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  1. I used my Handymail address in Laredo and had no problem opening an account at USAA. They have treated me well for a long time. I highly recommend USAA
  2. Does anyone know if Mark Turford is still renting cars long term, or anyone else that would be renting cars locally. Would appreciate a name and contact phone or e-mail for Mark or other rental place. Thanks
  3. Is there a telephone number that we can call to make an appointment for renewal? Thanks
  4. Confused


    Tony´s Carneceria, San Antonio, next to Superlake, Hot Italian
  5. If you plan to travel at all in the U.S. sign up for part B. It will be cheaper than travel ins. in the U.S. If there is any chance at all, even a remote chance, that you may one day move back to the U.S., do not opt out of part B. Personal experience is my source of information. You will pay a penalty for the rest of your life. Your choice, but I would advise not opting out of part B.
  6. I am looking for a car top carrier, does anyone know where I could purchase one of these things. One of those things that look like a coffin on top of a car. Any help finding one would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I would recommend Zeni Optical. Got my prescription from Dr. Claudia Camacho and then ordered the glasses from Zeni. Very happy
  8. Thank You for your answers, it´s appreciated.
  9. Can someone please tell me the monthly cost of Ilox using internet only. Thank You
  10. Very happy to hear that volunteer funds will be used to fund this project, I also am willing to participate in the funding. What is sickening is the fact that many streets in San Antonio and other villages have been repaired, but only minimal work needs to be done to maintain these streets but once the work is done they are forgotten until they totally self destruct. What a shame, it would only cost a little to keep them up. Their heart is in the rite place, but the brain isn't.
  11. How it will work: Speaking from experience You, the employer do not know how little it will cost you to get rid of a real headache. You the employer will have to hire a lawyer at very little cost. You, the employer feel like you have been unjustly wronged. Your gardener, the employee, either knows someone, or will go to the labor court, but before he even gets into the court building there will be 20 people representing Labor Lawyers that will be handing out their cards and telling you, the gardener that they will represent you for free. Your gardener pays nothing for his lawyer. You will be served sometime later and it won't be quickly. The time starts on last day your gardener works, and the clock keeps on ticking you keep paying. You, the employer say this is bullshit and do nothing or, you the employer now get scared and hire a lawyer to defend yourself. Of course it will cost you much more than it would have if you would have taken care of it right away. You will not win, because your gardener's lawyer is in kahoots with the labor court and everything is fixed ahead of time. For something that would have cost you maybe $5000 pesos, that could turn into ten or twenty times that much. Don't fool around, this is much more serious than you think. Spend some pesos and get rid of this headache pronto. Hire a lawyer, there are plenty that know labor laws and they can help you. This is one of the pitfalls that happen when you live in this beautiful country. Just chalk it up to experience. When ever you hire an employee understand it comes with that liability.
  12. I renewed in Cihuatlan, Jal. Only gave the Circulation card from last year, they processed it in about 2 Min. paid the fee and I was gone. All done in about 5 Min. I don't know what they are doing in Chapala, but it is different and you get the same renewal.
  13. You would be well advised to contact a lawyer to take care of this. Do not deal with the Labor Office, the Labor Office normally helps those who get fired and are not properly paid the severance that is due them. There are several lawyers that can prepare the proper documents for you. This could bite you in the ### if you do not take care of it properly. That is experience talking!
  14. FYI, I have had a Bancomer account (both checking and investment) for 10 years. In that time I have never had a time that they would not take my U.S. Dollar check. I have had very little issues with Bancomer and have been happy there. I have read of all the issues, (mostly by the same person) and have never had any of those issues. Banking laws have changed and I cannot say for certain that you can or cannot open an account on a tourist visa. I know for certain though, using this forum as a litmus test when it comes to banking is likely a bad idea. Multiva is a good investment house, but if you are in some little Podunk town in Mexico you will likely find a Bancomer branch. I don't think you will find a Multiva branch there. In larger cities there are Bancomer branches everywhere. If you are a traveler it would be a better option. Just saying, walk the walk before you talk the talk
  15. Same thing happened to my wife. Here is how we solved that. Go to Telmex and change the name on your phone bill. It was fast, and we had the proof on the next phone bill. That is a possible solution
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