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  1. ea93105

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    make it werewolf ! therapy dogs rules are being stretched like handicap parking permits...its what people can get away with
  2. ea93105

    Older style roof tiles

    I want some older style tiles too What are Ranchera tiles ?
  3. Looking for recommendation for a good electrician with experience, somewhat bi-lingual and willing to charge per day or per hour. I know there are a lot of guys who "do it all" , but I'm looking someone who is primarily an electrician Thanks for any leads
  4. Anyone have a rental available in La Manzanilla Nov 16-18 ? Hotel recommendations, vacation rental etc ? We are not on facebook or Air B&B.... Thanks
  5. ea93105

    Television options

    Can each TV watch a different channel ? I thought each TV needs its own box and subscription with Shaw
  6. ea93105

    Natural stone floors

    Thanks all. Anyone know what Adalitas has for flooring ?
  7. Not man made What are the options here/ Guadalajara ? preferably very smooth but with some texture.. Local sources ? Thanks
  8. Ether one in good condition
  9. ea93105

    Best new water pipe option ?

    Thanks for the tip, who carries TuboPlus around here and is it safe for boiler temperatures ?
  10. ea93105

    Best new water pipe option ?

    Nice !. I'll probably go with the blue piping since it's stocked locally. My only concern is the melting tool and whether it will be hard to make connections in tight spaces Update. Trip to home depot today, they have the green TuboPlus as well as PEX and many other new options
  11. ea93105

    Best new water pipe option ?

    Pescadores #48 Great prices too. They quoted 280 pesos for a section of orange septic pipe vs 450 in Ajijic. 5000 liter Rotoplas tank $11,400 vs 14,200 at another ferreteria.
  12. ea93105

    Best new water pipe option ?

    Going there soon again, its hard to find/explain. I think its called Ferreteria Cabrera
  13. We are only a block away from the carretera, but homes closer to the lake in Riberas and other communities will have nonfunctioning septic systems if the lake keeps rising. Seems to me that the lake is at 100% regardless of what they say.
  14. If these get built there will be a complete gridlock during the construction phase alone. What a hideous idea, and for whom are these apartments targeted ?