in "everywhere", nothing in "this forum", but then it worked in "topics" odd search engine Thanks
  11. I remember seeing a thread not too long ago about sources for high quality CBD oil, but a search for "CBD" yields nothing (why??) I think there was a website link for mail order oils....
  12. Just had a basic CT scan done for my father at the new SAT hospital. No appointment, no waiting, no paperwork, friendly helpful people, ...2200 peso out the door. Try that in another country...
  13. If buying on price alone is a high priority, then there is a high probability you will find out just why you got such a good deal....IMO So many potential "gotchas" here....and with no disclosures, it's a minefield and realtors gladly supply you with rose tinted glasses.
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