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  1. Dr. Hector Miramontes was an excellent surgeon in Guadalajara. He passed away in January. Many adverts are out there not revealing this and you are directed to a coordinator who is an ex-pat. I feel this is misleading since you are directed by phone or email to the coordinator who has no replacement, no medical training or idea as to who you should see if you have any problems as I did recently unless it is a regular doctor of your own choosing.
  2. I went to an excellent plastic surgeon in Guadalajara, had the procedure but was later turned off afterwards by the co-coordinator who is an ex-pat and convinces you to try all sorts of anti-age treatments. Why have a facelift and spend thousands to again spend mucho dinero on such as the vampire facelift, creams, etc.?
  3. Hector Miramontes an excellent plastic surgeon passed away in January and as yet they have not replaced him. They still advertise his services face;ofts etc/ but you will be directed to his co-coordinator who is pretty much useless. I know so because I had an issue with a procedure and was told there was no one as of yet doing his surgeries.
  4. Miramontes the plastic surgeon has recently passed away not the sculpture.
  5. At Superlake area. Orange-Red. Not very good but have photos and contacts. At 11 on Saturday. Will give money. Found.
  6. You mentioned in a 2016 post that you knew someone for counseling.  I need someone in Chapala for OCD counseling.  If you know someone, please PM me.



  7. Not reliable. I realize this is the busy season but waited two days for him to show up and he never came or called. Said he came on the second day of waiting and we did not answer the door but we were waiting anxiously and the doorbell is very loud. Tried to call him many times at home and on the cell and he would not pick up. Finally got him on the weekend and he just said he was busy the next week. Gave up on him. BTW had him before and yes he was good at matching some difficult paint in one room and hallway but he missed numerous other areas and left some paint wet that we thought w
  8. I am selling my house and finally understood that the notary picked by the buyers found the original deed had the wrong amount of pesos thus I have to pay a large capital gains even though I have the original buyers papers showing the price paid is the same as the price being sold. The prominent notary just expects me to pay the capital gains. He did state I would have to go to court but it would be better to pay this large amount that would never be a third of the court fees. I still want to sell the house and am in contract and will have to move the closing date. Does anyone know outs
  9. Help!. I decided to sell my house after 7 years (with permanente ) and was lucky to bypass the agent because a neighbor wanted my house. I did not want a profit just the initial investment even though I put many improvements in the house. The present contract is written with the original price. Went to the notary and suddenly was hit by a huge Capital Gains estimate because the original deed was drawn up in pesos at 13 per dollar and this was with the guidance of a prominent Reat Estate company representing me. Although I had the original buyers statement showing I paid what I wa
  10. I have an interior water leak where you can see in the wall by the peeling paint where the pipe is slowly leaking. Yes a camera is probably needed but Jose Martinez wants 20,000 pesos to use his camera on my system. Right now I just don't have that kind of money to hand over. If anyone has a plumber reputable but a little easier on the wallet would be grateful.
  11. Update: Found out the neighbors lied to the CFE and told them the old light was blocking their garage which is a complete lie. Not even close. Can't do anything about it but CFE will at least lower it and the neighbor told me their contractor will lower it if CFE does nothing. I still cannot believe what means people will go to just to get their way and be callous about the situations of neighbors. Just a warning. I now have to worry about cables that I believe the neighbor is planning to loop over to my side of the street.
  12. Here's the issue. A neighbor across my street had the CFE and a private contractor remove a street light on the street on a cement pole that was adjacent to his/her property and had a more powerful one constructed directly across in front of my house (closer to some up street lights) where the light shines directly in my windows.. No privacy. I can't even use the roof which we use regularly for additional living space because the light is so near and intrusive in addition to the light shining in my indoor rooms. The neighbor was almost belligerent to me because I asked about the light and
  13. Can you elaborate on what my issue may be?  I had a lab test the water and it is 6.5.   Ron of solar technology seems to think it is the manifold inside the tank.   My neighbor has a similar system also 2 years old and no problems.  Plus I have never obtained the so called "hot water".   It is always lukewarm, never hot.  My warranty covers the tank, frame and tubes but another warranty sent to me states "the warranty is void if the water is under 6.5.  That is what they are claiming to avoid any further service.



  14. Update: I had my water tested by a lab and it was 6.5. A neighbor across the street has a similar system and no problem. One company came and stated it was a faulty manifold in the tank. Any ideas, since Thermosol refuses to maintain it at all and it will start leaking again as it had done in the past. They will not honor the warranty which does state that if the water is under 6.5, that voids the warranty. jausten
  15. My experience with Thermosol with tubular solar hot water system was far from good. I live in Upper Ajijic and within a year the condenser tubes within the outer tubes that attach to the tank corroded causing leakage and a big mess. 3 times they came out to replace the tubes and then told me it was my fault because my water was too acidic. They never tested my water beforehand and refused after 2 years to do anymore maintenance. Granted they say they will pay me half and take out the system but they never tested the water beforehand and their warranty which they did not give me in the beg
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