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  1. Amazon nob might be your best/easiest option
  2. Which vaccine ? I'm sure there are important differences. I'm willing to be towards the end of the line...so late 2021 -2022 ish probably with a vaccine I'm comfortable with
  3. Any restaurants serving traditional thanksgiving meals tomorrow ?
  4. Crude oil has surged 20% (supporting the peso ) for some reason and why the dow is at an all time high while covid is at an all time high is beyond me.
  5. My US driver's license has expired and I will be driving into the US with my Mexican plated car and valid Mexican drivers license. Will I need anything else to travel throughout all US states such as an International drivers permit ? Also I will try to purchase additional liability coverage to cover any higher limits set by certain states. If I were to be pulled over for something and they need to issue a ticket what kind of problem can be expected without a US address ?
  6. You may be charged importation taxes or duties. Try to make them as dirty as worthless as possible if traveling by car
  7. 20k pesos (900 bucks) per month for those skills and responsibilities and speaks perfect english to work 60 hours per week in Baja....good luck
  8. What's the shortest time required for driving to Puerto Vallarta now ? Total toll fees ?
  9. Why did the OP not verify the cost of services before having twelve sessions ?? Everybody gets ripped of once, but going back for more ?
  10. I was bicycling through Riberas when a round of those sky bombs went off, it was around 5-6pm- Maybe the loudest I've heard lakeside.
  11. I also ordered from Walmart at the online order desk. TV delivered to our house in 2 days. I went with a Samsung Crystal 8000 series in 50 inch. One of the few TV's I could find with a motion rate of 120. I can't find the same tv online there anymore, must have sold them out.
  12. I find it quite interesting that seat belt laws are accepted without massive social revolt, but masks ? omg my freedom ( i,e, my vanity )
  13. Posting for a single professional friend who is looking for a long term rental . Location: East Ajijic to Riberas Must haves: Off street parking for one car, Private yard or patio. One bedroom ok. She has one cat. Nice kitchen would be nice Rent up to $13,000 pesos Please send any leads by Pmail and I will forward them on Thanks
  14. Soon you can only turn left at the Libramiento intersection....without a left turn lane, so they are going to have to red light east bound traffic to allow left turns or who knows what they have planned.
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