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  1. So I'm going to Texas in a week anyway...but not for three weeks. Which is why I'm pondering whether to get the first shot there easily but then I guess I'm forced to fly back for my second shot ? ( Unless I could get it here ). Or I wait to get both shots here when I get back risking catching the virus...what to do. What are the odds of getting a shot here on short notice ?
  2. What if a person gets their first pfizer shot in the usa, can they get their second one here ? is the second just another shot like #1 ?
  3. Where is the easiest place to get a Pfizer vaccination now ? Txs
  4. Normally yes but I found a way around that, works 100% without membership now
  5. Set of four Continental "Contivancontact 100" tires. Removed from a brand new VW Crafter with only 1250 kilometers. Size 205/75 R16. Good for many vans or truck's. 6000 pesos for the set.
  6. Set of five 16" aluminum rims, four of them have new Goodyear tires installed . Size 245/70 16 load range D. 19,000 pesos
  7. One year old and very little use. Works and looks like new 9500 pesos . can deliver ( $15000 new on mercadolibre )
  8. Looks real to me ! Now it needs a name
  9. About 5 months ago I purchased a demo vehicle from a VW dealership in Mexico City. Because it was a demo it already had Mexico City plates and the dealership salesman told me that he could arrange to have the plates put in my name. Well 5 months later and due to Covid and other issues, his last message is that they would need to change the plates from Business to Personal, but I've given up on waiting, so I went to Spencer's office to arrange for help in getting Jalisco plates in my name. The person who does this service told me after a week of waiting that he is unable to even make an appointment because this month is completely booked and apparently they don't make appointments for the next month. I have the title in my name and the current registration is paid for 2021, except that its still in the name of Volkswagen Leasing. I want to drive the vehicle into the US soon, and I'm wondering if I have a copy of the title in my name and proof of purchase from the dealership, is there law being broken here or in the states by me driving it ?. I also have insurance in my name. If anyone knows of a facilitator for getting cars registered in Jalisco please let me know, they may have "special connections"
  10. Dra Carla Cueva Flores. Her office is in San Antonio behind OXXO Cell # 331 000 7777 Good Luck
  11. I've been paying to hold onto a landline for a couple of years now, which is not even hooked up. Anyone have any experience or knowledge of whether Telmex landlines are still hard to get or not ? If they can be had easily, I'll consider dropping mine.
  12. If you have this rare blood type and are 60 years or younger and are willing to donate your blood for a very kind gentleman, please contact me and I will forward your contact information. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for any leads
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