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  1. I saw a truck from Ifibra on our street in SA recently as well, but when I go to their webpage and try to sign up for service, nothing happens when clicking on the "contratar" button... Anybody sign up with them yet ?
  2. After a very bad experience with AXXA, I decided to switch to Qualitas and purchased my new policy from TioCorp. Their rate was much lower, and the total loss value is fixed for the entire year as opposed to other policies which list " market value" meaning that depending on when you have a claim the amount will drop every month during the term of the policy. Ask for ADAN at TioCorp, their office is on the Carretera by Mirasol
  3. Thanks all. Finally reached the Notario and he promised the deeds will be ready by next Friday...keeping fingers crossed. Explanation given was because there were two properties sold through power of attorney, things were much more complicated than the average sale...
  4. I'm going on 7 months since purchasing a house and empty lot in Riberas, still no deeds however. Other than hearing that "it's in the process", how concerned should I be ? What can I do ? Purchase was handled by local well know attorney btw.
  5. It depends on whether your car is due for smog inspection while you are out of the state. If not you can renew your registration online but your stickers will be mailed to the address on your DL. You will also need to keep liability insurance on the car. this is of course if you want to maintain CA registration....
  6. We had to go through this process as well. After sending required info, the order was completed and shipped. Too bad they don't accept paypal... Not sure if there is any extraordinary risk sending the required documentation...
  7. Last week I got 19.58 through TransferWise, and they also just lowered their fees
  8. I've actually thought about taking photos of all the "abandoned" cars I've seen. Make a coffee table type book out of them. It seems to be a Mexican right, like owning a gun NOB. One of my favorites is the one parked on the carretera directly in front of the immigration office in Chapala. Don't know if it's still there but at one time it had no wheels , let alone an engine in it. "welcome to Mexico" it seemed to announce. In Ajjijic some lot of them used as personal land fills. I think only valuable cars get towed since there is actually a chance someone will pay to recover it. Maybe we should post photos of our "favorite" abandoned vehicles ?
  9. Bought a mini split A/C unit, but installation requires a vacuum machine which I don't have.. Any local service guys ? TIA
  10. I agree Car City is great for oil changes. I bring my own oil and filter and can see under the car while its up on the lift. The cleanest most professional of all service facilities with real lifts. Some cars like mine require removal of a skid plate just to change the oil, better done with the car in the air.
  11. Ordered it from Mercadolibre. Hope I get it and hope it works ! If so, I will probably order another one. Yes it includes both units and 3 meters of copper tubing.
  12. I have one of those roll away A/C units (7k btu ). It works fine but is pretty noisy . Why would one of those suffice in place of four mini splits ? If you only want to cool one room, just use the mini split in that room. I just ordered a 12k btu Rheem mini split with a seer rating of 16, which draws 5.8 amps at 220v which is 640 watts while cooling. Only 7000 pesos brand new delivered to my door, pretty darn cheap imo. Installation not included, which I will try myself
  13. "Best Lab" in Ribera del Pilar. Excellent and fast results. Owner was the head chemist at Chopo.
  14. Bring lots of patience
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