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  1. I would love to see a good street sweeping truck. After heavy rains the carretera is flooded with dirt, which turns into a major dust cloud when driven through. Not fun for bicycling or just being outside downwind or even driving with windows open.
  2. From the backseat.... "rehabilitation of the Joco to Chapala road/highway" This sounds like a waste of money to me...what can they possibly do ? ( other than filling potholes ) Removal of topes is probably a bad idea (I hate to admit ) Ajijic will always be a bottleneck....forever, and probably should be.
  3. Dra. Carla Cueva Flores in San Antonio. She has saved many lives. 331 000 7777
  4. We went into that parallel universe this evening driving from Ajijic to San Juan Cosala where on the way there were transito police parked on both sides of the road standing outside with clipboard in hand staring us down looking for anything reason to flags us over.
  5. Especially since the consulate charges $50 for each signature !
  6. Hire a guy with a large backhoe. I'm sure some kind of attachment can be improvised for a short move
  7. a friend of a friend of friend was told by Telcel that a part of their antenna was stolen.... i'm thinking their dog chewed on it.
  8. This ^^^^^^^^^^ Had ATT for a month and threw away the sim card which I had prepaid for a year.
  9. You can buy sheets of thin galvanized metal at the large metal store across from Pancho's deli , then cut strips as needed
  10. Check with Spencer's office, they provide a shuttle for this service, it was only $800 per person a couple of months ago. ymmv
  11. www.mercadolibre.mx it can be shipped to you
  12. I saw a truck from Ifibra on our street in SA recently as well, but when I go to their webpage and try to sign up for service, nothing happens when clicking on the "contratar" button... Anybody sign up with them yet ?
  13. After a very bad experience with AXXA, I decided to switch to Qualitas and purchased my new policy from TioCorp. Their rate was much lower, and the total loss value is fixed for the entire year as opposed to other policies which list " market value" meaning that depending on when you have a claim the amount will drop every month during the term of the policy. Ask for ADAN at TioCorp, their office is on the Carretera by Mirasol
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