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  1. Is there a Labor Office in Chapala?
  2. can you recommend a Lawyer? or do I have to go to a Labor Office to do that? if so, where is it? TIA.
  3. We used to get it at Fito s place pizza grill...but now it is closed.... Thanks
  4. Saben de alguna señora que sobe la "cintura abierta"? una huesera o curandera? en la localidad que sea. gracias.
  5. besides medications...there is no hurry at all....people can survive several days without furniture, clothes and other fancy things....
  6. When we were living there, they kill all the street dogs, even if they have tag id, this is a different Country, they do not call the owner, The owner has to run after the cage or go to the offices to save the dog before they kill them. I feel sad for all the street dogs that will be killed....only rich people will be allowed to have dog....Peña Nieto wants to be the only (with the other 11 wealthy families) that can afford the privilege of having a dog.....I hate them all!
  7. It is not being enforced here by now, but maybe 2 or 3 years later....I hope it will be enforced in the rest of the country... i.e. the gay marriage was "authorized" here after several years after it was approved in Mexico City....better later than never.
  8. Just follow the following link: http://www.cfe.gob.mx/casa/4_Informacionalcliente/Paginas/Ahorro-de-Energia.aspx Then make a selection with the mouse, from the boxes in the left side of the screen, then place the mouse on every appliance to see kw usage. ountrageos! The first one is: in the kitchen, then in the living room, then the bedroom and at last, cleaning is showed.
  9. here is some light about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Serious_Play
  10. not at all. Some of the bussiness are mainly laundry so.......
  11. My "guiro" and the lawn mower need to be fixed, Can you recommend any good garden tool repair place in Chapala? TIA
  12. Direcciónes y cómo llegar a algunos lugares que arreglen guiros y podadoras? Gracias. Urge! Where to get garden tool fixed in Chapala? Thnx
  13. ...if so, where is it located?
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