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  1. ea93105

    Is the gas crisis over?

    yes, but prices keep creeping up
  2. ea93105

    Driving to Mazatlan

    There is a very long stretch without any gasoline, forgot exactly where, so keep at least a half tank all times.
  3. ea93105

    Gas Availability

    You'll be fine with regular gas because the computer will compensate and the altitude here doesn't require as high an octane gasoline. Whenever I drive to higher altitudes in the states , the octane rating is a lot lower for the gas they sell. Mexico doesn't have lower octane gas for higher altitudes.
  4. ea93105

    Phone # to report bad (old) drivers?

    So she actually hit two pedestrians , but the fact that she almost hit a car deserves the exclamation point ?! This situation is probably an assumed risk when moving here, just like the daredevil motos. Pedestrians must not assume they are safe crossing anything
  5. ea93105

    Clean potable water delivery

    Aren't they adjustable ?
  6. ea93105

    Clean potable water delivery

    I think I would not drink anything that wasn't filtered at the sink. So either a reverse osmosis system with UV or bottled water for drinking. Water from lake Chapala? no thanks, except for watering plants maybe. Are water softeners common here ? My interest in one would be for laundry, showers, dishwasher, and car washing and to keep toilet bowls from deteriorating
  7. Ordered an insinkerator from Amazon usa and it was delivered in 3 days, I was shocked how fast and easy it was and much cheaper than Mexico Amazon or Mercadolibre. Driver called when he arrived.
  8. ea93105

    Broken driver's side car mirror

    Either spelling gets you the same results, but correct spelling noted
  9. ea93105

    Gas Availability

    4pm today.. BP on the Libra...5 minutes waiting behind four cars !
  10. ea93105

    Broken driver's side car mirror

    search "espego Nissan sentra" on www.mercadolibre.com.mx
  11. Looking for an experienced crew to pour about 150 sq meters of concrete over a sand base. Thanks
  12. ea93105

    Gas in riberas today

    oh, that explains what I saw, or didn't see. Sorry !
  13. We brought a leather motorcycle jacket to him for repair but he had to source the heavy duty zipper from gdl and it took a while
  14. I need to pick up a load of floor tiles in GDL, anyone know of a cargo trailer for rent ( 5x8 size approx ) ? There was a trailer parked on the carretera in ajijic for a while but I haven't seen it lately.
  15. Just in case anyone is still looking, the Pemex in Riberas has gas and almost no lines