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  1. counted 18 pedestrians and 9 bicyclists on the "path" this morning, plenty of room for all non motorized traffic.
  2. Several bottles available at Ferreteria Calzado in Chapala right on the check out counter. Alcohol based.
  3. I'll be sure to take a course on sarcasm to improve.....
  4. Wow, you are the only seeing the obvious attempt at mocking the avoidajijijc thread, oh well lighten up folks
  5. Today I had to come to a complete stop on the carretera because of the truck watering the new plants in the hideous bike path dividers. Then I had to make an illegal pass over the solid yellow line to pass it. Why would anyone want to live here ?! Have a great weekend everyone EDIT lighten up folks, if it wasn't OBVIOUS before...stopping for a water truck is not any inconvenience at all, the dividers look great and even if these two things were bad they would not be a reason not to live here... Just posting an anti "avoid" thread with sarcasm that used silly complaints.
  6. sorry I brought it up Have a great week
  7. Anyone know of a good place to get an antique clock repaired either here or in GDL ? Thanks
  8. And yes of course the medical workers should be the first to receive any masks. After that masks should be directed to where people are almost forced together to have maximum effect....churches should be handing them out as well although they can distance people inside to a degree
  9. I'm aware of the shortage .Why not start a manufacturing plant right now? If it's made a top priority I'm sure they could be produced quickly. Relying on existing manufacturing is not enough. Pretty simple thing to make seems to me and could put a lot of people to work. I think the hard part is probably the N95 filter element. Hell of a lot easier than building respirators If they are going to continue busses and flights.....
  10. I don't understand why governments including Mexico haven't made it priority #1 to produce N95 masks in sufficient quantity so that every person getting on a bus or plane is handed a mask for mandatory wearing and they can keep the mask. How hard can it be to produce these masks even for Mexico?? It's not like making a TV or something. Confined seating on busses and planes makes correct distancing pretty much impossible (especially with circulating air in a enclosed space ). May not prevent 100% chance of transmission but sure would go a long way and cost benefit would be huge
  11. Its an almost impossible situation but maybe a stronger shut down is needed, time will tell
  12. Yes, starting to look nice, lots of badly needed lights. Yellow schmellow line is not going stop me from passing backhoe's
  13. Not as bad as keeping busses running....biggest vulnerability here in Mexico
  14. They should try to change the paypal to "family or friends" to avoid the fees
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