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  1. Hi All, Is anyone able to recommend someone who is able to transport two people, two touring bicycles and twelve bags from Ajijic to the new central bus station in Tlaquepaque/Tonala (or nearby) next week? Given the particulars, a truck or empty van would be ideal. Both bikes are fitted with fenders and front and rear racks so even if we remove the wheels they still take up about the same amount of room. A sturdy, externally-mounted bike rack might also work - willing to discuss the options. We're experienced with all kinds of people transport options but have never looked around for someone able to transport bulky items. Please IM me. Thanks!
  2. Everyone reading this post is hereby invited to attend an upcoming event that organizers are calling the "First Annual Ajijic Corn Festival" What: First Annual Ajijic Corn Festival - Guest speakers, Music, Crowning of the Corn Princess and Prince (bilingual presentations encouraged) Where: Ajijic Malecon - Amphitheater When: Saturday, May 20th, 11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m. Why: In solidarity with the 6th Annual March Against Monsanto The event follows-up on the success of three similar events that took place in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Bring your enthusiasm, your signs of solidarity and a keen interest in a world free from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and the associated industrial toxics (like glyphosate)!
  3. My father, who has non-diabetic neuropathy in his feet, has had remarkable success with of all things, emu oil. Not sure if it's easy to find it down here but, if he was writing this, he would recommend it above all other treatments. Best of luck.
  4. For the sake of forum posterity, here's a link to a 2012 English language case study of the hydrology of the Chapala-Lerma basin: http://www.conagua.gob.mx/CONAGUA07/Contenido/Documentos/LermaChapalaBasinCase.pdf And, regarding the quoted ground water table decrease, my guess is that the following book is the source of the 250' measurement: https://books.google.com.mx/books?id=N9TlKJEuuawC&pg=PA154&lpg=PA154&dq=water+table+%2B+lake+chapala&source=bl&ots=AX6_ojA3W5&sig=dLgETSt-fKWpNL5nS20UhHvYqdc&hl=es-419&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR-NWAzfjMAhVIMFIKHTEuAUI4ChDoAQgzMAM#v=onepage&q=water%20table%20%2B%20lake%20chapala&f=false
  5. The following 2011 English language blog post written by Barbara Harwood (a.k.a. Pia Aitken) for the Lake Chapala Green Group makes reference to the fact that, "[t]he water table below us has dropped about 250 feet in the last five years from burgeoning development." http://lakechapalagreengroup.squarespace.com/home/2011/4/29/gaias-freshwater-an-oncoming-crisis.html Perhaps she can chime in and provide us with the source material that corroborates her claim. On the Spanish-language side of things, the following El Universal article from 2002 makes reference to the fact that there are some 25,000 groundwater wells in the (River) Lerma/Chapala "basin", whatever that refers to: http://archivo.eluniversal.com.mx/nacion/83051.html Does the term "basin" refer to the geographic area that encompasses all of the tributaries that feed the Lerma but not including the Lake Chapala watershed? Or does it include the geographic area that comprises the Lake Chapala watershed? Who knows. But the point here is well taken; there were then a large number of nearby wells and, owing to ever increasing development, there are most certainly even more now. Couple to this a basic lack of any sort of conservation ethic among an ever expanding residential population (marked locally by a preponderance of lawns, top-loading washing machines, swimming pools and flush toilets and basically no rainwater harvesting), a large and growing export agricultural sector (indirectly a water exporting sector) and a rapidly expanding industrial sector and its clear that this region of Mexico requires a check on its unsustainable exploitation of groundwater. The global intelligence firm Stratfor wrote in 2015 that, "On paper Mexico is not a water scarce nation," - In the aggregate there's apparently enough water to go around - but on the ground its a much different story.* Fair distribution and access to clean water are the problem. Some 11 million people (in a country of 122 million) - or 9 percent of the whole - are in desperate need; leaky centralized infrastructure leads to massive losses; and existing freshwater supplies (which tend to be located away from population centers) are rapidly succumbing to intense forms of pollution. So, your question really couldn't come at a better time. Abuse of groundwater supplies here in the Lakeside area is a serious problem that demands our immediate attention. * https://www.stratfor.com/analysis/industrial-expansion-will-strain-mexicos-water-resources
  6. [For the sake of the forum's posterity] I've managed to gather a few leads in the few hours since my original post. The first is that double edged blades are apparently more widely available in Mexico then I originally thought. The trick to finding a source of them is to either: Visit local pharmacies and personally ask the pharmacist or drug store clerk if they have any in stock, being mindful of the fact that these blades are typically kept separate from the other shaving implements (usually behind the front counter) and are sold in tiny boxes (typically four or ten to a box) only 'over the counter' to prevent shoplifting; or Ask a local barber where they are sold.The second is that a good source for the blades (and maybe also the razors themselves) are stalls that sell body care products at Guadalajara's Mercado San Juan de Dios (a.k.a Mercado Libertad). The third is that blades, razors and brushes appear regularly for sale on mercadolibre.com.mx (search for "Rastrillo" or "Navajas Para Afeitar" or "Navaja Doble Filo" or "brocha de barbero") and, regarding countries further south, also on other mercadolibre sites. The fourth is that it may be possible to find pre-owned razors ("rastrillos" in Mexico) by perusing some of the local second hand shops.
  7. [Writing from Ajijic] Quite by accident I happened to recently stumble upon a local source of double-edged razor blades (see my avatar for an image of what I'm talking about). The shop did not have any actual razors (the handle and head assembly that holds the blade) but the fact that they stock blades now has me wondering if 1) there's a shop somewhere in town that does sell safety razors (maybe the Wednesday tiangus is a source for used razors?) and 2) if double-edged blades can be be commonly found everywhere else in Mexico (and even points further south?). On this last point, a quick google search reveals that Mexico, Brazil and Argentina (at least) appear to still be manufacturing sites for these 'old-fashioned' double-edged blades, something that perhaps bodes well for their availability locally. For some background, I used to shave with a safety razor but more recently began relying on a Gillette Sensor Excel (the kind that permits the heads to be replaced). However, for the last couple of years while travelling in central Mexico its been near impossible to find compatible replacement heads, and particularly so in Jalisco state. And until yesterday at least (when I happened upon the double-edged blades) it appeared as though everything and everyone was migrating to either low- quality disposables or astronomically expensive four (or more) bladed disposables. So, after coming to terms with the unreliability of finding Sensor Excel replacement heads, I sent home my Sensor Excel razor and have been using disposable razors (made from recycled plastic at least) ever since. But given my aversion to producing non-recyclable garbage, I've been regularly on the hunt for an more eco-friendly alternative. And now perhaps I've managed to find one in safety razors. So, does anyone have any relevant information or personal experience that might aid me in ascertaining the feasibility of transitioning back to safety razors? Thanks.
  8. 2.5 X 0.7mm Male Coaxial Connector

  9. Need replacement fan.

  10. I need a permanent family!

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