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  1. Sorry I can't give you current advice for i have not been in this area for 10 years. But my favorite place to visit and stay is Hacienda de la Esperanza outside of Tonila. If it hasn't changed you will find a beautiful hacienda, excellent place to stay and eat, with a fantastic Mexican history. I've stayed there twice and give ie 5 stars. It is about 20 miles from Colima and an loaded with history and views of the volcano. I would think this little village would be safe and free from crime. If the management has not changed they did an excellent job of making one comfortable and well served. I would be interested in knowing what it is like today - comments please.
  2. La Chula 2. It's good to hear from old friends. I hope you are doing well. Becky and I are adjusting to old age and slowing down. We are finding out that there ain't no gold in them there golden years. We settled in San Marcos. TX., and so did my oldest son and his two girls. Life is busy. I still have so many fond memories of Mexico, and it is good to see that I am remembered. Are you still living in the same house? Regards, Everett Kergosien (EEKWRITER)
  3. I currently have a book "Slivers of Ol' Mexico" on Amazon for sale. (Amazon.com/everett e. kergosien) It highlights the five years my wife and I lived in the Lake Chapala area and Mazatlan. Both excellent memories, yet very different. The book are filled with the joys and adventures of expats living in Mexico - a fun light read. Enjoy! Everett E. Kergosien
  4. I didn't see where I posted repeats three times. Sorry! The moderator must have correct the mistake.. Well, with old age my fingers often wonder where my mind doesn't. Now, as to Ajijic and Mazatlan - I loved each. both different and both only a small Sliver of Mexico. Enjoy the book! Just me ... EEKWRITER
  5. I am a past member of Chapala.com, past member of The Chapala Society and participant of the writers group when I lived in Ajijic for three years (and Mazatlan 2 years). I currently have a book "Slivers of Ol' Mexico" on Amazon for sale. (Amazon.com/everett e. kergosien) It highlights the five years my wife and I lived in the Lake Chapala area and Mazatlan. It is the daily adventures of expats living in Mexico - a fun light read. Enjoy! Everett E. Kergosien
  6. I am in the states now and have to walk with a cane for balance and stability. If you want to look pretty with a heavy decorative wooden canes, then you will look cool. But if it's for stability and functionality I recommend a lightweight, aluminum adjustable rubber tip trekking pole. They are lighter and more functional than what I have found as medical canes or walkers. Here in the states, Walmart (perhaps Amazon) and others sell them. They are cheap (two to a package) very sturdy and adjustable to height. You will need to buy a larger size rubber tip. For me, this is the only answer. Perhaps a large sporting good store in Guadalajara may carry them or can order. One fall from those woodensticks can end you looking cool. Good luck.
  7. Lovely! It brought back memories and tears. Thanks. Everett.
  8. I am so glad to find out the BMH is the Bubba and Bridgette we so fondly remember from years ago. Becky and I are in San Marcos, TX. We are fine, but our family was involved with the hurricanes (2 kids in Houston - one flooded and one with 2 grand kids in New Orleans safely waiting on the storm there to end). We are fine and safed and life survives often with butterflies and cotton candy. When you get back - drop us a line (kergosieneverett@gmail.com). We would love to hear from you two. Everett
  9. This is EEK, I have been back in the US about 8 years now. Three years ago I had sever chronic pain associated with sciatic nerve damage. I lived on two different oipoids. Yes, they relieved the pain, but in time the side effects grew along with the dosage. Because of the side effect I removed myself from these drugs - it took over two months of rehab to get off of them. I have now been free of these drugs (9 months), and have little pain, but some limits and mild persisting withdrawal with contractions and anxiety. I did this in a pain clinic, but removed myself from the drugs when they began to dominate me. Oipoids are the number one overdosed narcotic in the US today. Yes, for pain they do work, but you need a qualified doctors surveillance. In 2015 35,000 people in the US overdosed. Many have died including famous people who increased the dosage form 20 mg to 500-3,000 mg per day.If you have to control pain these drugs work, but you may have traded for a worst effect.Get a good pain doctor or clinic and follow their advice. Beware - the availability of these drugs are now strictly controlled in the US - but quite lax in Mexico. I wish you the best, Everett Kergosien. BTW I miss Mexico and want to say hello to my old friends -- Hello..
  10. Just a note to Anita (Anita's animals). Years have passed and there have been many changes. We are doing well back here in the US, but miss Mexico. I hope you remember us Becky and Everett) - we adopted two little white dogs - Sugar and Spice. Spice died a few years ago, but Sugar is still under my feet daily. Your efforts saved two little puppies from the streets of Mexico, but it did so much more. Those dogs have filled out hearts. Thanks. Someone once said that when we die, there will be a long bridge to heaven, and every pet we ever had will line that bridge. They will determine if you get in or out. If this is so, there will be hundred of animals rushing forward to march you in. I hope you are doing well. Sugar says woof ... woof. Everett
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