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  1. Home gym, free weights, benches or any weight lifting equipment wanted. Pleas send private email or call 3334615442 thanks
  2. Opening soon in Riberas. Looks interesting, anyone have any details about it ?
  3. Yes, still available Eric 3334615442
  4. Sure it wasn't Juniors ? We've used Roberto's a couple of times with good results, at least commensurate with the price. I wouldn't take a brand new car there and expect as new finish
  5. Thanks for posting this . Were were going to chip our cat because we just installed an electric cat door which works with either a internal chip or an external tag worn on a collar. I guess we will stick with the tag until she looses it.
  6. I ate there today. Sandwich was good (nothing to write home about) but the side purple cole salad was not welcome. But 40 pesos for ice tea ?!? that was a turn off. Too bad because its a convenient location. Huertos is still a better option for the money.
  7. What a mess ! They are not finished I hope ? Loose gravel washed out by heavy rains leaving big holes where they cut up the road
  8. Say what you will, as long as its nice.
  9. I believe social distancing is still in play. Every stranger is a danger these days.
  10. "blaming" is saying that the victim was to blame. I didn't say that, but allowing strangers to get that close to you is a little like leaving the keys in your car. You are still a victim when it gets stolen but it would have been prudent to not have allowed the situation to even be possible. If a stranger approaches you and breaks the personal space boundary necessary today, politely back up a little and ask for space or raise you hand in the stop position, just sayin
  11. You let strangers get that close to you ? I would have stopped them at 6ft minimum regardless of masks
  12. Another sign shop in Riberas a couple doors east of Orma auto parts can make anything
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