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  1. Friend brought down Amazon gift card for value of U.S.$50.00 (paid $51.95). for me. The card is still in unopened package; receipt is still attached. Good for on-line purchase of books, music, movies, etc.. Looking to sell for Amazon value ($U.S.50.00 - or best offer). Allen
  2. I live in Mirasol, have a mango and a peach tree that need spraying against rot, insects, etc. on a regular basis. I'm NOT looking for a full landscaper and I have gardener who cares for all else. Anyone have someone they can recommend?
  3. Anyone able to recommend a local/reasonable carpenter to replace termite-damaged door frame sections? Thanks, Allen
  4. Need carpenter for door-frame replacement - Mirasol Any recommendations? "Hammers" busy. Thx -A
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